In which Ciel and Sebastian find their informative to be a anonymity

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"Sebas'ian, Lord Ciel!" came a voice from behind the counter in the back of the bakery shop. When the voice heard the bells go off, warning that somebody came into the shop.

"What news do you have today regarding the Corner Square Murders?" asked Ciel, getting to the point. He didn't want to spend today lolly-gagging when he could be at the Phantomhive Mansion ordering Sebastian around.

"Young Master, I do believe it is not kind just to get straight to the point. It is customary to buy something of one's worthy time. Plus you might never know who is watching. Is that not right, Vic?" asked Sebastian, taking Ciel's coat and hanging it on a nearby coat hanger and gestured Ciel to a seat.

"Yes sir! Bu' really, many people cum I jus' ta talk wha' they wan' on their pas'ries for da Win'er Ball. Ya ne-" started Vic but got cut off by a loud crashing sound from where Vic was.

"Vic, are you alright?" asked Sebastian. Slightly worried and alarmed by the loud crashing noise.

"Eh, I think I be usin' sum help. I'm trapped under sum shelves." The reply sounded back. "Would ya be a dear an' help me ta get outta 'ere Sebas'ain?" Sebastian looked at Ciel. "Go on and help Vic. We will be using Vic's service in the future." He said from his seat.

"Lord Ciel, please enjoy da new cheesecake I maaade!" yelped Vic, suddenly being picked up by the butler.

"Are you alright, Vic?" asked Sebastian, laying the baker down across from Ciel.

"Fine as a Charley Horse Sebas'ian!" exclaimed Vic, pulling at a brunette strand that had come out of its large ponytail. Vic's eyes shook in mirth which made the amber eyes striking.

The eye color was unusual, noted Ciel as he stared more into them. Amber eyes just seem to judge your souls and seeing past the lies you've told. Making you want to tell Vic everything that you did. It was quite unnerving for Sebastian and Ciel to look at for this was the first time they have seen Vic, long brunette hair, delicate eyebrows, the amber eyes framed by long lashes. They almost did a double take when they noticed the ribbon around his neck where the Johnny Apple would be. Vic also had an extremely androgynous looking body which only looked more women like because of the apron. And surprisingly he was in between Ciel's and Sebastian's height.

"The cake is splendid as usual Vic," said Ciel, coming back to his senses.

"Now as ta ya 'ere," said Vic, putting his face on top of his hands. "This mus' be sumthin' bi', even my bro'her couldn' supply ya with da informa'ion tha' ya wan'ed," smirking at the two.

"How did you know?" asked Ciel, slightly worried that their usual informative was going to betray him.

"Ya 'ave seen da Under'aker 'ave ya no'?" he asked.

"Yes we have," said Sebastian, looking at the baker with no trust in his eyes.

"Did he 'ave any'hin' ta say?"

"No. He did not."

"This 'appened before several times, 'asn' no'?"

"Yes," said the crisp reply.

"Then dun doub' my words,"

"We never doubted your words, Lord Ciel or I."

"'Course no'. Anyways all of yer vic'ims 'ave in common is da barber shop dey all visi'ed. 'Nother notes is dat day all cour'ed da daugh'er of da owner who owns da barber shop. How da Sco'land Yard missed dat fac', I gots no idea." said Vic.

"What is this Barber Shop you speak of?" asked Ciel, taking another piece of cheesecake and taking small bites.

"It's Kinglisy's; da Barber shop where all of da murders 'ave had been 'appenin'. Owned by Rober' Kinglisy da 'hird an' his daugh'er, Mary Anne."

"How are you sure that it's done by this Barber shop?" asked Ciel, wiping his mouth and glaring at Vic, who still had his head on his hands.

"Da bodies should be released ta da Under'aker by now." He said, and slowly got up and went to the back of the shop.

"Lord Ciel?" asked Sebastian, standing by his master. He was looking over to the back of the shop where Vic disappeared.

"We're going back to the Undertakers" stated Ciel and standing up. "Sebastian?" he questioned.

"Yes, Young Master?" asked Sebastian, putting on Ciel's coat on the blue-grey haired boy.

"I want you to find everything you can on Vic." He stated and headed out the door and down the street to see the Undertaker.

"Once we reach the mansion, as you wish Lord Ciel." Said Sebastian and bowed, before leaving the shop and catching up with his master.


"You have to make me laugh Ciel." said the Undertaker as he came out of his coffin, grinning as usual. "And it has to be a true laugh."

Sebastian made a move to get the information they wanted, but the Undertaker made a ts-king noise and pointed to Ciel.

The person being pointed at paled and pointed to himself. Undertaker nodded. "Fine," he said a bit grudgingly. "But it better be good information." The white-haired man nodded and awaited his laughter.

10 minute later, nothing.

20 minutes later, still nothing.

An hour later no sound of laughter was coming from the Undertaker.

"Sometime soon Ciel." said the Undertaker, yawning and tapping his fingers on the coffin before him.

Ciel sighed and began doing the only thing that he could think of . . . the chicken dance. "I don't want to be a chicken. I don't want to be a duck; I just want to shake my butt." He mumbled and impersonated a chicken, a duck and shook his butt. Then clapped and skipped around the room. Finally he started all over again.

People outside the shop looked at it with horror and began wondering what had made the building jump up and down.

"Now, tell me about the bodies." commanded Ciel, rubbing his hands together. Sebastian stood behind him. 'Young Master. . .' he thought.

Undertaker grinned. "The bodies are all of young men ages 18-25; the right court-able age. Found on the corner of Wingsly and Fox. But . . . what is interesting is that their throats," he said, disappearing and then reappearing behind Ciel. "From right to left; it was cleanly sliced. This means that ever killed these men is left handed."

Ciel understood, "Sebastian." he commanded.

"Yes, young master?" he asked.

"Find all information that you can on all of the left handed barbers in Wingsly and Fox within a five mile radius."

"Barbers?" asked Vic's brother.

Ciel said nothing but commented on the cheesecake he had before coming over. Undertaker looked happier and then kicked them out of his shop. 'Helping out again eh, Vicky?' he thought before getting a chill down his back.

Vic stood up from the oven. 'Brother called me Vicky. He's dead.' Vic exclaimed before pulling out some meat pies. Later on a page boy came running from Vic's shop and into Mrs. Lovett's arms. "These pies are almost as good as yours!" he exclaimed.

"Come along Mathew, it's time to go back." said Mrs. Lovett. No one heard from them again.


Ciel glanced up from his paper work when he heard his study room door open. "Young Master, here is all of the left-handed barbers that you requested." said Sebastian handing Ciel the two pieces of paper. "After you are done looking at the paper you have dancing lessons-"

"Cancel it," said Ciel, taking the papers and looking at the men on them.

"I have hired a young woman for you to practice with. She will be here when we are about to do the dance lessons. Now after the lessons we have your violin lessons, then piano and finally touring Phantomhive Toy Company." continued the butler as if Ciel didn't interrupt him.

Barging in at this moment before Ciel could object to anything was Finny, the grounds keeper, "Lord Ciel! Sebastian! There is a young lady downstairs waiting for you," he said.

"Thank you, Finny." said Sebastian and looked at Ciel, "come along Young Master. It is time for your dance lessons."

Ciel grumbled and followed his demon butler down to the foyer where he his partner awaited him.

"Lord Ciel, Sebas'ian!" came a voice. There they say a young woman who had a striking strong resemblance to Vic. "I'm 'ere ta be a dance par'ner for . . . Lord Ciel, I believe." she said. "I'm Vic'oria," and curtsied.

"Are you Vic? From the bakery?" asked Sebastian, getting over the small fact.

"Aye, tha' I am," she said.

"You're a girl!" exclaimed Ciel.

"Las' time I checked, aye, I'm." she said, shrugging her shoulders in an American way.

"But in the Bakery shops you're a guy,"

"So? As far as I know it ain' a crime ta be a guy. I get more people willin' ta talk ta me in da shop if I'm a guy. If I'm in an 'ouse such as yers, girl is easier ta talk ta 'cause mos' people believe tha' women are dumb an' no' smar'," she said.

"Did you hire me ta be yer dance par'ner or no'?" she said after some time.

"Of course," said Sebastian and led them to the dance hall.

"Now Lord Ciel," he said watching him mess up. "You have to place your right hand on her waist and lightly take her right hand in your left. Like so," he come up and fixed the hand position,

"1, 2, 3, 4," he began counting.

"If I migh' make a sugges'ion," said Vic.

"Yes, what is it?" asked Sebastian, willing to hear and hoping that the young master will be able to dance soon. He was a demon! He shouldn't be teaching dancing!

"Ins'ead of counting, why dun we coun' down, up, up, down all toge'her?"

"It's worth a try."

"Down, up, up, down. Up, up, down, up, up, down." they all began and by a miracle Ciel began to get it!

"Thare ya go," said Vic, "Yer Ge''in' it."

Sebastian and Ciel were happy; the former because he finally got the dance and the latter cause that meant he didn't have to dance anymore! "Thank you, Victoria," said Sebastian after taking this moment into his non-existing heart. "You have done the impossible."

"I did nu'hin' of da sort. It's all Lord Ciel's hard work and de'ermina'ion." she said and started walking out of the dance hall. "Oh, an' Mary Ann died 'his mornin'. "

"So it isn't a serial killer," muttered Ciel.

Vic raised an eyebrow. "Now why do ya say tha'?" she asked pausing and turning around to see the two. "Serial killers jus' dun 'ave one type, it could be anyone who so much visi's da same place as da las' vic'im. Or jus' by wearin' da same s'yle of clo'hin'. Bu' its mos'ly based off how dey looked like. Mos' people seem ta overlook da o'her fac'ors." then left the mansion and back to the bakery.


"Sebastian," said the young Phantomhive master. Sebastian came up quietly behind him. "Do you have the information about these barbers and Vic or Victoria whatever her name is?"

"Yes," said Sebastian. "I already gave you the papers on the barbers and all that there is to know about them."

"I know, Robert Kinsley the 3rd like Vic or Victoria said, and Carlisle Ingham on 23rd and Baker Street. I need to know more. The queen is getting quite urgent about this matter."

"Mister Kingsley and Mister Ingham have been rivals since they are both left handed barbers who do an amazing good job on shaving. They have disliked each other since they courted the same lady, whom was Mary Anne's mother."

"Mr. Ingham's motive I presume?"

"It is one of many."


"Mister Ingham's son also courted Miss Mary Anne, but has not died yet. Mister Kingsley found out and blessed the two. He wanted happiness for them, but when Mister Ingham found out that his son was courting Miss Mary Anne, who looked like her mother, he was furious and forbade the courtship."

"We need to see these two."

"Is that your wish young master?"

"It is my wish and the girl that I just danced with, what about her?"

"Vic, I couldn't find any information on, but Miss Victoria I can. She has a brother, the Undertaker, is a baker and helps out nobles or rich people how to dance."

"We already know that," sounded the snap reply.

"I'm just stating what you told me to do Lord Ciel." he said, closing his eyes and then continuing. "She also was taught how to read, and write when she was younger and speak like a proper woman."


"Notice how she always leaves off the G at the end of a word and T's in the middle so on and so forth. But she hated being proper, ran away at the age of 10 and has been a baker and dance partner for hire for the past six years."

Ciel smirked, "We might be using her services later on and more often." He said.

"Now it's time for your violin practice."

Ciel deadpanned at the idea.


Vic stood outside the Undertaker's shop. 'You called me Vicky. You're dead.' Then walked inside and saw coffins. "Oh dear bro'her," she rang out. "Yer gonna be an Uncle!" the next thing she saw was a silver blur coming at her and knocked into her.

"Who invaded you?!" she head her brother speak. "I will hunt them down and gut them like a fish or a frog in a science class!"

"No one, I jus'ed used 'hat ta get ya ou' of her hidin' place, oh dear bro'her of mine." said Vic, cracking her knuckles.

"Now, now, just hold on a moment, why would you kill, maim or possibly torture your older brother? The one who taught you everything you know about cooking?" he asked, waving his hands in front of his face, trying to reason with his homicidal younger sister.

"Ya tau'h' me how ta cook poisons, an' defend meself, and I tau'h' meself every'hin' else. Even how ta speak like a youn' lad ou' of da coun'ry." said Vic.

"I love you?" he questioned.

Vic stopped her movements, and paused. Well she would be lonely if her brother was killed. She'll let him live. "I love ya ta," she admitted and sat on a coffin nearby and began talking to him about her day.

The next morning she woke up to a surprise of Ciel and Sebastian in her bakery. Dressed up and holding a cloak, she didn't like the ominous feeling she was getting from that cloak or Sebastian who had a weird gleam in his eye. "Would ya like ta ge' ya a cup o' tea this mornin'?" she asked, glancing warily at the box and Sebastian.

"I have a proposition for you, Lady Victoria," said Ciel, enjoying the face that Vic made when she heard Lady Victoria. "I have to go to a ball tonight; I'm quite without a dance partner, since my fiancée is out of the country. She can't make it."

"Wha does tha''aves ta do with me?" she asked, slowly backing up to her bedroom. Where she knew neither Sebastian nor Lord Ciel would enter.

"I want you to be my date for the ball. And since I know you can dance, I don't expect you to turn down this offer," said Ciel, looking at her with his grey-blue eye.

"An' if I do refuse?" shot back the reply.

"Sebastian will make you,"

"If that is your wish, my lord." said Sebastian, bowing to his younger master.

"It all depends on, Lady Victoria." said Ciel. Vic didn't want to be a lady again, unless she was paid, so she hurried up the stairs and to her room where she hid behind the bookcase before Sebastian could capture her and take her to Phantomhive mansion. "Sebastian, go get Lady Victoria." he ordered. Sebastian repeated the line he just said moments before and Ciel nodded, indicating that it was. The butler quickly went up the stairs and began looking for the baker. Until he noticed that one side of the bookcase was a bit crooked, he opened it and Vic was there just glaring at him. He almost froze because of how tense and angry filled the glare is.

"I suppose tha' I go' no choice," said Vic, still glaring at him. Sebastian nodded, picked her up like a sack of potatoes and carried her back downstairs. "So why am I gonna be a 'Lady' for this nigh', especially for a ball?" she asked Ciel.

"You are the same age as the latest victim." He replied. Then started heading out the door, when he called over his shoulder to Sebastian to order him to take his latest victim to the mansion then met him back up at the Toy Company. Sebastian just bowed and took the cloak that he had on his arm and draped the dark grey material on the figure in his arms who was giving him glares.

"Finian, Bard, Tanaka, and Maylene, we have a guest staying with us for the remainder of the week," said Sebastian, ignoring Vic's outburst when she heard that she was staying for the week. "She is going to be in the Lilac room, please make her happy." he said, then introduced the other members of the Phantomhive Mansion. "The groundskeeper, cook, retired butler and maid are Finian, Bard, Tanaka and Maylene respectively."

The blond haired with hair clips in his blond hair waved at her with a huge grin on his face. She remembered him answering the door when she came over for dance lessons with the master. Bard the chef winked at her and lights his cigarette, while Maylene the purple haired woman who wore overly large glasses tried to make him quite. Then she glanced down and looked at the chibified Tanaka who was sipping on his green tea. "Ho, ho, ho," he said to her.

Vic looked at her prison and the person who was holding her victim in it, then decided to play nice girl. "It is very pleasurable to meet you all," she said and bowed, "I hope we will get along during my stay here."

Sebastian was caught off guard of how much of a difference there is when Victoria was speaking like a noble. "Maylene, please take Lady Victoria to her room, Young Master is expecting me at the Toy Company." he said to the maid and left quickly before Maylene could get a word out.

"R-Right this way, M-Mistress," said Maylene and led Victoria to her room.


"Young Master, Lady Victoria is with the others right at this moment, soon we should have Maylene and Lady Victoria go shopping for the appropriate attire," suggested Sebastian.

Ciel glanced at his demon, "Which room did you put her in?" he asked, and then picked up a rabbit with a top hat.

"Lilac room," said the reply from the demon.

"Then it's not necessary, just have Maylene help Vic dress up." said Ciel.

"As you wish, my lord," said Sebastian, then bowed and took off to make the call.


"Oh! It's a call from Sebastian!" exclaimed Finian, holding up the phone before Bard took it out of his hands and shoved Finian away.

"Bard here," he said. Then nodded a few times, "You got cha, I'll tell Maylene," then hanged up and looked at the groundskeeper that was lying on the ground. "Why are you on the ground?" he asked. Finian just grumbled and wept on the ground.

"Ho, ho, ho," said the elder butler appearing out of nowhere, scaring the royal daylights out of the other two men.

"Don't do that!" they exclaimed.

Then Bard went up to the Lilac room where the two females of the household are.

"It's open," sounded Victoria's reply when Bard knocked and asked permission to enter.

"Sebastian called and told me to tell Maylene to tell you that there are dresses and outfits in the closet and Maylene will help you dress and help you with your hair," he announced and then closed the door, leaving the two females alone again.

"Aren't you such a lucky lady?!" exclaimed Maylene and went over to the closet to pick out the outfit for her young master's guest. She found a blue dress that had a low cut, a starched collar that looked like it belonged with it, a synced waist, and four rows of ruffles on the bottom to match the short sleeves. "How about t-this dress M-Mistress?" she asked, showing the dress to Victoria.

Said person looked at it with disgust hidden in her eyes, 'Gag me and throw me in the Thames,' she thought, but nodded to Maylene, "That will do, do you perhaps have a hairstyle that would go with it?" she asked the maid, taking the dress from her and tried putting it on but got stuck with the starched collar. Maylene nodded and began helping her Mistress for the week. She glanced at the long hair of the said person and began thinking of the style, she decided to wing it and hope for the best.

Vic stared at herself in the mirror, her long straight hair was pin-straight for this hair style and only two small sections of her hair was pulled back making a small 'v' in the back of her hair. It was lovely. "Thank-you, Maylene." she said and put back the small hand mirror. Then glanced back at her, Maylene had lovely purple hair, and skin, and she thought she saw a dress that would be appropriate for her. "Come along, Maylene, you're going to the ball with me."

"W-Why I c-couldn't p-possibly! It w-would be im-improper for m-me!" exclaimed Maylene and rushed to the edge of the room in such speed, it made Vic wonder what was wrong.

"Well why not?" she questioned and put her hands on her hips.

"I'm j-just an m-m-maid," reasoned Maylene.

"Did that stop Sebastian?" questioned the cross-dresser. Maylene thought for a minute or so and shook her head. "Well, Sebastian is going to need a dance partner, and since I am going with Lord Ciel I could not possibly be able to dance with him." she reasoned, and made a grab at Maylene who quickly dodged.

This game was going on until Lord Ciel and Sebastian came home to the mansion.

"Tanaka, what is going on?" asked Sebastian, looking at the maid and his young master's guest who were running around, with Maylene slipping every so often.

"Ho, ho, ho," said the reply.

"That does not help Tanaka," said the demon and turned to Ciel. "Would you like for me to stop this?"

Ciel thought for a moment, "No, I would like to ask why though, Lady Victoria is running about."

"If that is your wish,"

"It is," he said, then watched his butler grab the cross-dresser by her waist and bring her over to him. "Why are you running about the mansion? We need to be leaving for the ball,"

"I just wanted Maylene to come in case your 'one hell of a butler' is most likely to get bored at the ball," commented Victoria. "You can put me down Sebastian,"

"Of course my lady,"

"Quite calling me that,"

"Sorry, my lady." he said just to tease her and annoy her.

She glared at him and looked at the short lord who looked just a bit paler; she bent over to feel his forehead with her own. "You all right my Lord? You are looking a bit paler." she asked not noticing that she had a chest and Ciel was looking directly into it, not by his choice mind you. He began to turn a bit red, and he could see Sebastian smirk at him.

"I am fine," he said. Looking away quickly before Vic realized what was going on.

"Shall we go to the ball then, my lord?" he heard Vic ask, he was surprised of how much of a change that there is to Vic when she used proper words.

"Yes, we shall," he said and they left the mansion and continued onward to Count Drake's Villa where the ball was going to be held.

When they entered the villa, Victoria was just slightly taken back of how beautiful the villa was, it reminded her of her fantasy of living in a Greek summer home, it nice, spacious, and just open. Ciel looked at his dance partner and wondered if he should tell her all of the details of the set up. He didn't want to lose his all-knowing informative, but if she betrayed him later on. . . . He decided it was worth it as he led her to the dance floor. "Victoria, would you like to know the details of the set-up?" he asked her, dancing like they were just a day ago.

Victoria slightly nodded, "I would like to know the details Lord Ciel, for I am close to the murderer's type, guessing by the dresses and outfits you left in the Lilac room and you yourself isn't dressed as you usually would. If I am going to die, I would like to know or at least have an idea as to how and why," she said quietly and then giggled to make it look like she just told a joke to Ciel and she thought it to be funny.

Sebastian was off to the side by the other butlers and maids, conversing with them and trying to find Carlisle Ingham or his son Alfred Ingham. When he did notice them, he narrowed his eyes at the son, Alfred.

Alfred was a tall blond haired fellow, with baby blue eyes, and a sinister smirk as he looked at a couple dancing on the floor. He followed his gaze and he found what couple he was looking at. Lord Ciel and Lady Victoria.


Alfred was having a wonderful time looking at the couples, see who he could interrupt and steal away a potential maiden and marry her, get all of the money and spend the rest of his life having sex with his wife, going down to the red light district, gambling, and ale. It was a life he wanted, and what he wanted, he would surely get. He didn't want to live a life of barbery like his father, so he bought a rich looking suit and impersonated a butler of a butler of a wealthy man, then stood off to the side before the couple could notice that they brought an extra butler along.

Soon he found a couple, a young looking lad who didn't look past the age of 10, and a young woman with long brunette hair, and a mighty fine chest, she looked around 21 at most.

She would be perfect for his plan.

"Excuse me," he said to the young lord, ignoring his disdain look on his face. "Might I cut in?" he asked, bowing slightly, taking Victoria's hand and kissing it.

She giggled. 'Yes,' he thought. 'Soon.'

"You may," said Ciel in a steel voice.

Alfred took Victoria to the edge of the ballroom and began dancing with her, while slowly making his way out of the villa, and into the garden and checking out his property. Well . . . she would be his property soon. "My name is Alfred Ingham, what is the name of this fair maiden?" he asked.

Victoria held in a punch and smiled, " Victoria," she responded. 'Please don't ask about the family name!'

"What a lovely name Victoria," he began to say, and just rambled off.

While he rambled off Victoria quickly went over the information that Ciel gave her. "...If I am going to die, I would like to know or at least have an idea as to how and why." she said quietly.

"The murderer is suspected to be either Carlisle Ingham or his son, Alfred Ingham. Alfred has the tendency to go from young lady, to young lady, in hopes of getting rich and not having to take over his father's shop. He was courting Mary Anne but then he grew tired of her, especially when he saw a rich and beautiful, free noble woman."

"And his father?"

"Wanted to marry Mary Anne's mother, but Mary Anne's father won her heart,"

"So you and Sebastian suspect Alfred based solely on the fact that he goes through young ladies like a last year's fashion? What about the other men that have been murdered or have you forgotten that detail?" asked Victoria, then moving her hand closer to Ciel to get closer to him.

"When we looked further into it, the young men that have been murdered have been in fact trying to court Mary Anne, but also they also were butlers to important families, and they were the exact opposite of him."

"Alfred is your main suspect at this moment?" she shivered a bit.

"Are you getting cold, Victoria?"

"I think some one just walked across my grave," she said. Then she noticed that a blonde haired baby blue eyed man was walking towards them.

"What's my family name going to be?" she asked quickly.

"What?" he asked.

"What is-" she started but fell silent as the blonde man interrupted.


"Victoria?" asked Alfred, faking concern in his eyes.

"I'm such a ditz, what did you say?" asked Victoria.

"Would you like to go for a walk in the garden?" he asked, thinking it would be perfect for his plan. Soon she would be screaming his name, and she would have to marry him whether she liked him or not.

"I would love to, but please allow me to grab my cloak, I chilly quite easily," she said, faking a shiver and a deep breath.

"Of course," he said, not really noticing her, but her chest.

'Great, the man's a pervert! I would rather dance with Sebastian then spend time with him!' she thought as she hurried away to get away from him, but he thought she was just in a hurry to get her cloak because she just so smitten with him. She quickly spotted Ciel and Sebastian conversing to each other when she entered the ballroom. "Mister-I'm-A-Pervert is going to try to get me alone in the garden." she said to them as she walked up to them.

"Phantomhive," said Ciel randomly.

"Wha'?" asked Victoria, not quite expecting something like that to come out of his mouth, letting her accent show.

"Before our suspect danced with you, you asked me what your family name was going to be. It's Phantomhive," he said, blushing slightly and not really looking at her.

Victoria smiled at the thought. 'He must either trust me, or I became important to him. For him to give me his name,' she thought. "Well the suspect is going to get wary if I'm in here any longer without going him with a cloak." she said before taking her cloak from Sebastian. And hurried off.

"Lady Victoria," said Sebastian.

"I will be alright Seb," said Victoria, looking back over her shoulders. "I can take care of myself, if you hear a scream from the garden, come running with the Scotland Yard with you," she said and then hurried off to her potential death.


"Sorry that I took so long," said Victoria once she reached the said pervert.

Alfred nodded and took her arm and lead through the garden. Stopping every once in a while to comment on something or pick a flower for Vic. While on the walk to the entrance of the maze that the Count had in the back of the garden, he would ask a question or two about her, lifestyle, and other information that made him giddy in joy, and wanted to be that lifestyle that she had. Vic mentally shook her head and the joy and wonder in his eyes when he heard about her supposed lifestyle. Its truly not like that, it was much worse. They weren't called the Queen's Dog for a foolish reason.

Alfred decided it was time and led her to the maze, making random turns just to confuse her, and it kind of worked. But once they reached the 10th dead end she got a little peeved, and she voiced it.

Alfred just had a feral look in his eyes and slammed her on the dirt ground with him on top of her and pinning her down. "I'm going to be a wealthy man once I am through with you, and I'm going to enjoy that wealthy lifestyle." he said in a predatory voice.

Vic just looked at him with disdain in her eyes. "If you plan doing what you're going to do, I would suggest that you don't do it." Alfred just grew angry and slapped her.

She recalled the conversation that the demon butler and her had while in the carriage on the way to the Count's Villa. "How are the murders committed?" she asked the butler. Looking at him while Ciel just slept, his head quite on accident fell into her lap, she ended up stroking his hair like his mother used to do and he was having pleasant dreams.

"Pardon?" asked the butler, watching the two, and noticing how doting the baker could be.

"Jake the Ripper had a system of which said person killed; slashed throats and a cut along the stomach area, the Corner Square Murder killed the men in a slash motion on the throat from a right to left fashion, how did the person kill Mary Anne? Assuming the person you suspect is the same one?"

Sebastian looked at the baker with renewed interest. "Lady Mary Anne was killed in a similar way to the men, but according to the reports by the Yard, she was forcefully entered and was beat around, she did try to fight back. But because of that, her murderer we believe put those bruises there in a means to make her submit to the murderer." he commented as he yet again watched the baker stroke his master's hair.

"If your suspected murderer is going to kill me, I should look out if said murderer is going to kill me in the same system? Raped, and bruised up?" she asked, leaning back into the plush red velvet that lined the coach as the scenery passed through them.

"Yes Lady Victoria," he said.

"You know," she started off, "I know that you have done some background information about me, I want you to know, that I have done this several times, and don't be worried if I don't come back from this." she finished.

Sebastian just raised an eyebrow and was about to comment when his young master woke up and blushed.

"Did you hear me?" came the cruel voice of Alfred.

"Not a word," she said before her head was forcefully slapped in the other direction. "You killed those butlers and Mary Anne," she whispered. Alfred paused in his would be actions and looked at her. "You killed those butlers who courted Mary Anne and said woman." she repeated. "All because the men were the opposite of you, you thought that they were rich and noble men, they had the life that you wanted, you stalked them for several weeks before learning that they were really butlers. You were disgusted by the fact that a mere butler could give more attention to women and have women flock over to them."

Alfred just kept looking at her.

"When you found Mary Anne and the thing that they all had in common you had a plan. Kill off her suitors to torment her, then court her, make her think that you loved her. She trusted you, and loved you. Then you killed her."

Alfred just looked at her crazily. "Not only that, I entered her and made her scream my name. It was pure heaven. Her mother was also the same,"

At this Vic opened her eyes just a fraction. "You raped Mary Anne's mother?"

"Right. . . in. . . front of her. .. " he said before ripping off her dress. "

Why did you choose me?" asked Vic, not trying to get off of her, he was too close for her comfort.

"Why? You begged me to come. The moment our eyes connected, I saw my future, and it looks pleasant for me and all of the deeds that I will be able to do."

Now Vic just wanted to buy some time for a plan, or for one of her hosts to notice that she has been gone for a long time.


"Lady Victoria has been gone for quite some time, young master," said Sebastian, looking around to spot the cross-dresser.

Ciel also nodded, "She has, hasn't she?" he asked.

Before Sebastian could comment they heard a long horror scream that pierced the air with its sound. "I will be alright Seb," said Victoria, looking back over her shoulders. "I can take care of myself, if you hear a scream from the garden, come running with the Scotland Yard with you," she said and then hurried off to her potential death. They both recalled, then hurried off to the garden.