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My breathing picked up as I ran. I could still hear the colossal paws still chasing me. As I stumbled to the ground the animal caught up and put its jaws around my waist carrying me. I struggled and fought, but nothing worked.I passed out. Pain ran through my whole body as a moved my legs some. I opened my eyes awaking from my nightmare. Edward was still by my side like always. Seeing him always made me feel a hundred time better, if not more.

"Hey." I tried to smile, but fears still lingered in my head.

"Hello. Feeling any better?" Edward gave me a warm smile, making my feel safer.

"A little. My body hurts still." I couldn't help but look into his beautiful topaz eyes.

"That's good. Don't expect to heal over night." His voice was like a medicinal herb to me.

"Yeah I know, but my whole body aches some."

"Maybe you should take some more painkillers."

"No, I hate taking that stuff. It makes me all loopy." I tried to sound alert and awake, but failed.

"I don't want to see you in pain." Edward's voice sounded sad.

"I'll live." I tried to smile again. I felt my stomach growling in the pit of my stomach.

"I better get you some food before you starve to death."

"You don't have to." I pulled his face to mine so he can look at me.

"I do. You're hungry I heard your stomach growl." He put his lips onto mine forming our lips and he walked away.

I watched him step out of his bedroom. I felt empty without him by my side, even if he does leave for a few minutes. My mind wandered back to the other day when Jacob had taken me, to claim me as his. My wrist is throbbing, so are some other areas. Maybe I should have taken some painkillers. I heard the door opening and Edward stepping through the open space of it. He extended his arm out to me holding a bowl of cereal. I took it and ate it. It was my favorite kind of cereal, Lucky Charms. I savored it's flavors making me feel quite a bit better with food in my stomach. I searched for a place to put the empty bowl and settled for the night stand next to his bed.

"Better?" His smooth voice broke the silence. I nodded at him.

"I want to try something." Edward sounded serious. What could it be that he wants to try?

I watched him make his way onto the bed, getting in front of me. We both moved our faces slowly towards one another. After what felt like eternity our lips formed against each other. We were a perfect match. I felt the passion between us, it was oozing out. I ran my tongue on the line between where his lips met, he almost granted me access, but was denied. Edward slid his tongue out doing the same to my lips, but I let him in. His tongue felt cold in my mouth, but I enjoyed that feeling. I made my tongue battle with his, sadly he won.

I pulled away, having to catch breath. Once he knew I was able to breathe again we continue onto the second battle after he laid me down onto the bed. Edward won again. Edward moved his marble lips down onto my jaw, and moving down to my collar bone. I felt him sucking on the skin there and it made me moan. I knew that was going to leave a hickey. I felt his hands pulling at my t-shirt, wanting it discarded. He began pulling it upwards and I assisted with the removal of it. My heart was pounding audibly and fast.

I thought it would bea good idea to take my bra off as well. I saw him starring and he frowned, he must've saw the bruises all around my breasts. I put my finger against his lips as he was about to speak.

"Just be gentle, okay?" I tried my best to let him continue.

When he put my breast into his mouth, another loud moan slipped through my lips. I could feel myself getting wetter with each flick of his tongue. He switched attention to my other breast giving it the same treatment. I groaned in response. My hands flew up his shirt onto his back. I dug my nails in. I heard Edward growl in approval. Each of his licks and nibbles were gentle, I could tell how hard it was for him to keep his control in check. I felt his mouth leave my body and his eyes were looking at me with such intensity. His eyes were almost pitch black, leaving just the subtle color of brown. I frowned at the feeling.

"I have to do this for your own sake love." The sound of his voice still made me turned on.

"Why what's wrong?" I was disappointed.

"I don't want to get past my limit. You know how much I would love to do this with you, but it's too soon as of right now. I don't want to risk hurting you. If I did manage to lose control, I couldn't live with it. It's bad enough knowing what Jacob had done. For accidentally hurting you I might as well as be as low as him. When you are more physically fit we might be able to progress, but right now we can't." I could hear in his voice he was hurt.

"I understand. I love you Edward, and I don't want you to do this just for me. I can wait until you're ready with us moving onto the next stage. I should get home anyway. I'm sure Charlie is wondering where I am." I tried my best to make him feel better.

"I'll drive you back." I nodded to him.

I got up off of the bed and went to the bathroom. I gathered my shampoo and body wash out of his large shower. My mind thought about the things Edward and I could do in there. Dammit Bella, you can't think of him like that. Not now at least. I went back into his bedroom seeing Edward was still in the same spot. I saw him look up at me and stood. His hair was slightly disheveled, but still looked perfect. He walked out of his room, I follwed just a few steps behind him. Edward grabbed the Volvo's keys. He opened the car door and buckled me in. He got in as well and sped off.

The whole car was thick with tension and quiet. His hands were clenched tightly around the steering wheel. In the back of my mind I was worried. Was Edward angry with me? Reality hit me when I saw he pulled out to the front of my house. Edward followed through his routine of helping me out of the car. I stepped out with his help. He finally broke the long silence.

"Maybe I should give you my sweatshirt from the backseat so Charlie doesn't see any of the bruises."

"Yeah, good idea."He reached into the back seat pulling out the white sweatshirt he kept in there in case I got cold, he certainly couldn't warm me up. I slipped it on with Edward trying to help me.

The hoodie was a few sizes to big, but it covered me. Edward learned into my face, and made our lips press together, there was some sparks going through our lips. He pulled away and looked at me.

"I'll be back at ten o'clock, okay love?" His voice had an innocent tone to it.

"Sounds good to me." Since Edward was quite a bit taller than I am I got up on my tip-toes and kissed him. I came back down and paced over to the front door of the house. I looked back at my love and waved to him. He flashed a quick smile at me and stood there until I entered my home.

I walked in and Charlie was watching the Mariners game. Charlie is never parted from that TV, the only times are when: he is out fishing, working, or sleeping. Other than that he just sits on the couch watching sports and drinking his favorite beer. Things could be worse, he could be a horrible alcoholic, he could abuse me if his favorite baseball team loses, and he doesn't, thank god.

"Hey, Charlie." I looked at him with geniality.

"Oh, you're back Bells. Glad you came back after three days." Sarcasm hung on his voice, I rolled my eyes at him.

"Sorry, Alice wanted me to help her design a dress, so I helped. We got caught up in it, but it's finished." Charlie was the only person I could lie to and he wouldn't even notice. It was easy to play charades around him.

"Okay, you should have called and let me know."

"I know, I'm sorry. I'm gonna go take a shower. Love ya." I turned and ran up the stairs. I was careful not to trip.

My room looked the same as I had left it days ago. Some clothes were hanging off the sides of my clothes basket, I had some papers floating around on my floor all crumpled. i searched through the drawers of my dresser pulling out a cute pair of pink and black panties and matching bra. I also grabbed a black and white tank top from my closest. When I gathered my stuff for my shower I walked into the bathroom. For the moment I looked into the mirror. My face seemed to look somewhat thinner and my eyes hard dark circles under them. I didn't look like the regular Bella I saw in the mirror a few days ago. I turned to the shower turning the water and listened it run. The sound of the running water was calming. I pulled my t-shirt of my head. I never noticed the bruises on my arms and breasts, but now I can see them. I still can't believe Jacob went as far as raping me.

I felt warm tears pool in the corners of my eyes. That bastard! My body sropped to the floor, I could feel nothing but sorrow at this moment. Edward was the one that made me feel like nothing could hurt me. But now that I was by myself my true emotions were finally uncovering themselves. I never thought he would do this to me, and I don't even now why, no matter the excuse I couldn't bring myself to forgive him. One thing is for sure, I don't want Edward to kill Jacob. Knowing that Jacob was dead because of me would bring just as much pain mentally as I was in physically. It seems like when I'm with Edward I am in a dazed state of mind and I don't realize what going on, that must be why I am having such a delayed reaction.

I looked over at my shower, my eyesight was distorted from the tears streaming out of my eyes. I continued to get undressed. I made my body do what I wanted it to do. I felt the water splatter onto my sore skin. It felt like the guilt was washing away with the bits of dirt that was on my skin. I took the bottle of strawberry shampoo that Edward loved and poured some into my hair, massing it in my my hair. It felt great to get my hair nice and clean. I also took the time to shave my legs. It hurt quite a bit to shave my other area, but I managed to get cleaned up. The temperature of the water was cooling down and took it as my cue to finish up washing my body.

I got out wrapping a towel around myself. I slipped my freshly shaved legs into the cute boy-cut panties and slid them up the hugged my butt just right and were nice and snug. I clasped the next item onto my breasts. It took a couple of tries to get the metal pieces to snap together, but I got it. I finally got around to putting the tank top over my upper-half of my body. Good enough to sleep in, I thought so. I rounded my stuff up and took it with my to my bedroom. I tossed my clothes into my clothes hamper and placed my shampoo and such on my dresser, neatly putting it there.

I better tell Charlie goodnight so he doesn't check to see if I'm up still. I went to the top of the stairs and yelled down to him almost. The TV was blaring.

"Night Charlie, I'm going to bed now."

"Night bells, see ya in the mornin'."

I turned away and went to my room. I collapsed onto my bed shutting my eyes. I looked at the clock once seeing it was almost ten now, Edward would be here soon. Finally I decided to brush my hair and it put into a pony-tail. Suddenly I heard my window sliding open, it was Edward. I could see that he had gone hunting, his eyes were a deep amber, those eyes could easily dazzle me. As I laid my eyes on him he moved closer to me. His face beamed at mine.

"How was you meal?" I asked jokingly.

"It's nothing compared to you." His voice was husky and gave me the crooked smile that I loved.

"Oh?" I was bemused already.

Edward brought his frigid hand hand to my chin lifting my face up to meet his gaze. His dazzling was working all too well. Edward kissed me, crushing our lips together in a whole new way. Although his lips were cold and like marble, they felt nice against my heated skin. After what felt like forever his mouth left mine, leaving my mouth feeling empty and lonely.

"I have to tell you something Bella." His eyes explored in mine.

"Okay, what is it?" My mind flipped through a million possibilities.

"Well, before I went to hunt, I met up with Jacob..."

"You didn't kill him did you?!" My voice rang with fear, I saw him wince.

"No of course not, love. We exchanged words, but there was no blood shed." I calmed down hearing that.

"So what happened?" I kept my eyes searching his.

"I told him to never see you again. I told him that you were the reason for holding me back from killing him. He also wanted me to pass along a message."

"What's the message?"

"He said 'he's sorry for ever hurting you'." I felt tears coming up. Edward hugged me, and whispered into my ear.

"It's okay, he won't hurt you again, I will make sure of that." His husky voice calmed me down.

I looked at him and smiled at him. I knew Edward could have easily kill Jacob or the other way around, but I would rather not see him again than knowing that he's dead. As much as I hate him right now I'm glad Edward obeyed my request. I clashed our lips together to show him how grateful I was. He showed me he understood by transferring it into that same kiss.

Edward slipped his tongue into my mouth and battled each other. I reached my arms around his neck and ran my fingers through his hair and put my legs around his waist. He groaned into my mouth. Our make-out session got hotter when I felt him grind into my hot center. I could already feel he was getting rock hard. My mouth greedily kissed and ran around his exposed skin. His taste was delectable, it was like he was flavored just for me. Not only was he my own personal eye candy, he was my own personal lollipop. As I thought of this I smiled onto his skin. I began to unbutton his shirt, with each button that became came undone, I put a kiss onto his chest.

I looked up at him.

"You sure you want to try this tonight?" I asked.

"I would like to try what I can. Just make sure to tell me if I hurt you, even the tiniest bit." I trusted him.

Edward slipped of his white shirt leaving his whole torso unveiled. My eyes observed his body, while admiring his strong abs and beautiful chest. His body resembled a perfect sculpture to me. I leaned to him him trailing kisses from the base of his throat all the way down passed his belly button. I gave a quick glance at his pants seeing a rather large bulge. I smiled at the fact I was making him rather excited. My mouth made their way up to his lips again.

With one swift moved he pushed us onto my bed, our lips never left one other. With each passing second I was wanting more. His tongue ran down my throat while he was sucking on my sweating skin. I felt his teeth graze over my collarbone, the feeling pushed me further into a frenzy. I could tell Edward was going to tease me for a little while longer. His kissing ended up at my cleavage. I could tell he wasn't happy about the clothing blocking his view. I felt his hand snaking its way to my breast. He gingerly massaged one. I moaned in response. My breasts were still a little sore, but I could handle it.

He stopped mor a minute removing my shirt and I unclasped my bra and slid it off. My breasts were finally freed. Edwards lips and tongue attacked both breasts, but still was very careful with me. I arched my back giving him more of what he wanted. I heard a moan in the back of his throat. He hovered at that spot for a while making me moan his name a couple of times. I felt his cold lips trailing down my stomach stopping right above my panties. Edward took his cool hand and slid them down my legs with great speed. His breathing stopped, while mine was labored.

"What's....wrong...?" I said between pants.

"Just trying to collect myself." His face was hard looking and seemed troubled.

I knew he was gaining the composure to do this, and it was hard. It's rare to seem him this off. finally he got the strength and delved his tongue in my heat. The cold feeling against my heat was pure bliss. My body was building with fervor and I was sweating immensely now. My breath was way past labored now and I felt closer to having my release. Edward inserted two digits. This feeling was extremely exhilarating. He pumped in and out, I felt myself getting closer now to my climax. Edward must have sensed this and whispered in my ear.

"Don't. Not yet." I hesitantly nodded my head.

Edward took his jeans and boxers off with one fluid and quick move. I couldn't help but examine every inch of him. He positioned his member at my entrance, I took in a deep breathe.

"Make sure you tell me if I hurt you. Carisle told me that there was some injuries, but nothing serious. Just tell me to stop and I will."

"Okay..." I forced the word out of my mouth.

He slowly slid in, at first there was some discomfort, but it went away quickly. Edward thrust in and out a few times and I was already gone. I whispered into his ear, saying his name several times. A surge of pleasure coursed through my body, I could feel myself coming. I moaned loudly and Edward sped up, coming to his release as well. I felt as though we've been united physically and nothing could ruin this.

Edward collapsed next to me, he was breathing a little faster than usual, but I was still giving heaving breaths. Of course he didn't have much breathe to run out of because he didn't have the need to. I turned around to him kissing him with passion on his lips and pulled away.

"I love you, Edward Cullen. I won't ever love anybody else." I snuggled up to his chest.

"I love you too, Isabella Swan." He put his cold strong arms around me pulling me into him.

I drifted away into a slumber, not giving a care in the world about anything but my Edward. Not even the horrible things Jacob had done ruined this moment.

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