"Mommy are we almost there?" her sweet angelic voice called from her car seat behind me.

"We're almost there Allie only 15 more minutes." I smiled at my little princess through the rear view mirror. We had just flown from Jacksonville, our home for the past 4 ½ years and I was now driving my rental car down the high way to our new home town, Forks. I had left Forks the day after my high school graduation and had never been back until today. The only reason we were moving north was so I could be near Charlie, he had had a heart attack recently and being his only child I had to be near him, My mom at least had Phil and their son Dylan who they had during my senior year of high school so I didn't feel bad leaving her, it was going to be hard raising my little girl without her though. I found myself pulling into the drive way of our new home, it was a Victorian styled house with 4 bedrooms that had recently been renovated thanks to Phil. Ever since he made it in the big leagues he always wanted to be there for me and Allison and had insisted on buying a house for us in Forks, close to the hospital so it would be a short commute for me for work. I was working at the Forks Community Hospital as a nurse on the maternity ward. As soon as I had became a mother I realized how much I loved babies and decided to work with mothers in labor in newborns. I had finally gotten over my fear of blood when I was pregnant due to all the tests they had to perform on me. I had felt like a pin cushion with all the needles they needed to use on me. I found being a nurse rewarding, I just hoped I would like it just as much here in Forks. As I got out of the car and unstrapped Allie from her car seat I took a good look at my surroundings. The house was white with a traditional black roof with green shutters, it was beautiful. The movers were bringing in the last of all our furniture and I was dreading the idea of unpacking. I carried Allie inside and was pleased with how open the house seemed and the kitchen was amazing I was so excited to cook in it. I walked over to the giant bay window in the nook of the kitchen and set Allie down. As we looked out into our huge backyard I discovered two things. Phil had had a pool put in, as Allie LOVED to swim, and there was a giant swing set with a play tower for her that had a sand box attached. She was going to be so happy here. She started jumping up and down with excitement. "Mommy can I pleaseeeee go on the swings!?" I kissed the top of her head and smelled the lavender shampoo I had used in her reddish brown curls this morning. "Of course sweetie, as long as you promise to be careful and stay in the yard." "Yes Mommy!" Her green eyes lit up with joy as she turned away to run to the door leading to the yard. I still couldn't believe how big my four year old daughter had gotten and I felt sad that she was getting older. I had enrolled her at the local preschool and she started in 2 days, giving us time to adjust to the time zone difference and get settled in out new house.

We easily adjusted to the new house and I was surprised that it was sunny for 2 days straight as we unpacked, did our grocery shopping, spent time with Charlie and I showed Allie where she would be going to school for the next year until she started kindergarten. I had a feeling things would be better this time around for me being in Forks. I hadn't seen or heard from Him in nearly five years, it still hurt to think his name, and I was doing much better, I think Allie was a big part of it. For once I was happy with where I was in life. I had a degree in nursing from FSU and a daughter I loved more than any thing, and sick new car. Since Phil had insisted on paying for the house I decided to indulge in a car. I had bought a brand new white Volvo S80. He had gotten me into cars and I sometimes liked to drive fast, but obviously not with my daughter in the car. I dragged myself out of bed at the sound of my alarm going off and jumped in the shower. When I was out I dried off and pulled on a pair of salmon colored scrubs and blew dry my hair and applied a small amount of make up, I had to look presentable on my first day. When I was finished I woke up my little princess and began to get her ready for the day. I brushed her hair and pulled the top half up into a barrette and left the rest of her curls to fall down her back. She had insisted on picking out her outfit for the first day of school and picked a light pink dress with a cream sweater since it was a bit chilly this morning, and put on a pair of black mary janes. She looked absolutely adorable. We ate breakfast together in the kitchen and watched Sponge Bob Square Pants (Allie's favorite show) until it was time for school to start. We made our way out to the car and I drove to the preschool which was located a few miles from the hospital. It was funny how in five years the town had not changed one bit. It made me feel better about my absence from this place. When we got to the preschool I walked inside with Allie to meet her teacher and to fill out forms. As we walked into the preschool the teacher had her back to us and she was filling out paper work. She had shoulder length black hair that went in every direction. When she ripped around I was face to face with Alice Cullen. Just my luck. "Bella?" she half asked half screamed and jumped up and hugged me.

"Hi Alice" was all I could get out since I felt like I was being suffocated.

"What are you doing here?" she asked as she took a step back from me. She looked down at my side and saw my daughter. "Oh my gosh is this your daughter? She is absolutely gorgeous!" She blushed at me.

"This is Allie Swan she'll be in your class for the next year. Allis this is your teacher Miss Cullen." I said.

"Actually it's Whitlock now, but you can just call me Miss Alice. We're going to have so much fun this year!"

"You and Jasper got married?" I half screamed in excitement for her.

"Yeah we actually got married 2 months ago. How long have you been hiding from me here in Forks? Every time I tried to ask Charlie where you have been these past five years he told me it was best I didn't know. You just disappeared. I mean I don't blame you but you didn't even tell me you were leaving."

"Well I've been here since Sunday afternoon. I've been in Florida since graduation, I had Allie and I got my degree in Nursing from FSU and that's pretty much it, I've been a mom mostly so I haven't had much free time. As for my leaving we should get together and talk about that another time." I said and looked down at Allie and Alice understood.

"How is dinner tomorrow night?" Alice asked, well more demanded I knew I couldn't get out of it.

"Sounds great we'll discuss it more when I pick up Allie later." We had officially made plans and I was glad to have my best friend back in my life. The only people I had kept in contact with when I left here were Charlie and Jacob, and face it I needed a friend for girl talk.

I arrived at the hospital 15 minutes before my shift was due to start and I was filling paper work out when I felt someone tapping on my shoulder. I turned around and was face to face with Carlisle. What a day I was having. Regardless I was happy to see him, he had always been a second father to me. "Isabella! I heard you were going to be joining us on staff; it is so good to see you after all these years."

"Thanks Carlisle it's great to see you too. How have you been?"

"Pretty good. Obviously I'm still here and Esme is starting to get her hands into real estate. Emmett is married now and has a set of twins, he's a state trooper now and Alice and Jasper got married a few months ago." I couldn't help but notice he had left out Edward.

"I ran into Alice this morning, she told me about her and Jasper I'm so happy for both of them and I'm glad Emmett found someone."

"It's a relief for him to staying out of trouble now his wife Rosalie keeps him in line and those twins are a handful, Andy and Alex are 3 ½ now and it's still hard for me to figure out which one is which they like to play pranks, they obviously got that from Emmett." He said with a chuckle. I couldn't help but laugh. I was on Carlisle's service the entire day and had been completely filled in on what I had missed in the Cullen family with the exception of Edward. I had told Carlisle about Allie and he desperately wanted to meet her. I had became friendly with the other floor nurses and felt like I was at home. My first day was everything I had hoped plus I was reunited with my best friend.

As I sat in my bed that night with my daughter who had fallen asleep while we were cuddling, I decided that it was time for me to start dating again. I felt like I was a whole person again and I was ready for whatever might come at me in the dating world, after all I am 23 and don't want to be alone for the rest of my life. With that thought I began to fall asleep and was excited for my next day at work.

Everything at the hospital had been so hectic that I didn't even realize how quickly the day went by until I was driving home with Allie in the car to start dinner. Alice was coming over for a girl's night for us to catch up on our lives. I prepared lasagna and found a bottle of white wine that I had bought earlier in the day just incase. I changed into a comfy pair of sweats and a tee shirt and gave Allie a bath before Alice came over. It was 7 when Alice arrived and Allie was in her Cinderella pajamas and was playing in her fake kitchen mimicking what I was doing. I had put Allie to bed around 830 and Alice and I were finally able to talk.

"So Carlisle told me you are working on the maternity floor at the hospital that must be exciting" Alice said as she poured both of us a glass of wine.

"Yeah so far I love it I just didn't expect to run into Carlisle." I stated.

"At least it wasn't Edward." Alice said in a low voice I could barely hear.

"What do you mean at least it wasn't Edward? He's at the hospital?" I was so almost terrified to find this out.

"Yeah. He is doing his residency there. He finished his undergrad rather quickly since he took all AP classes in high school and took full course loads every semester even during the summer sessions to get it over with. He was the youngest person in his class at University of Washington. Carlisle was so proud of him it's all he talked about for 3 months straight. I think he is looking into surgery." Alice said. I felt a small frown fall on my face. I hadn't realized he was in the same town as me and Carlisle had avoided the subject of him completely the past two days.

"Does he know I'm here?" I asked. I had to know.

"No. I haven't told him yet. And either has Carlisle.

"Oh" was all I could say. Alice found this to be an opportunity to change the subject.

"So Allie is absolutely adorable. How old is she exactly."

"She's 4 she turns 5 February 11th." I said. Alice's face went completely blank.

"If she is going to be five in February then that means you were pregnant when we graduated?" she asked while trying to do the math. This was something I was trying to hold off on but I figured I might as well tell her.

"Yes. That's why I went to Florida." I said barely above a whisper.

"Then that means, wait does Edward know?"

"No. I never told him. And I don't want him to know."

"But Bella he has a daughter he has a right to know" She whispered. I could see in her face the pain that was beginning to form but then a smile came across her face. "I have a niece!" she nearly shouted. I couldn't help but laugh at her excitement on that. "But why doesn't he know."

"I was going to tell him, I really was, I found out the day we broke up. I made up my mind to tell him that night. When we were hanging out he went to go talk to Emmett for a few minutes and his phone rang and I picked it up like I normally do and there was a girl on the other end and when I asked her who she was she said she was the girl that was screwing my boyfriend. She went into detail and I just lost it. She told me that they were in love and he was planning on leaving me after graduation and that I had meant nothing to him. After I hung up on her I looked at his text messages and there were a ton from someone named Tanya that said some pretty dirty things and I flipped out on him and I left."

"Bella I'm so sorry." Alice pulled me into a hug but oddly I wasn't crying like I thought I would. I had finally gotten over it and the past is the past I couldn't change what happened. "My twin brother is an idiot and I'm going to kick his ass. Does Carlisle know he is a grandfather?" Alice eagerly asked.

"I haven't told him but I think he suspects it." I replied. We gossiped some more about people we had went to high school with and the people I had recently met at the hospital that Alice told me all the dirt on. It was a great night.

Finally it was Friday and I couldn't be happier. I desperately wanted the short week to be over so I could spend the day with my daughter as well as take her up to the La Push beach for a BBQ with Charlie, Billy and Jacob. To say I was excited was an understatement. We were having a slow day in the maternity ward and slowly nurses were being reassigned to different wings were their help was needed. Around 3 I was sent down to the E.R. since there had been a 4 car accident and everyone available was needed. I greeted an ambulance in the bay and helped usher the stretcher in along with 3 other nurses 2 doctors and 2 paramedics to a trauma room. It wasn't until we were all in the trauma room working over a 27 year old female that I realized that I knew one of the paramedics. Mike Newton had a goofy grin on his face as he realized who I was, but we needed to work quickly to save this woman's life and the paramedics had to head out to attend to other accidents. I feel like a horrible person to say I was fortunate he left but I suddenly remembered it was because someone else was in trouble. As we gave an examination to figure out the injuries that the woman had sustained and the course of action that needed to be taken we realized we needed a surgical consult. I was told to page the surgical team and quickly returned to the room. The woman was at risk for bleeding out internally due to an injury in her torso, as well as head trauma. It would require immediate surgery and we also found out she was 3 months pregnant. It wasn't looking good. A surgical team of 4 rushed into the trauma room and began to look over the patient and wheeled her out. I froze in place when I recognized a pair of pained green eyes staring into mine. And just as quickly as they came in, they left. I was left stunned having just looked into the eyes of the love of my life I had not seen in five years. I snapped back into reality and went back out into the ER to see where else I was needed. I began working on assisting sutures and was finished with 3 patients when I was pulled away by Mike Newton; for him to ask me out on a date. I didn't think this afternoon could be any weirder, that is until I heard a voice behind me.

"Bella we need to talk." Edward firmly stated.