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Harry POV

I stared at the ceiling, just stared. Trying to understand the incredibly strange emotion bubbling up in my stomach. What was wrong with me? I had almost convinced myself that that I should go to the infirmary. Nevertheless, I knew it was not an injury or an allergic reaction. This, this whatever it was. Was completely emotional.

I turned on my side a gazed out the window, Draco's face lit up in my head, sending my heart pounding. A deep blush settled on my face as I remember him when he smiled, blushed, laughed.

I… I, I what?

What do I feel?

Draco POV

In the morning

I sat down at the Slytherin table with a huff, I somehow felt tired even though I had slept as long as I usually do. I also felt that there was something I need to do, as if it was obvious what I needed to do but I just could not figure it out.

I looked up to the Gryffindor table, and found myself trapped in an emerald gaze. He didn't look away like he normally would have, he just started and I stayed trapped. A blush crept up his face but he still didn't look away, his eyes filled with confusion, intense concentration, and something else. Something soft, something sweet, something—

He looked away, and started eating his eggs with a strange expression. My hearts ached with a pain that could only be explained if you had an hour to listen. I munched on a bit of toast feeling a bit dejected.

Stepping into the Potions lab, my eyes rested upon a dark haired boy sitting at our table idly playing with his fingers. I walked towards him slowly trying to prepare myself, what could I say when I sat down. "Potter." I greeted, He looked up at me then swiftly looked down again and mumbled a small greeting.

Well that is unusual… I thought sitting down in a way that made Harry flinched when our legs brushed against each other.

What was going on— "Well I hope you've all got good information about this potion, because you will make it today." Professor Snape said in a bored but stern way.

I reached into my bag and pulled out the notes. "Ah!" I yelped noticing on my notes were several little doodles of Harry and me kissing with hearts, hearts ALL over! I don't even remember drawing these!

I looked around and saw Pansy smiling— strike that smirking at me she made a little kissy face that I wanted to punch. That little, I cannot let Harry see these.

Harry leaned toward me; I flipped the notes over, "What information do you have? You might have something I don't…" He said uncomfortably, his eyes turned from uncomfortable to confused, as I edged away from him in effort to read the notes to him without see them.

"D-did you get that some good side effects are: It heals non-fatal wounds, a since of over powering feeling of being proud and adds Fantastic reflects or super speed to the user…" I asked almost falling off my chair as he leaned in to read my notes.

"Malfoy? What wrong why won't you let me see your notes?" He asked heatedly. He reached forward trying to grab them from me; I knew I was blushing like crazy. "Mr. Potter, if you're not prepared I would gladly give you a week's detention to make it up. You don't need to copy of Mr. Malfoy." Snape said smugly.

Harry huffed and pulled out his own notes waving them for Snape to see, Snape frowned a bit then turned away and started marking down Longbottom. He glared at me for almost getting him in trouble.

"Okay students, the ingredients are up here, come get them." Professor Snape said, gesturing toward the head table. Then he walked to his desk and pulled out a book labeled 'Long, Hard, Confusing, Males and What to do With Them' I shutter mentally hope that book was not what I thought it was. All students started to jumble around the desk pushing stepping on toes, utter chaos.

"LINE!" Bellowed Professors Snape, and everyone formed a line that curved around the classroom, Snape sighed and look back towards his book with a very interested look on his face.

When it was our turn Harry and I grabbed what we needed and went back to our desk. Harry looked at the ingredients then up at me with a pleading smile. I sighed playfully and handed him the Murx Root, "Dice these into small but not tiny cubes." I said and smiled, I could definitely be a good teacher.

Harry blushed slightly, and then concentrated on the Murx Root. I set the cauldron on high and slowly veryslowly poured in the silver Snapping Orca flower juice.

After an hour, our blue sliver potion was completed. Unfortunally many other students, had failed, and their potion was a dark brown gooey slop that smelled horrible. "For all of you who actually studied, your potion needs to cool, take it with you and turn it in tomorrow." Snape never stopped reading his book even while he was talking. I felt more worried about him than I had in awhile, but that was easily out done by my increased disgust that he would bring that into the classroom.

"Why don't you take the potion with you?" Harry said quickly, "I have Herbology next and were studying very evil little creatures…" He explained with a sigh.

I nodded slowly deciding not to push the matter. We said a small good bye to one another then separated down separate hall ways, I felt a nagging in my stomach feeling that something was going to happen. Too bad, I missed the mischievous glint in Akio's eye.

Dinner Time

(Speeding to the good part)

I sat down in the great hall, set down the bottle of Mandocai Sinariia, and felt Akio slide off my arm toward my plate. My eyes fell toward Harry watching him carefully, closely I examend how he chews his food slowly giving himself more time to digest, and time to be full quicker.

I wonder where he learn to do that. I wondered, suddenly Ron got up and started yelling at Harry; Harry yelled back and Ron just gapped while Harry strode out of the hall. I took a drink of pumpkin juice, and got up suddenly and started walking after Harry unable to control myself.

First ever

Akio POV

I slid softly from my masters arm, watching him carefully he was gazing toward the dark haired boy again. Slowly trying to be unnoticed, I moved toward the silvery potion. How was I supposed to do this? I sighed and propped myself on his cup of Sweet liquid I opened my mouth wide and clamped my jaw on the edge of the bottle.

With all my might, I started lifting the potion, it took all the strength I had. But soon a quarter of the potion was in the sweet liquid. Gently I placed the sliverly vial back down on the table. And rushed back to the plate, slowly eating really good tasty food.

Master took a drink then stood up abruptly and started walking to the big hall entrance. Now I finally got him! If you can imagine a snake smirking, then that is what I was doing now.

Harry POV

"HOW COULD YOU PICK MALFOY OVER ME?" Ron yelled scaring haft the Gryffindors with his sudden outburst. "Well instead you should wonder WHY YOUR BEING A TOTAL GIT TO ME! WHY CAN'T YOU BEHAPPY I'M MAKING NEW FRIENDS! IT DOESN'T MEAN I'M PICKING HIM OVER YOU! YOU BLOODY IDOIT!" I yelled back at him angrily, he gapped as if my conclusion had never accrued to him.

I sighed furiously then strode out of the great hall. Thank God, I got that off my chest serious that idiot could get on my nerves.

I made my way up some spiraling stars into an empty hallway. I heard footsteps crashing down on the ground behind me. I turned getting ready to kill Ron but saw Draco there instead.

Draco POV

"POTTER!" I heard myself yell at the boy, he flinched at the sound but he quickly turned his suddened face to confusion, as I continued to make my way over to him. Once we were, a few feet away I glared a heated glared at his now utterly confused face. Our eyes locked I almost felt like shifting away from him, but I was not in control of myself.

I walked forward until we were nose to nose, WHAT WAS I GOING TO DO? I yelled but no sound came out. Then I took a deep breath closing my eyes then opening them up again, "I love you." I said almost angrily, and then closed the distance between us.

The moment our lips touched, I was released from the potions gasps. I back away quickly red covering my face. "Why didn't I realize it before. I'm such an idiot." Harry said softly. He pulled my face closer and kissed me so tenderly I thought I was going to explode.

My heart sang and he kissed me repeatedly, his eyes closed a smile spreading on his lips. Gripping my waist and he pulled me closer. I melted into his touch my eyes closing my arms lock around his shoulders. I felt pleasure shoot through me, how could I have seriously lived this feeling all these years?

Tears bubbled in my eyes, after six years of silence, six years of watching, six years of wanting. I finally got what I had always sot for. He moved back a bit and trailed a finger down my cheek wiping away a tear.

"I love you too Draco." He purred, my breath caught in my throat, tears ran my cheeks I smiled a heart retching smile. Harry pulled me in again, he kiss me lightly then is tounge trailed across my bottom lip asking for entrance. I obliged immediately I sighed happily, everything I had ever worried about disappeared in the background. As long as I had Harry Potter the Gryffindor Sun God everything would place together, who cares what anyone says. "Har—Harry I—I Love you. " I murmured happily between kisses.

"HARRY WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MALFOY!" Ron shouted, but it was too late we were far gone.

The end

Photo Album

Ron patting a crying Ginny,

as Harry and Draco walked away hand

in hand kissing each other.

Harry and Draco fast asleep holding each other

Completely naked on a bed covered in rose pedals.

Mr. Malfoy fainted on the floor while Mrs. Malfoy

Jumped up and down, when Harry and Draco announced

Their engagement.

Draco holding Harry's hand in the hospital wing after the defeat

of Voldemort.

Harry and Draco kissing while a small white blonde haired girl danced

with her dark ravin black haired brother in the Malfoy Manner garden.

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