As You Walked Into My Life

Chapter 3

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"That was the boys; they're coming over in ten minutes. We're all going out to lunch, so we'd better start getting ready now," she said quickly, immediately running to the closet.

Ten minutes later I had been poked and prodded with all sorts of different make up and hair products. I was also now wearing my best pair of jeans and one of Rosalie's tops. It was a dark blue v neck singlet with spaghetti straps. Alice and Rose had eventually given up on getting me to wear heels after I had tripped over more than once.

Somehow in the short amount of time we had, they were able to make over themselves as well. Rosalie was wearing a low cut red halter neck top and designer midnight blue jeans. Whereas Alice was wearing a short, but pretty grey lace and cotton dress and a long sleeved black crocheted cardigan. They both looked absolutely gorgeous, and even after the make over they gave me, I still felt so average next to them.

I looked in the mirror in the bathroom, checking my appearance once more. I looked prettier than usual; my pale cheeks had a little bit of blush on them, making them look more alive. The light eyeshadow and eyeliner made my eyes stand out more. It was amazing what Alice and Rose could do in such a short amount of time.

They had even had time to sort out my frizzy mess of hair. They had put some product in it, and then tied half of it up. There were small tendrils of hair left out that framed my face. It was a casual look, but still made me look pretty.

"You girls ready yet?" I heard Emmett's booming voice coming from the other room. I came out of the bathroom to see all of the boys standing near the door. They had all changed their clothes and had dressed up a bit. In other words they all looked even hotter than before.

As soon as I walked out of the bathroom, Edward turned his head and had a surprised look on his face. He obviously wasn't expecting me to have let Alice and Rose dress me up. I blushed bright red as he continued to stare at me, but he eventually pulled his eyes away from me.

Alice and Rose were just exiting the closet when I walked in, having just put on their heels. Looking around at all of the other people in the room I felt left out. They all knew each other so well and were all breathtakingly beautiful.

"Yeah we're ready," Alice said, skipping happily over to Jasper. He automatically grabbed her hand, and linked her fingers through his own. "So where are we going for lunch?"

"Well we were thinking we could take a look around campus and just grab whatever," Emmett suggested. We all nodded and Alice, Rose and I grabbed out handbags and followed the guys out of the room.

The hallway of the dorm was pretty narrow, so we had to walk in pairs. That was great for everyone, except me. It meant that Edward and I either had to talk, or walk in an awkward silence until we got out of the building.

"So Bella," Edward said after a few seconds of silence between the two of us. I looked up at him automatically, instantly regretting it when I started to once again gaze into his dazzling eyes. "Tell me about yourself."

"Well there's not much to tell. I moved here from Forks, which is in Washington by the way, when I got a scholarship. I have one sister called Renesmee, but everyone just calls her Nessie. She's staying in a boarding school not too far from here," I quickly babbled off. He gave me a crooked smile.

"Bella, I want to know about you, not why you're here. All of what you've told me so far doesn't tell me anything about you," he told me.

"Ok, I'm a sophomore, as you already know. I love reading and writing. I don't like sports very much, mostly because I fall over a lot. I also hate shopping, but please don't tell Alice and Rose that, it would break their hearts to know there was a girl on the planet that hated shopping."

We were now outside, and the fresh air felt cool against my bare arms. I looked up at him to see that he was looking down at me curiously. If he was allowed to ask me about myself, then I'm sure I could do the same to him. It was only small talk, it's not like I was flirting with him or anything like that.

"What about you? Tell me about yourself," I blurted out suddenly. Next thing I knew I was watching helplessly as I plummeted toward the hard concrete footpath. I put my hands out in front of myself, trying to at least cushion my fall. I was expecting to feel my face slam into the path in a few short seconds, but it never happened.

Instead something warm was wrapped around my waist, instantly stopping my body from falling. As soon as I was pulled upright, I turned around to see Edward's beautiful face staring back at me. He looked a bit shocked at what had just happened, and extremely worried about my welfare.

"Are you alright Bella?" he asked me, obviously concerned. I couldn't speak, his arms were still wrapped around me and the physical connection was making my brain turn to mush. He quickly removed his arms from around me, after soon realising it was making me uncomfortable.

"Um, yeah I'm fine. Thanks to you that is, usually I end up with a lot of bruises and sometimes even break a bone or two," I raced to explain, trying to put his mind at ease.

"You mean this happens often?" he asked softly. Great, now he seemed even more worried about me than before.

"Yeah, what can I say? I'm about the clumsiest person you'll ever meet," I said. I was trying to make it into a joke now, like I had with a lot of other people. He wasn't buying it.

"Bella, please be more careful when you walk," he said after a few seconds thought. "We'd better catch up with the others before they start to worry."

We walked in silence until we reached the others, but I noticed that Edward glanced at me a lot. He was obviously still worried about my clumsiness.

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