Authors note, which you should read if you want to understand:

This is when Allie tells her fiancé about the whole Noah thing that went down.

This is from Allie's perspective

Lon was pacing around the room. I felt sick. How could I do this to him? How could I toy with his emotions in this cruel way? Lon sighed. I guess it was time to create conversation again.

"Well, do you love him?" Lon asked

I was silent.

His face grew cold, as if he wouldn't care if I would drop dead right now.

"Well?" He persisted

He was usually such a gentle kind man, how could he act this way?
I know what I did was unforgivable, but this was just frightening. The tension burned in my cheeks. My hands grew hot. I wish Noah were here to help bring back my voice. When it was so clearly far-gone. I knew that Lon was growing impatient. But how could he not know my answer already? Wasn't it obvious? However, if the same thing happened to me, I would hang on to every second. Praying to god he would answer, "No baby, I love you." This must be so hard for him. His one true love in the arms of another man, being held by a man who he thinks is superior to him. What a painful thought, I can't even bring myself to think even further about it. His pain is so deep, I can see it in his face, and he's hurt. I have no idea when he will trust again. If he trusts again. And if he does, I certainly hope he doesn't trust me. I can't bear the silence any longer, I feel like I'm going mad. I've been scanning the floors and walls wide eyed for only thirty seconds but it feels like an eternity, a slow and painful one. I move my hair from my eyes. I bring myself to look at Lon, his expression still. I open my dry mouth. He must think that nothing worse can come out of it. But there certainly can.

"Judging by the silence, honey, that would be a-" I tried to sputter

"A no." I concluded with a lump in my throat

The sight of Lon was unbearable. His wicked expression was gone in a flash and immediately replaced with one I would never like to see again. His eyes sparkled so lightly. He was so deeply hurt. But yet again, my thoughts went to Noah.

The beauty of his body, and his soul, was so mesmerizing, I felt as though I almost shouldn't be blamed.

"If, he is right for you, I understand." Lon said, tears appearing in his eyes.

I could hardly stand it.

I kissed him, so gently and gracefully. It was a glorious moment we shared. A glorious, last moment.

I started to cry.

"Goodbye." I choked.

Then I moved in with Noah, where my pain was instantly healed.

"Allie, I love you." Were the first words Noah said to me as I became his.

Mine to him were: "I love you too, forever."

Then we kissed.