Chapter Four

In which Sebastian and Ciel Are Jiggered.

Victoria was in her bakery, working on a list of orders that some rich wishy-washy lord wanted for the Winter Ball, which was coming up in two weeks, when she heard the tell-tale sound of someone entering her bakery. Without stopping, she picked up the bowl where she was mixing some dry ingredients, and headed near the counter. "One minu'e! Be righ' wi'h ya!" she called out, coming out of the back and only to greet the people whom she saw yesterday.

"Victoria," started the Earl, his cane under his white knuckles.

"Vic," she glared at the pair, correcting them on her name.

"Vic," he started again, "I need you to infiltrate the shipyard where they are meeting."

Vic, set down her bowl and mixing spoon and leaned over the counter. "An' pray 'ell why meh shoul' go ta da shipyard? Me 'hough yer 'one hell of a bul'er' could handle i'? Or is i' 'hat only ye wan' meh ta go undercover as a damsel in dis'ress an' hope me can lis'en in on 'heir 'alkin'?" she asked, glaring at the earl.

"It is young master's wish." said the tall, dark, silent one.

"Well I dun give a damn wan' ta earl wan's." said the baker, before throwing her bowl at the earl, only to have Sebastian catch it.

"It is quite un-lady like for one to throw such things."

"Like meh sayed before, I dun care." Victoria said then headed back into the kitchen.

The two men left in the shop glanced at each other before leaving and deciding on a new course of matter of which to handle this case.


Victoria was heading back from visiting the shopping district, and cursing the two men earlier, when she noticed that Lord MacVan was entering the shipyard with his butler by his side and Lady Rouge on the other side of the lord. 'Wa' are dey doin' a' 'his 'ime of ni'e?' she wondered, before heading where they were heading.

She came upon two people she thought that she wouldn't see tied up and knocked out: Lord Ciel and Sebastian.

'Wat made 'hem cum on deir own? Dun dey know 'ha' i's dangerous fer 'hem ta cum ou' here?' she thought, glancing around the nearly empty shipyard and noticed that there was a few boxes for her to hid behind and get closer to the two nobles. Once she got closer to the two she slowly inched closer and closer to hear the two talking.

"It is almost time my dear, Lady Rouge." said the non-stuttering version of the Lord.

The lady mentioned before just glared at the man, "And you're going to tell me about what happened with my brother right after this? You said when we started this whole thing that you knew who murdered my brother and had him in custody." she spat at the man.

Lord MacVan turned sharply and slapped the woman. "Listen to me wench. What I say goes. We need to put the final steps into action, then I can finally enter Her Majesty's Royal Court and be one of the richest men on the this side of the River Thames! I will not put five years of forgery down the river!"

'So he is behind da differen' coins.' thought Vic, then making her way back to the K. O.'d people and began to untie them. Once she got them untied she shook the butler softly. "Sebas'ian," she whispered into his ear, "Sebas'ian," she repeated.

He didn't wake.

Slowly she shook him harder, he only fell to the floor with a soft "thump" which went unheard. She shook her head and muttered curses about un-wake able butlers from hell; then she slapped him, gently. He woke up with a dazed look in his eyes. "What are you-" he started before Vic's hand went to his mouth.

"Shh!" she said and pointed to the other side of the room where the two Nobles were, still making the final changes to the plan. "Lady Rouge and Lord MacVan hafta go'a finish up deyre 'ouch-ups, go an' cap'ure dem while I wake up milord." she commented to the demon butler.

He shook his head and made her go and get the nobles while he protected the lord insisting that it was her fault in the first place for 'not coming in the shipyard in the first place to listen in to their talking'. She just threw a punch at him, which caught him off guard and made him stumble a bit.

She shook her head and made her way over to the nobles who were still arguing and the lady now sporting a new red handprint on her cheek.

"You do as I say, wench!" came the voice of the Lord.

"I don't care if you're Her Majesty's dog at the moment! I demand that you treat me with respect just you do with a man! Just because I am female doesn't mean that you can belittle me!" argued back the woman.

Vic just rolled her eyes at the two and decided to take matter in her own hands, quite literally. "Well, this seems to be all fun and games, Madame Pepury and Mister MacVan. But I'm sure that you all have some pleasant business to attend to, oh; I don't know, like, your forgery business that is trying to put Her Majesty's royal mint in a frenzy spazz? Isn't that right?" asked Vic as she stepped out of the shadows of the boxes and up to them.

"The baker!" they screamed.

Vic just cleaned out her ears in boredom. "Yes, the baker!" she said in a dramatic voice. "Isn't that a nice change then from, the butler!" she exclaimed.

"You are just a lowly baker, why are you talking in such an educated way?"

"Well, why not? Far as I am concerned there is no law for a person to learn how to speak, unless we all convert back to grunts and various shit-making noises that would piss off the cave-men. I really don't see a problem."

"Why are you here?" asked the lady.

"I was strolling through the local super-market on the near-by alleys; you know they have the finest ingredients that one could have, when I spotted just the finest specimens of two low-born ingrates just over by me. But every time I tried to buy them, they just kept walking away. And they would have gone really well in the next creations of mine," Vic stated before laughing a bit.

"But it seems that I am about to buy them and put them in my creations!" The two cohorts began to back away from the baker only to find him standing behind them. "You wouldn't be . . . running away? Would we?"

"Bruce! Kill the baker!" commanded the Lord.

"Of course sir." said a voice from the shadows. As the figure that holds the voice steps out of the shadows, it is indeed Bruce, but he held a length of chain to serve as his weapon.

Bruce came after the baker who dodged with ease, the butler whipped his chain at her, but only for her to catch it with her arm and wrap the chain around it so he couldn't move. No matter how hard he tried to move. "Is that all you got Bruce? I expected better from you!" yelled out Vic and tugged on the chain really hard, making him lose his balance. Right as he fell, Vic found a stray piece of wood. She attached it and loosened the chain and whipped it around. "Weren't you supposed to come at me with the intent to kill?" she taunted, before she herself found her person wrapped up in the chain, the piece of wood still in her hand.

"I told my master that I would kill you, so kill you I shall." he said and tightened his grip.

The chain tightened around Vic and she felt herself become smaller, but still able to breathe. She smirked and unrolled herself by twirling a bit. Kind of like the Tasmanian devil. "Seems that your plot to kill me has, failed." she uttered and appeared behind the butler and moved the chain to choke him and stuck the piece of wood in his head. It went in with a sickening crack and she broke his neck for further measure that he was dead.

Vic just laughed, "Is that the best you got?" she taunted yet again.

"You're not human!" exclaimed the man.

"I'm just one hell of a baker!" she cackled and lunged at the two, hoping to take them down. But the Lord had moved the Lady in his way so she would get killed first and hoped he could run away from the crazed baker. Victoria just side stepped out of the Lady's way and walked slowly to the man. "You are one disrespectable vulgar man I have ever met." she said. "You throw women around like their yesterday's bread, and walk upon them like they are your personal rug. I know your plot, I know of your devious plot."

The Lord's eyes widen. "Y-You c-couldn't have! I-I-I have t-t-t-told n-n-no one!" he stuttered in fear as he was being pressed against the smelting device.

Victoria just looked at him with a crazed and mad look in her eyes. "You want to overthrow the Queen, because she hold more power then yourself, and ever could. You dislike that fact. You loathe it with all your being! You grew up in an environment which was run by males, and once you saw your dear mum in charge, and do you want to know what happened next? You saw your father kill her in cold blood, right in front of your eyes. And ever since that day, you knew that woman were frail things that can be ordered around like a dog." she spat out.

Lord MacVan just looked on at her in horror as the memories reeled back into his head.

He saw his father murder his beautiful mother in cold blood while he looked on. "Remember son, women are just objects for our every whim and need. They obey like the weak and submissive creatures they are. The only good thing about them is that they bear children, cook, clean and have sex for us. If we tell them to lick the bottom of our shoes, they will do it. Whip a woman to get aroused? Do it. Women are man's ultimate play toys for us to break and get more." Then made his mother drink some more arsenic.

He remembered his mother singing to him as he had a nightmare when he was younger, her wonderful voice had soothed him to the core. It made him all happy inside, until his father came home and pulled his mother by her long hair and sprawled her to the ground while he kicked her.

"Come here, son." said his father one day when he came home from working. Then showed him a little girl, no younger then 10, standing in front of them, quivering in fear. Tears welled up in her eyes. "I want you to show me, how you would treat a woman."

He just looked at his father, "But she's a child. Not yet even started the womanly process." He protested.

His father scoffed. "That does not matter; she knows what will happen to her." He smiled eerily at the poor child.

The child couldn't hold it in anymore and cried. "Please! I'll do anything you'll want! J-J-Just p-p-p-please don't k-k-kill me!" she whined, and started crying.

What happened next he could never forget, nor recall.

His father had taken her forcefully, made her bled, threw her against the wall, and taken her again. Then he made the young lord take her too.

It wasn't until a few years ago, that he loosened the girth on his father's favorite saddle did he get some revenge for the love that he didn't have.

"You also killed your father! You loosed the girth on your father's favorite horse, so that way he wouldn't be a pain in your ass when you put this plot together! You had Mamade Pepury's brother murdered and pushed over the edge and made him fall into the cold depths of the river Thames. You're caught between believing what God has been telling you, telling you that man is perfect in every way. Plus the fact that only the ones who survive certain situations will live to tell the tale. I've seen the books that you have in your study, your trying to decide which one is better by testing out your own theory. You want to run this great country into the ground and see who survives! If it is by God's will, no one will have survived the depression that your about to send this country into! If God will's it, you, only you, will survive and have the right to run country!" stated Vic, earning a gasp behind her, making the baker turn around and looking at her.

"No! It can't be!" screamed out the lady.

"Yes it is my lady! Don't pretend to be a fool my lady! Didn't you find it odd that he came straight to you after your brother's death and told you that he had the person in question, and in custody? Didn't he discourage you from contacting the police again? Didn't your brother warn you not to be in cahoots with him? Didn't he? Didn't he try to take advantage of you? Didn't he take your little sister twenty years ago, along with his father? Didn't your little sister warn you not to get near him? Where is your little sister? Haven't heard from her lately, maybe he still has her in the bottom of his mansion. Maybe he sold her to be a slave. Maybe he sold her to be an ingredient in black magic. Maybe he killed her. Where is she? Didn't your family warn you against the MacVan family? Didn't they warn you about your cousin?" The lady gave her a shocked look.

"Don't give me that look, you knew that your mother's sister married into the MacVan family and became the Lord's mother! Didn't she die? Maybe she was poisoned; maybe she died of natural causes. Did she ever show up at your and your siblings parties? What about any other parties? When did she show up, didn't she walk with a limp or held a limb gingerly? When you asked her about it, didn't she that she fell down the stairs or trip on her way out of the carriage? Didn't they warn you not to be hanging with your cousin?

"Didn't they?"

Meanwhile the other young lord and his butler were watching this in shocked. How did Victoria know so much about this?

"I did know! But I loved my brother so much-" started Madame Pepury but got cut off.

"Your family was going to commit incest with you and your brother." said the baker and continued to her. "Your family wanted to perverse the family line. So it wouldn't be tainted. You loved the fact that you were going to marry your brother. But your brother was sickened at the idea. He wanted to marry one of his own choosing. He didn't love you like he would have for his wife! He only loved you like a sister! And sickened your tiny little brain! So you decided that if you couldn't have him, then no one would, and you called in your cousin to have him murdered and then you were in cahoots with him in this whole scheme! You wanted to be involved."

Madame Pepury just got up from the floor and rushed at her, and stabbed the baker in her side. "You will die! I will make sure of it!" she cried crazily. Before pulling it out and trying to finish off the baker.

Victoria just looked at her with madness in her eyes. "I won't die. Not until my lord wishes it! I am part of the Phantomhive household! I only obey my lord!" Taking her hand just as the knife was descending on her, and held the wrist. "I'm 'frai' 'ha' ye'll die 'ere, mi lady." she said and made Madame Pepury stab herself. She turned to the young lord who was supposed to be behind the woman, but she didn't see him. "'e mus'va go''a away." she murmured to herself and turned to the Phantomhive Lord and the demon butler.

"I' is dun milord." she said to him, bowing from the waist.

Ciel just looked at her gapping wound from her side, and then looked up to the bowing figure. "Who are you really?" he asked. Then told Sebastian to heal the wound that was slowly making Victoria die of blood loss.

Sebastain came over to the baker and gingerly took her shirt that she had on and surveyed the damaged done, ignoring the bandages wrapped around her chest. He nodded to himself and began to tear her off her bandages from her chest and used them as bandages to put pressure on the wound. Victoria just kept still, trying not to move while this was happening. She turned to the young lord, "Wha' da mean?"

"Who are you really? How did you get all of that information?" he shot off to her.

"I'm the sister to the Undertaker, a baker, was an actress, and your personal baker. I used to work with your family when you were young. Remember the cook that died in your family's death? Ash?" she shot off at him. Ciel just looked at her with a shocked expression. "I used to come over to your mansion to talk to him; he died protecting me in that fire. I tried to rescue your mother, but she was trapped under some beams and she knew that her death was coming. She told me to get her husband and her son out of the mansion at the cost of my life. Is that all coming back to you?"

"You're the one who protected me from dying by the chandelier, you gave me my father's ring and told me to run." he commented.

"'Aye, that I mun."

"Why didn't you save me from the child slaves?"

"See 'ha' scar in me bak? 'he one 'ha' looks like a messed up s'ar? De chandelier landed 'here, Little One." she said. "Af'er 'ha' I's dun knows wha' happened, me woke up in a hospice den me bro'her cam an' tuk me."

Ciel could only stare in shock as memories, long forgotten, came rushing into his head. He remembered playing in the gardens with a older figure while his mother and father were sipping their tea they got from Ash, the cook. The times when his parents where off to parties that he couldn't participate in, his cook would find him a playmate for him and it was the same figure that would spend time with him.


"L-L-Lord Ciel!" stuttered Maylene when she heard him, his butler and Vic walk in. "Are y-y-you alright? W-W-Why is V-Victoria b-b-bleeding?"

"None of those matters; just attend to her and make sure that she changes her bandages every five hours." said Sebastian while Ciel headed towards the desk.