A Phone Call Changes Everything. . .

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Haruhi Fujioka was brave, whether she knew it or not made no difference. She was brave when she revealed her gender her last year of high school, she was brave when she applied to the most prestigious university in Japan, and she was brave when she openly admitted feelings for her once Senpai.

Yes, Haruhi Fujioka was brave and no one doubted this, especially when she would walk home from the library every night in the dark. Bravery, however, had it's limits and as her friends and family would find out, one phone call would be all it would take to push those limits too far.

"Hello, yes, this is Kyoya Ohtori speaking, Ranka? Wait-Ranka, slow down. . . what has happened?"

"TAKASHI!!!!!" The shrill yell of his blond cousin sent the once sleeping giant tumbling out of bed. From the furious footfalls coming from the hallway, he expected his cousin to come flying through the door at any moment.

Quickly he pulled on his jeans, which laid in a piled heap from the night before, then he wrenched open the door of his bedroom just in time to catch his cousin in mid bounce. While he expected his cousin, he had not expected the two red heads following behind him, both gasping for breath, both looking far too gaunt for any news they had to bring to be good.

"Takashi! It's horrible, Haru-chan is in the hospital!" His eyes widened. "We've got to go, Kyo-chan is already there and Tama-chan is on his way too." Mori set his cousin down quickly, grabbing his button down shirt from the night before as well, slipping it on, following the other three down the hall.

"How bad?!" He demanded, directing his question at Hikaru.

"Kyoya wouldn't tell us anything, all we know is that it's serious." They bolted furiously to the car, Kaoru turning to him once they were seated and moving.

"His voice cracked, he couldn't even talk. Kyoya couldn't talk!"

Mori buried his head in his hands, terrified, wondering what could have possibly happened that was horrible enough to cut through the voice of an Ohtori son.

They made it to the hospital just as Tamaki made it himself, rushing together they pushed past doctors and nurses, heading straight for where Kyoya had said to meet. When they arrived the first person they saw was Ranka, curled into a chair, his arms wrapped tightly around his knees, his head down, body shaking like he was suffering from hypothermia. Honey was the first to make contact, holding onto the okama's shivering hands. Ranka looked up into Honey's eyes, his face white as snow and etched with sadness.

"Honey-kun, you've all come. . ." His face twisted. "Haruhi, she. . .she was attacked. She – they had to operate on her. . ." Ranka fell to his knees in grief, Honey holding him tightly, before Tamaki helped him back into his chair.

Mori and the twins watched on, not knowing what to do, the twins holding hands and the giant looking for Kyoya. He didn't have to wait long before the door opened across the waiting room and Kyoya emerged. Mori made a beeline for him.

"Kyoya, what happened? Where is she?" The shadow king looked up at his now imposing friend grimly and when he didn't answer immediately, Mori pushed him back into the wall.

"Takashi, stop!" Honey cried out, but Mori paid not attention, focusing on the gaunt face of his glasses wearing friend.

"Where is she?!" His voice boomed, startling the other occupants of the room.

"She's in the recovery room. . ."Mori dropped him unceremoniously, Kyoya got to his feet and stepped away from the giant.

"Kyoya, how bad is it?" Kaoru asked suddenly.

"Bad. . .she's suffered a broken arm, some broken ribs, her spleen was- was removed and she'll need a kidney donor. She also has a multitude of cuts and bruises. . .and- and. . ." Kyoya paused contemplating on speaking the next part.

"Kyoya. . .the rest." Mori muttered dangerously.

". . .-the nurses put her through a rape kit. . ." Ranka bolted up from his seat, rushing in front of Mori, to hear exactly what Kyoya had to say next. "Ranka, they got to her in time, she's still intact."

Mori had to catch the okama before he dropped to the ground, Kyoya called in nurses to assist and treat Ranka for shock. Mori turned to Kyoya after the nurses had left, his eyes a thunderous gray as he demanded his next question.

"What room?"


There was little argument as Mori made the first visit, the violent way that their once senpai was acting was enough to make the rest of them wait patiently until it was their turn. He marched to her room, so quickly that he had to throw the guards out of the way before Kyoya had the chance to tell them to stand down. He found the door, opening it, stepping inside and then locking it behind him. When he looked up in the dim room, his own knees went weak at the sight of the even smaller looking body laying in the midst of sterile white bedding and machines.

He approached her side, his hands shaking, his eyes drifting over every bruise, cut, and bandage. Recording it in his thoughts so he would know exactly what to do to the bastards that had caused this. He eyes stared long at the cast around her arm, wondering exactly how much force was used to snap the delicate bone. He slipped his hand over her whole one, not prepared as her eyes slipped open, drifting lazily over to him.

"Takashi?" Her eyes widened in confusion as she looked over his expression of turmoil, then dread as she realized exactly where she was. "Takashi, what happened? Where am I? How-" He shook his head.

"Shh-It's okay, your okay." She gripped his fingers lightly.

"Takashi. . .you're crying. . ."He shook his head again, kissing her fingers, before burying his head in the pillow next to hers. "It's okay. . ."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so-" He muttered over and over again, his shoulders shaking, even as she told him once again that it was okay.

Mori emerged hours later, to a room filled with sleeping hosts, Kyoya looked up as he came in, standing as Mori waved him over. He readjusted his glasses before joining his once again gentle friend.

"How is she?" Mori looked down in guilt. "Mori, it isn't your fault."

"I should have been there." Kyoya placed a hand to the giants shoulder.

"Don't think about that right now, now we need to think about Haruhi." Mori gave him a nod. "Is she sleeping now?" Another nod.

"Kyoya, call Kasanoda. . ."

"You want him to track down her attackers." Mori gave him a nod. "Alright."

"Also, I'm sorry for how I acted." Kyoya smirked.

"She's your fiancé, how else were you supposed to act?"

"When did you find out?" Kyoya gave him a look. "Never mind."

"Is that all? I promised Ranka I'd wake him when she woke up." Mori shook his head.

"No, she needs a kidney, she and I have the same blood type and I'll be the one to give it."

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