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So it begins.

Chapter one

Draco POV

"Draco!" mother yelled in a sing song voice. I stuck my head out of the bedroom door. Staring into the dark hall way, I wondered why my ancestors decided to paint most of the rooms and halls nothing but a cold, charcoal black, with the only lights streaming through the dark curtains.

It was acomplete mystery to me – not that I mind, it's just nice to have a little diversity…

"Yeah?" I said watching her figure running up the hall and appearing out of the shadow. She caught up to me panting, her long white blond hair bowing as she knelt down to catch her breath.

She tilted her head upward, a wide silly gin placed upon her face, bright blue eyes shining up at me.

"Draco, look what your father bought you!" She reached into her purse and pulled out a snake, but it wasn't a normal one. It was snowy white with caramel eyes, and it looked at me in an awed and slightly confused way, tilting his head to the side with an adorable noise that sounded like 'Piku?'

"Isn't it just the cutest thing? It's magical so it won't die anytime soon! It can also sense your emotions and act accordingly to what it thinks would be best to help!And it-it, well isn't it just adorable!" She smiled.

"Wait, father bought this for me? Why?" I scoffed. Father just wasn't the kind of person who would buy something on a impulse because it was cute. Actually, the thought of him, eyes sparkling at this snake, and running into the store like a little child was hilarious!

I started shaking in uncontrollable laughter, wiping the tears away with my hand. I looked back up to my mother. She was pouting; her eyes stared at me
with a sad expression, her lips pursed. "So, you don't like it…" The snake in her hand also tilted his head down looking as if it was going to cry, if it could even cry, which I kind of doubted.

"No, no! I really like it! I just thought of something funny… So why did he buy it for me?" I said trying to sound convincing, it worked, her eyes
were sparkled again. "Well we noticed that you didn't have a pet and how it's you sixth year at Hogwarts and how you're kind of drifting away from
your friends; by the way I've been meaning to talk to you about that. We thought that he would be a good companion!" she squealed.

"So you're the one who brought it for me not father, I should have known. That doesn't sound like him at all." I laughed at the 'found out' expression on her face.

She smiled a guiltily at me before nodding, "But you'll keep it right? I thought if you knew it was from me, you wouldn't accept it, knowing all the
trinkets and things I buy for you on impulse. But, I really think it will help you in the long run. So please Draco, for me?" she looked up at me pleadingly.

"Okay… Fine, I guess it would be nice to have a pet…" I agreed, with
a sigh.

"Oh! That's so great Draco! Thank you; make sure to take good care of it! He can eat human food so you can just feed it at anytime you eat! Probably just feed it a couple small pieces of meat and it will be fine till your next meal!" she squealed again, handing me the snake. It was surprisingly warm as
it slithered up my arm and popped its head out of the collar of my shirt.

She looked at me thoughtfully, "He must really like you; he hardly let me touch him… Oh, are you all packed? I think we should get going soon if you want to catch the train…"she tilted her head to the side, touching her pointer finger to her cheek.

"Yeah I got it all packed this morning." I swung my head in a gesture to my room.

"Okay. I'll let the house elves know and tell them to pack your bags into the coach. You should take one more look around your room to see if you missed anything…" Mother said distractingly and walked back down the hall.

Sliding back into my room I glanced around, when a small piece of paper sticking out from under my pillow caught my eye. I hurried over to it pulling it out quickly, about to tuck it into one of my bags when I stared at it, a distractingly sad smile spreading across my face. My snake looked at the picture and back to me. I flushed a deep red, remembering where I was and I hurried to tuck the picture of the raven haired boy into my bag.

Turning quickly, I ran out of the room to sit and wait in the coach till it was time to go. What would my father say if he saw that picture in my
possession? Oh, he might just kill me. I really didn't want to think about it anymore…

When we got to the station, mother rushed in front of me so she could go talk excitedly to one of my old friend's – no minion's – Crab's Mother, a considerably over weight woman in a dark red dress and a huge maroon hat covered in white and purple feathers. I couldn't really care less about them

Scanning the station, my eyes found a particular stupid, fluffy, orange haired family, all chatting away happily, but I wasn't looking at them. I was looking passed them to a raven-haired boy who was smiling quietly next to the family, not taking a particular interest in the conversation. I blushed as he smiled a heart wrenching smile, finding that I couldn't look away. My snake looked up at me before staring at where I was looking with a thoughtful expression.

"Draco, are you," a short pause, "ready to go?" A cool voice asked, pulling me from my trance. I looked up to see a tall man with long blond hair that was tied back in a pony tail, wearing Dark green and black robes. My father stared at me his pointed gray eyes scanning me critically.

"Yes father." I replied smoothly, covering up all my emotions in the seconds it took to gather a response. With a satisfied nod he walked toward the train with me trailing behind. I threw a longing look at the smiling Gryffindor before heading back towards the train.

My mother ran up to me with tears bubbling in her glassy blue eyes, giving me a quick hug and peck on the cheek before turning back to my father who shook
my hand, then I stepped on to the train. "Please take good care of your snake! Treat him nicely! Write me when you name him!" Mother yelled as the
train's whistle started to blow.

"Okay, Good Bye!" I said before heading in to the train hallway.

I found an empty compartment and slipped in it, locking the door behind me, letting people know that it was taken. Setting my snake down on the seat next
to me – hmmm my snake, that doesn't really work. How about, uh, what was one of my favorite names… Looking down at the snake I smoothly pet the top of his head, thinking, Harry… That was one of my favorite names… But how weird would that be, me naming my new pet after a person I was supposed to be enemies with, but somewhere along the line my hatred for him turned out only to be the jealously I had for his stupid orange haired friend Ron Weasley?

And I found myself turning that 'hatred' into – well, I guess you could say I have a huge crush on the guy. Stupid Harry Potter, 'Savior' of the free world now occupied my every thought. God, I hated this. I looked back to the snake – damn, "the snake" – that's just so bland! Maybe a Japanese name would fit this creature; Mino... cute fits his personality, but no. Tenmo. that's a little better but it's not very manly. The name should be at least imply the male gender… Akio, Yeah that's great! I was sure it meant 'bright,' yeah that would fit the white of my snake, since he is very bright!

I heard voice outside my compartment; it was Harry, the Weasel and the book worm, Hermione Granger, though I didn't hate her as much as Weasley, but she was still too close to Harry for my comfort. They were talking lightly, before stopping in front of my compartment. Someone rattled the door handle.

"Ah this one's taken…" said a smooth, sweet voice that made my heart soar. "Try the next one." Harry said. How I ever lived through the summer
without hearing his voice was beyond me.

"Yeah, this one doesn't have anyone in it yet," said Granger as they took the compartment next to mine I heard a click of the door locking, I could
just make out the mumbles of Harry. Leaning my head against the wall so I could listen better, a small smile spread across my face before I shut my
eyes, drifting slowly to sleep.

WOOOO! WOOOOO! came a loud noise, making me jump up in surprise. Crap, we were about five minutes away from Hogwarts. I stood up, getting my robes from the seat across from me, rubbing my neck. I had slept in the worst position in
order to hear Harry. Shit, because of that boy I was going to have a horrible crick in my neck…

I quickly took off my Muggle clothing so I could get into my new Hogwarts uniform. Long black pants, white collared shirt with gray sweater vest, a
green and sliver tie, and a heavy dark gray cloak that hung down by my ankles. I slipped Akio on to my left shoulder, where he slid around my neck, then
slithered down into my shirt for warmth, popping his head slightly out of my collar.

I sat back down with a sigh; I wondered what this year would be like. I didn't really have friends, so this year would be a bit lonely. Well, maybe
not. I looked down at Akio. I was really glad mother had bought him for him; she has a great sense of judgment, like she always knows what's best for me. I wondered if she would accept me if she knew I liked Harry…

WOOOO!! WOOOOO!! came the train as it slowed down. I got up from my set and went to the door. Guess it was time to go. People were pushing their way out of the train, though no one pushed me, after all I am the Slytherin 'Ice Prince' who was now, as everyone thought, even too good for his friends.

But no, that wasn't the truth. I didn't want to be with them because they weren't my friends. They were just slaves that my family bribed to do
whatever I wanted them to. At the beginning of my years at Hogwarts I found the power I had, or rather my father had, over them exhilarating. But soon I found that they had been paid to laugh, guard, praise, worship, and stay by me and I quickly found dislike for them.

I stepped out of the train and walked over to where everyone, beside the first years, got on to a self-pulled carriage that took them up to the Castle.
As I got into an empty carriage, I notice Harry talking to Hagrid, a half-giant that he had befriended on his first year and who I, foolishly, had
made fun of and had earned more of Harry's hate. I sighed and laidback into my seat as the carriage started moving, still starring at Harry with a dreamy
expression, knowing that Akio was staring at me, but not really caring. I wondered if I had to be mean to Harry this year... Maybe I could just ignore
him, but then how would I get his attention… I looked by toward my seat when he was out of view.

After the opening ceremony where all the first years were placed into each of the four houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. I decided I
wasn't hungry. I looked at the mountains of delicious food in front of me and felt no desire to eat, so I gave Akio a couple pieces of chicken before heading to the dungeons' where the Slytherin dorms were.

I was just getting to the Kitchens (where the Hogwarts house elves cook the meals for the students) when the door to the Kitchen opened and Harry walked out saying his good byes to Dobby, my old house elf that my father had treated
horribly. Harry, in his second year, had set him free from our family, one of the other reasons my father, to my despair, hated Harry. The Raven haired boy
looked up and notice that I was standing there, my heart skipped a beat, and I could feel a blush coming on under his stare.

He stared at me with a confused look, and took a step closer. What was he
doing? He wasn't even glaring at me. The only emotion that displayed itself on that beautiful face was confusion. He took another step closer, his emerald
eyes looking me up and down from behind messy black hair that hugged his head adorably. He blushed, quickly turning his face and covering his mouth with one hand. He was blushing, right? What in the hell was he thinking?

"Potter, what wrong with you?" The words came out nicer then I had intended but hopefully he hadn't heard the worried tone I tried hard to keep hidden.

"Malfoy, is that really you? You seem a lot different…" he asked, still refusing to look at me. Different? What did he mean?

"Yeah, it's me. Nothing different, I'm just the same…" I said in a distracted way, not really thinking, but you know maybe I really am different
now I was; maybe less spoiled, now that my world revolved around Harry and not myself anymore.

"Uhh, right. I'll see you later Malfoy." Harry said in a hurry and quickly ran past me towards the Great Hall. What was that about? Man, thanks,
boy. Now you'll have me up all night worrying about you. Wait, did we just have a normal conversation? Well maybe normal's not the right word but we
still didn't argue.

I walked down to the Slytherin dorms deep in thought as I walked up the stairs to my room; I pulled Akio from my collar and place him onto my bed
before pulling opened my clothes trunk. Putting on dark green silk pajamas and sliding in to bed, with Akio curling up by my head. That little meeting with
Harry had put a new possibility in my head. I didn't have to ignore him, I didn't have to be mean to him to get attention, maybe with the way he had
acted when he had seen me with no sneer on my face, he didn't glare, he even said 'I'll see you later.' Maybe, just maybe, I could become his
friend… With that I closed my eyes. A smile appeared on my face before I slid into dream.

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