A snow filledwinter

A lilac haired girl stared through the window out into the snow covered garden. The flames of the fire grew smaller, she gathered some more fire and placed it in the grate. She was all alone apart from her Pokemon, with only one guest. Her scarlet haired cousin, when they where little it was like a tradition to spend the winter at the chalet. When they started their journeys the tradition faded. This winter they where twelve, two years after the last visit.

She regained her place beside her espeon. The purple Pokemon scratched at the door. Sure enough, seconds later the bell rang.

"hey Anabel !"

"hey Zoey ,come in"

the co-coordinator stepped in to a big hallway. The walls where covered in dark wood and the stair railing was silver, the floor matched the walls. Espeon leaped onto Zoey's shoulder. A Pokeball twirled through the air and released a glameow. The two cat like Pokemon began chasing each other's tail in a whirlwind of Grey and pink.

Anabel escorted the guest to the front room. The two Pokemon, who had calmed down lay in-front of the fire. The raging flames set glameow's tail on fire. The Grey cat ran to the kitchen with her trainer in pursuit. It dipped the fire in water. Relieved for her Pokemon, Zoey had a look around the room.

Nothing really interesting, until she spotted the rose placed on the breakfast bar. With the flower in her hand she set of for Anabel and explanations.

The lilac haired girl was quietly curled up by the window. Her gaze was diverted from outside when a flower was stuck right in front of her face.

"care to explain what this is Annie?"

"eh was all she could reply when she was ttelepathicallyyscowlingher espeon; espeon, I told you to get rid of it.

"well, who's it of?"

"you wouldn't know him"

"him, now where making progress. Okay just the family name then" Anabel was at this point red as a tomato.

The chances of her knowing him are slim so, tell her her espeon was making sense.

"ketchum" the salon maiden replied. Zoey started pacing up and down the fire repieting; "I've heard that name before,let me think."

After five minutes of walking and five minutes of torture for Anabel, the red haired girl finally blurted out; "ash ketchum" The girl in questioning's face grew even reder than a tomato.

"I'm right" she then started jumping about like some red sheep. Unoticably Anabel took her cousin's phone out of her coat pocket whilst she was pouncing like a farm animal.

After spending all afternoon telling their journeys and Anabel's love life, the twosome went to bed. Their shared the same room with a single bed each. The curtains where white like nearly everything else in the room. Except the floor witch was light brown wood.

Anabel waited till her cousin had gone to sleep, for a girl she was a heavy sleeper. She opened the phone and went straight into pictures. Time and time again there where pictures of Zoey and a guy with purple hair. She then looked into contacts, Johanna(mother), Anabel, Paul ? She closed the phone and hit the hay.

The sun peered through the big window, the saloon maiden awoke to find her guest missing. The door opened fast, Zoey stepped in with a smirk.

"Anabel,cousin care to explain why the hell my phone was under your pillow."

"care to explain who is the guy in ALL the pictures." Anabel had a way of turning the tables.

"a friend" she was now the one red.

"more like a crush, next Christmas bring him with you. Ill bring Ash."

"eh Anabel, that's not a good idea they are rivals."

"oh so yours is a bad boy." the twosome went into day dreams about the two guy's. And that's how they spent the next week.