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Life of a blonde ninja! To Love Ru style!


Prologue: Forgotten

The Abyss… a dark and meaningless place with nothing, but an empty void.

Space… a vast sea of darkness that is littered with stars, big and small.

A young teen garbed in standard ninja attire floated in between these two places. On one side was the abyss and the other, the galaxy. Dividing these was nothing but a faint line of blending between the two. Uzumaki Naruto, Jonin ninja, gazed distantly at nothing, overlooking the bizarre surroundings he was in. His golden hair gently moved in random directions as if some existing wind was toying with it.

It hurts…

That thought alone sent gentle ripples to occur upon the abyss and Space, much like what a single tear-drop will do to a calm smooth water.


An echo soon developed as Naruto continued to repeat those two things in his head. They never ceased. It was like the only things that came into his mind. Nothing else made itself known. Not wondering why he was there, who he was, what little action or interest he can convey or have. Just nothing at all. If it weren't for his subtle breathing, one would mistaken him to be dead. Even the eyes look distant to the point of having no pupils showing.

It hurts…

The rippling intensified and the bizarre world that he was thrust in soon became a mess. Flashing lights of irregular timing began to pop up in numerous places. It started with small winking dots that grew to the sizes of a ball. And yet… this did not catch the blonde's interest at all.

There was a blank moment in his mind where he had nearly stopped breathing and thinking all the same. His eyes glazed over as his mouth opened slightly. The thought came once more, although this time an action came along with it.

"Ko…no…ha…." Naruto rasped out.

And as if it was a sort of key to a gate, the lights all flickered and died. The strange world was swallowed by the empty abyss for just a second before light-- brighter than anything that Naruto had seen, shattered the Abyss.

Everything began to move, taking shape and growing into something else. In a split second, his once strange surroundings changed into a deep blue sky where clouds floated slowly yet purposefully. His body, given the sense of feeling, felt the cold chilling winds that blew by towards the east.

"W-Where am?" The blonde boy said to himself, after finding his voice once again.

Nothing replied except for the shining sun that smiled warmly upon his form. And just that alone began filling some of the empty holes and gaps that were etched upon his memories. Bit by bit, he began to remember. Things like life starting with loneliness and familiar experiences of battle leading to life and death occured. It seemed just about everything came rocketing back towards him. And he can feel something happening just as he reached one particular thought.

"The war…" He said, as the eyes slowly retained it's color and life.

He remembered the battle, the loses, the triumphs and finally the event that lead him closer to death. Was he dead right now? That was a first true question that ran through his mind. He wanted to grasp that thought and allow himself to solve it, along with many others that flooded back into his mind, but… for reasons unknown… the blonde teen once again took a turn towards emptiness.

He began falling… and with it, the recollections of his pasts, present, and thoughts…

The sky above him slowly widened into a bigger picture as the sun that had lifted and brightened his memories grew further and further away…

Naruto's mind slowly drifted once more into nothing as he continued to take a dive towards an unknown destination.

His eyes, filled with burning defiance, were washed cleanly upon entering a cold atmosphere….

With flames of will dying down, Naruto couldn't help but acknowledge the feeling of pain and further awareness that showered his whole being with relentlessness…

He wanted it to stop…

He wanted to close his eyes, to scream, to fend it all off, but the agony of it all was just too overbearing to handle. And so he let the pain wash over him, having no strength to continue fighting…

Heheh…. Tsk tsk tsk, I would never expect you of all beings.. To give up so easily… A taunting voice greeted his beaten senses.

Surely… you do not wish to give up?

The blonde gritted his teeth faintly as he could feel his body numbing. The pain that he had continued to suffer through in this… this… dream! Or whatever it as, slowly became dull and less ferocious.


Feeling a wave of energy and uproar within himself, the teen pulled upon it for strength.

That's right….

With renewed power, Naruto let out a defiant roar as he struggled to escape this unending fall.

Fight… The unidentified entity urged… Continue to fight!!

Like the previous world he was in, the sky and sun scenery-- as well as everything around him--completely shattered like a delicate broken mirror.

AND LIVE! And that was the last thing that the boy could hear as light greeted him all around…


Ocean blue eyes shot open as a sharp gasp for breath clashed with the sound of pounding rain. The teen with golden hair took long quick breaths as his senses filled him. Water was all that he could see around him. The blackened sky that showered him with stinging drops of water quickly drove his mind to generate knowledge.

"Ocean…" The boy let out. "And storm…"

He took no notice of the blood and wounds that littered his body, nor did he take notice of a large scroll that had subtly-- and magically-- disappeared into his right hand. His green flack jacket, darkened from the amount of water, weighed him down slightly.

Instinct took over as arms mechanically moved along with legs. Body, tensed and brimming with fading energy, took off towards land. A land where waves clashed furiously upon its grey hard walls of cement. A place where flashing lights of sorts zoomed by, like speeding fireflies. A destination where buildings, plants, trees and a flourishing economy awaited the blonde.

Gotta make it…

That was the only thing in his mind as his determination for survival left everything else untouched. With an iron will to live, the boy pushed on. He ignored the demands for his body to stop as he continued forward, pushing against the strong currents. And through this he ignored all feelings including the sense of something slowly happening within his body. What he did not know however, was that as he used up his energy and continued to swim forward, a strange sensation of pain and cold emptiness began to grow within him.

Haaa… almost there…

By the time he reached land, his mind had become strangely tired and empty of everything...

Everything… including the existence of his identity.


Mikan Yuuki, Age 9, ran through the wet, dark sand carrying a bundle of beautiful shells in her arms. Her brilliant smile matched the bright warm sun that sat high into the air; watching her from above. Today was a happy day since she was spending time with her family at the local beach. With her family being separated most of the time because of work, this was one of a those very special times. Mikan spun around to glance behind her, allowing her long auburn hair to wave gently through the air. Freeing her right arm to wave, she let out a loud call.


A boy of 13, wearing casual flip-flops--much like her own; large white shirt and long brown shorts, waved at her with a grin. His orange, messy hair swayed delicately to the right as the cold breeze continued to push waves of water upon the beach. Watching his sister play along the peacefully deserted beach, calmed him and filled his being with joy. He let his golden eyes express his actions of showing Mikan that he was watching.

"Don't go too far now Mikan!" He called out as he watched his sister play with the waves.

"I wont!"

"I know you won't, but it doesn't hurt to keep checking." The boy laughed.

"You don't trust me at all, do you?" His sister pouted cutely in return.

There was a silent moment as Yuuki Rito brought his body into a thinking position. And after letting Mikan wait for another moment, he let out a sigh and nodded.

"Yes, I don't." He replied simply.

Now fuming, the girl spun around and assumed her playing. She really did not like it when her brother made her annoyed.

"Meany!" She yelled back as she burst into a small sprint.

Chuckling at her, the orange haired boy turned his gaze upon the blue ocean. His mind slowly wandered off towards other issues that he wanted to forget. Being stuck in middle school after an incident with the school's garden, was really bothering him these past few days. The fact that he was blamed for wreaking havoc upon the property wasn't at all good either. So yes, he was thinking about a lot of things now.

Why wouldn't anyone believe me…? He wondered.

While Rito was pondering and dealing with his teenage life, Mikan, who had estimated the distance of her family, energetically continued to walk farther away. She giggled and sometimes yelped happily as she continued to collect shell's from the sand. Hunting them down was one of the fun things that she enjoyed here on the beach. It was only after drifting further away from her brother did she bump into something unexpected.

Her wondering and playing had led her to come across a battered body of an unconscious boy. Mikan at first, halted in surprise and confusion while observing the body curiously. Blonde hair and odd 3 striped marks adorned his facial appearance. A headband of some sort with an inscribed symbol on its rectangular plating, lay on the ground beside his head. As for his clothing-- aside from being wet-- were filled with sand, tears, and some sort of dark red stain. They weren't at all fitting the boy either. In fact, they appeared to be made for full grown men. Although, strange as it maybe… the only article of clothing that fit him was the black fingerless gloves with a small metal plating that covered his hands.

Gulping slightly, the girl hesitantly approached the boy.

"H-hello?" She stuttered.

The blonde boy did not stir.

Kneeling down, she gently nudged the boy while saying. "Umm.. Are you alright?"

No budge.

I should call Rito. The girl thought as she prepared to run back towards her brother. It was the only thing she could think of and truthfully she should've done that first.

Just as Mikan was about to leave, a movement and a groan made her stop. The kid, which she noted was probably around her age, struggled from his downed position. Having been placed front first upon the sandy ground, he struggled to open his eyes. Once they were open, Mikan's worried expression was the first to greet him.

"Are you okay?" She asked anxiously.

A groan was her reply as the boy struggled with his body.

Frowning, she fully disregarded her collection of shells and quickly placed a gentle hand upon the boys shoulder. Helping him roll over to his side was surprisingly difficult. Mikan did not know how heavy the blonde was.

"Heave… ho!" She murmured out as she finally completed her task.

The blonde let out a cry of pain as one of his wounds was freshly disturbed by the action. Yelping, the girl withdrew her hands hastily and apologized a number of times.

"My head…" The boy mumbled.

"Does it hurt?"

He couldn't reply so instead he nodded. The boy was fighting off his throbbing mind and a renewed need to sleep. He did not care for who had found him, but his instinct made him comply. Squinting at a blue sky, the blonde gave a meaningful smile at the girl.

"T-Thanks…" He whispered weakly.

Mikan, feeling relieved at finding the boy to be okay, shook her head and smiled in return. "It's alright."

Nodding, the blonde tried his best to remain awake as a sudden urge to shut his eyes and rest, hit him like an explosion.

"Hey!" The girl called out, trying to get his waning attention. "Don't sleep here, its bad!"

"Where… am I?" He asked with an obviously tiring voice. The young blonde was seriously having trouble keeping awake. His energy, despite resting for quite a while, drained rapidly as he continued to talk.

Worrying once more, she replied kindly. "You're at the beach…. You look hurt." She paused and brought out determined eyes. "Wait here.. I'll get my brother."

Without a response, the girl quickly left his side in search for help. Now silent and alone, the blonde once again, found himself struggling to remain conscious. He wanted to badly drift off to sleep and escape once more to a place filled with peace and harmony.

No.. I gotta stay awake…

His mind wasn't in a good shape. Upon trying to recall information as to how he got here, he found that he had forgotten. All he knew was that he was just here. He tried to recollect his memories, but to his utter shock and fear found himself unable to do so. It was like he had forgotten.

His voice trembled as he spoke three fearful words. "Who am I?"

That question alone was enough to scare him. He had no idea who he was, his identity, his age, and even his own appearance. And for the next minute, he was fiercely involved in acquiring his memories. He knew deep down that he had them. The feeling of familiarity of something coming into view within his thoughts was his only reassurance.

He panted and fought off the growing power of exhaustion, while searching his mind for his memories. A few moments later, his ears caught the sound of rapidly approaching steps, thus temporarily halting his progress.

"Rito! Over here!" Mikan yelled back to her brother as she stopped and once again kneeled down upon the tired looking blonde.

"Whoa!" A baritone voice greeted the blonde's ear. And the tone of his voice clearly conveyed emotions of shock and surprise.

"See! I told you I wasn't lying!" The girl said. "What should we do, Rito??"

"Calm down first." The boy instructed. Turning his head, Rito knelt down and placed a warm hand on his forehead. "Not good, it looks like he has a fever."

"Oh no…" Panic etched itself upon Mikan's concerned face.

"Hey kid…" Gently moving the blonde's head, Rito directed his gaze on him. "What's your name? Where's your family? You think you can hold on?"

The younger looking boy nodded at the third question while letting out a quiet. "I don't know." to the rest of Rito's question.

"You have no name?" The orange haired boy was now losing his cool and it even intensified upon carefully examining the clothing that the blonde wore. Blood was stained upon the green vest. Holy crap…. This is not good…

"Of course he has one!" Mikan said as a matter of fact. Ignoring his brother's concerned look, the brunette cupped the blonde's cheek with her soft warm hand. "You have a name right? What is it?"

The fading sense of sight and hearing only focused on the browned haired girl, as the figure of her brother loomed over him. For some reason, the blonde kid found it hard to not comply. And so, with bleary eyes, the blonde boy tried to rack his brain for the answer to her question. It was difficult to do so however, since fatigue had begun to seep slowly into his already clouded mind. It was also hard since he truly can't reach his memories. There was so many large blank holes in his already murky mind that he felt compelled to just drop it. Nothing seemed to just come out. He returned his weak gaze at the girl kneeling down next to him.

Her delicate frown and concerned brown eyes somehow pushed him to renew his searching.

She's so… patient… He thought as he started his weakened concentration.

Using the last of his mental-strength he allowed himself to focus slightly-- fighting the exhaustion; until familiar words struck him like a flash of light.

"Naruto…" He finally whispered. A small smile formed upon his lips at the name. It was a very familiar name-- his name. And it looked as if he hadn't forgotten everything. "Uzumaki… Naruto."

With that said, the blonde finally let his warn-out mind and body to fall fully unconscious. His breathing softened to the point of being subtle and beside him, Mikan and Rito repeated his name on their heads. Uzumaki Naruto?

Concern, written across her face, Mikan gingerly nudged the boy.

"N-Naruto-san?" She whispered worriedly. W-what should we do if he's…?

A gentle hand clasped upon her shoulder, causing Mikan to look at her brother.

"He'll be fine, Mikan." Rito soothed her.


"He wont be fine if we don't do anything, I know." Rito said, reading the train of the thought that his sister has just gone over. "Help me carry him onto my back."

Complying with an eager nod, Mikan set out for the task at hand. Carefully lifting the blonde up, the two siblings strained to place him upon Rito's back.

Man this kids heavy… Rito noted with a groan.

Mikan also had the same thought as she was using all her strength just to push the blonde into a properly secured position. And once all was done, Rito took a deep breath and lifted himself up.

"Lets go Mikan. Go ahead and call Mom and Dad. We'll need help!"

Sensing her brother's worry, The brunette nodded and quickly pulled out a black cell phone from her pocket. And after a quick chat with their parents, the two siblings began to run across the beach.

Up above them, unknown and unseen, a figure watched with guarded eyes. Floating with the clouds it remained unmoving. Garbed in a strange flowing brown cloak, the entity smiled.

"Uzumaki Naruto… I wonder how well you will do in this world…."

Slit pupils watched the back of the blonde boy and the two siblings with him. And as they disappeared from the being's sight, a small chuckle left its lips.

"I know for certain that you'll do just fine." It said rather mischievously.

With nothing else to say, it vanished in a flash of blue flames.

~ Prologue End! ~

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