Before I knew it the calendar told me it was December. December 1st to be exact. It was my favorite month of the year; it was filled with the smell of freshly baked Christmas cookies, the warmth of a fire, the scent of a beautifully decorated pine tree, and Christmas lights could be seen anywhere and everywhere, and occasionally snow. It also meant I was closer to my due date. Carlisle and Dr. McCann insisted that I start my maternity leave now, for my own safety as well as for the twins and any patients I may have, what help could I be if I could hardly move. The day started off as any other, Edward and I woke up at 630 to spend a half hour alone before Allie had to be up for school, we would all eat breakfast together in the kitchen, I would walk Edward to the door and give him a kiss goodbye, and then I would continue to get Allie ready for school and then drive her in. Since I was restricted from work for the rest of the day I went back to the house and picked up my worn copy of Withering Heights and turned on the TV in the living room for some background noise from the Maury show. For some reason I always thought it was slightly hilarious seeing all the bickering over who the 'baby daddy' was. I never understood how you couldn't know who got you pregnant. But it wasn't my place to judge. To my surprise Rosalie stopped over with the boys to come visit me. She had the morning off, it must be nice to be a lawyer who works from home and makes your own hours, she didn't have much need to work; she came from an incredibly wealthy family from Alaska, and she had moved down here with her mother after her father had died and he had left his fortune to the both of them since Rosalie was an only child. She had decided to check up on me on her way to the store to see if I wanted anything or if I felt like getting out of the house. I declined since the couch was just too comfy and the boys were kicking me like crazy today. I wasn't sure how much longer I would be able to stand it. About forty minutes after Rosalie had left my house the pain began. I had only felt this much pain once before, the day Allie was born. I was having contractions and I was home alone. I knew I couldn't drive to the hospital with the pain these were causing even though they were spread out about 7 minutes apart. An ambulance was out of the question. I didn't want to scare Edward just yet so I gave Rosalie a try, she didn't answer. I tried Esme but it went immediately to voicemail. I tried Alice's house phone since her cell was usually on silent when Audrey was sleeping. To my surprise Jasper answered.

"Hello" Jasper's smooth voice came over the line. Even though he had been living out of Texas since he was 15 he still had the accent.

"Hey Jasper its Bella, is Alice there?"

"No, she, Esme and Audrey went to the mall, she left about a half hour ago."


"Is everything okay Bella?"

"Yeah. No. I don't know, I'm having contractions and no one is answering their phones and Edward is at the hospital" I started crying.

"I'll be there in exactly 8 minutes Bella. Stay calm."

"No Jasper you don't have to. I don't want to take you away from what you were doing."

"Bella nonsense. You are having contractions I'm taking you to the hospital. I'll be right over." He hung up the phone. I had always loved Jasper since we met in high school when he moved up here. We had a bond over the warm dry climate that we had both missed. However It didn't take Alice more than a week to claim him in high school and they had been together ever sense, and he had forgotten what the warm dry weather had ever felt like. I went to my room and changed quickly in to a comfier pair of pants and a maternity shirt and packed a small bag to have with me until I could get the bigger bag from Edward's car. I made sure to grab my book, as well as my IPod to help me concentrate on draining out the sound of the machines I would be hooked up to.

I grabbed onto the corner of the dresser as I felt another contraction coming. They felt stronger and stronger and closer together as they kept coming. I heard the door bell ring and Bailey bark and then the front door open.

"Bella?" Jasper called from the foyer.

"I'm up here Jasper. I'll be right down." When I opened my eyes and tried to collect myself Jasper was already in the room with me picking up the bag from the floor near my feet and wrapped an arm around my waist to help me walk.

"Looks like the toaster is ready to pop." He said with a smirk. I was going to be glad the baby bump jokes were going to be gone now. We grabbed my purse the front hall and locked the front door and Jasper speed to the hospital. He drove a lot like Edward. I guess when you are related to a trooper and know al the cops in Forks you don't have much fear of the law. We made it to the hospital in nearly record time. I was greeted at the front emergency entrance by my husband holding my bag which he had retrieved from his car. He helped me into a wheelchair and into the hospital while Jasper went to park the car. We didn't even check in at the front desk as Edward urgently brought me to the elevator. Once we were finally safely in the elevator on our way to the maternity wing he finally spoke.

"So it's time?" He asked rather nervously. When I thought about it for a second I have never seen Edward this nervous in all the years I knew him, not when he found out he had a daughter, or when he proposed or even in high school.

"Yeah looks that way." I said as I squeezed his hand. "It's going to be okay sweetie."

"I know love. I gave Carlisle a heads up and they already have a room ready for you." The elevator doors opened to reveal a very hectic maternity wing. Edward wheeled me down to room 512 and went to go get me a nurse and a hospital gown. He returned rather promptly with a nurse and Carlisle and they quickly got me settled. After I put on the hospital gown Edward and Carlisle stepped out into the hall to make the important phone calls to family to let them know we were in labor and the nurse checked my progress. I was already 4 cm dilated. I had 6 more before I could push. I requested drugs. Lots and lots of drugs. I was the first to admit that I disliked pain a great deal and would take the epidural's large, long needle if it meant not having to feel the lower half of my body and the rest of the labor contractions. Edward wouldn't leave my side for the rest of my duration of labor. Edward had called Renee and she was on the next flight out of Florida. Charlie had shown up with Sue and they had arrived at the same time as Esme and Alice. Jasper was acting as Edward's wing man and was the director of family traffic as more and more family members began to show up. Rosalie had shown up with the twins but left shortly after to drop them off at her mother's and to retrieve Emmett from the station, since his Jeep was in the shop being repaired since Rose was already too big to slide under it. I had honestly never seen Rosalie happier than she was now, she was absolutely glowing. Motherhood was a good thing for her; I think as an only child she had wanted tons of children so she would never feel lonely like she had when she was growing up. While she was out she picked up Allie for us who would join us here at the hospital. As family buzzed in and out of the room my labor progressed and before Rosalie showed up with Emmett and Allie I had already hit 8 cms. Jasper acted as my big brother and did what he could to make sure I was comfortable. I was just glad that Jasper hadn't felt awkward being around me in this weird time; he had an aversion to hospitals and usually avoided them as much as he could. The further I progressed; my family was slowly kicked out of the room until it was just Edward, Allie and I, until Esme retrieved her, as much as she had wanted to be in the room. The family was down in the waiting room which was only 30 feet away from the room I was in, and I was sure they would be able to hear me screaming when the time would come. Dr. McCann, her resident and an intern and two other nurses were in the room for the delivery. I hadn't realized I was fully dilated until the doctor told me it was time for me to push. Luckily both the boys were in perfect positioning for me to have a natural delivery. According to Dr. McCann baby A was going to come first, and he was a slight bit bigger than his brother. I felt a great deal of pressure and pain while I pushed and I squeezed the hell out of Edward's hand and cursed up a storm but finally my first son was with us. Crying filled the room. I sighed with relief. My little Brendan Ethan Cullen was absolutely handsome. He looked exactly like Edward with a small minuscule trace of me thrown in there. I didn't have much time to take in his perfect features to see how much of me was in there before I was instructed to push again. Even though I was told baby B was supposedly smaller than my Brendan, the pain was more intense. After what felt like a great deal of agony my youngest son, Liam Aiden Cullen was finally amongst us. He was exactly 5 minutes and 41 seconds younger than Brendan. After both of my boys had been wrapped in blue blankets, Brendan a solid blue, and Liam in a stripped blue, so we could tell the difference for now, I was finally able to hold my boys. As I looked down at my two perfect little blue bundles I realized just how much alike they looked. Both boys had Edward's light eyes so far, only time would tell if they would change, and they both had dark brown hair like me. Liam had Edward's nose while Brendan was stuck with mine, but he had Edward's perfect lips which made up for it. They were absolutely beautiful. While Allie looked more like me, but you could tell she had a bit of Edward in her, the boys were the complete opposite. It almost looked like I had given birth to Edward clones with a few small differences. I handed Edward Brendan and he immediately began his fatherly duties. He carefully unwrapped the blanket that he was swaddled in and immediately counted all his fingers and toes to make sure they were all there, and then did the same with Liam. He leaned down and kissed me on the forehead.

"I love you Isabella Marie Cullen. Thank you so much for giving birth to our sons."

"I love you too Edward."

After a half hour, and I had been moved to my permanent room, Edward went to get Allie to bring her in to meet her two little brothers before the rest of the family would see them. When Allie came into the room and took her place on the bed next to me, in between the chair Edward was sitting in next to the bed. I took in the sight of my bright eyed daughter looking at her new little brothers and if it could, my heart burst with love and happiness. I had never known that I could love so much. I thought that with the birth of the twins I would feel them take a small amount of my heart that had already belonged to Allie and Edward, but instead I felt my heart grew to accommodate the new found love I had for my little boys and the existing love I had for my husband and my daughter. As the five of us sat in the hospital room I felt as if my world was absolutely complete. There was no way that anything bad could ever happen to us again with the strong bond we all shared. I had the family I never imagined I would have when I left Forks all those years ago.

Authors note: This is not the end of the story. I have a few more chapters for you guys. I had to thrown in some Jasper since I saw Jackson Rathbone's (the guy who plays Jasper in the Twilight movie) band 100 Monkeys play tonight, and OMG he is soooooooooo hot and has an amazing voice. When he talks you can hear a bit of his Texas accent and he is such a nice guy! Well I hope you enjoyed this sappy chapter, review if you would like 