Well, another story. Actually, I'm not sure if i'll continue this. I'm cleaning out all the old stuff on my crapputer and this is one of the things i found! Tell me if you like. If I do decide to continue, it will probably take some time though...

A new story begins…


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Prologue: Trouble in Konoha

The menacing ninja glared at the man in front of him, making the man quiver in fear.

"Please!" the man pleaded, "I'll give you anything, anything…just don't hurt me!"

"Anything, hey?" the menacing ninja pondered, "Tell me where she is then!" he yelled, raising his shiny, sharp and also very menacing sword above him, "Tell me where the princess is being hidden!"

"S-She's at the Konoha hospital," the terrified and somewhat cowardly man gasped, "In the private rooms of the west wing."

A sickly smile was brought to the menacing and devilish mans lips.

"Thankyou…" he hissed mockingly, "but because of your initial resistance to tell me and also because I am a menacing, devilish ninja I am going to plunge my shiny, sharp and also very menacing sword into your belly…" he snickered, "and no-one will care because even though you're terrified you're also somewhat cowardly, even by my standards."

The terrified yet somewhat cowardly scream could be heard throughout the night.

"Did you hear that?" asked a pink haired girl with a short temper, on her way back from a mission with her team mates.

"No. What was it?" asked her very daft yet alert companion, stopping and frowning with concern.

"I'm not sure Naruto, but it sounded like a terrified yet somewhat cowardly scream. What do you think Sasuke?" She asked a girlish looking boy who was once a traitor.

"Hn." said Sasuke.

"Your right, it came from the direction of the village." Sakura said with a frown. "We should hurry, someone could be hurt. If so then I can heal them with my amazing medical jutsu."

"Hn." Sasuke did or didn't agree.

"Shit!" Sakura swore, staring down at the body, bleeding on the floor.

"Is he alive?" Naruto asked, staring down at the unconscious man, who looked somewhat cowardly.

Sakura bent down to check the mans pulse.

"No." she muttered, "But what do you think happened?"

"Hn." Sasuke supplied.

"Murder?" Sakura asked, but who would murder this man?"

"Look…" Naruto whispered, pointing to the mans face.

Because the terrified yet somewhat cowardly face had a large bleeding 'X', scratched full on his face…