Those of you who have followed this (and I'm assuming that since you are reading the 11th chapter that you have read the chapters before it) will know that it is time for Edward's POV. Well I'm so generous that I'm going to give you both Edward's and Bella's POV. Isn't that nice of me? I love my readers and I especially adore my reviewers.

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The wedding was finished. Thank God for that. When I saw Bella coming down the aisle on my father's arm I nearly sprinted to her. I wanted so badly to be in her presence. I confess that after our kiss in the garden, she had been all I could think of. The duties of running a nation paled in comparison of thinking of Bella. I wanted to spend every minute with her. Unfortunately, after our kiss, Bella had started to pull away from me. Carlisle said that she was likely embarrassed, but I couldn't help but worry that it was something else. Had my breath smelled like blood? Was she disgusted? Was I just a bad kisser? Or worst of all, had that one kiss told her that we were incompatible? I thought it was heaven on earth, but maybe I was just so inexperienced that I was wrong.

In any case, since I could not spend time with her during the day, I had begun to sneak into her chambers to watch her sleep. I knew that it was not the work of a gentleman, it was demeaning to her, and it was entirely stalkerish, but I didn't care. A few hours every night I would sit and watch my angel. Her breathing was a beautiful sight to behold and I loved to watch her dream. No, I could not see her thoughts, but she mumbled and moved and I could tell she was dreaming. If she had a nightmare, I would hum her to peace. It was beautiful and wonderful, but really needed to stop. It was a violation of her privacy, but it was the only contact I had.

I was now married to my angel, but I could tell that Bella was not pleased. She had refused to look at me the entire service and barely whispered her vows. During dinner, I had noticed the tears gathering in her eyes as she ignored the delicacies in front of her. She had not even been able to wait for the conclusion of the feast to slip away from me, the monster that I am.

Startled out of my morose musings by that thought, I suddenly realized that Bella had been gone for a very long time. I knew that she went at a human pace, but even if she was dawdling, she was gone too long a time. Her absence was encroaching on being rude, and rude was something that Bella was not.

I had just decided to find her when I was stopped by Jasper and Emmett. I love my brothers, but I did not want to deal with them right now. I needed to find Bella.

"Have either of you seen Bella? She left awhile ago for a human moment and has not yet returned."

"Lost your wife already have you? That is very careless of you Edward," teased Emmett. "I mean really, if she's gone, how are you going to consummate the marriage. In case you didn't know, you need both of you for that," finished Emmett in a conspiratorial whisper.

"Consummate?", I croaked. I had not considered such a thing. I was a vampire and Bella a fragile human. Who would even expect that? But I realized that to be completely legal, my marriage did need to be consummated, otherwise the Council would annul it and execute Bella. Terror was the main emotion crossing my usually calm countenance. This, of course, caused both of my darling brothers to start laughing hysterically. To add to my horror, their hilarity attracted the notice of the rest of my family who wandered over to see what was so funny.

When told, Rosalie smirked at me, Carlisle did his best to hide a smile behind his hand, and Alice took me by the hand and told me that there was nothing to be afraid of. This only caused Emmett to laugh harder.

After my family had finally stopped cracking jokes at my expense, I realized that there had been a reason that I had left the dais and put myself into my brothers' humiliating presence. Where was Bella?

Looks of worry crossed my family's faces when I questioned them on her whereabouts. Carlisle did not realize she had disappeared. A bit shamefacedly he admitted to being deep in conversation with the lovely Joanna, a fact that made me happy for my lonely father, but helped me not at all. Alice and Rosalie had been busy catching up and dishing the dirt on their rascal husbands. Of course Emmett was about as observant as a brick wall, and Jasper had been distracted by keeping Emmett out of trouble.

I did not wish to alert the hall at large that a young, innocent, and delicate human girl was possibly lost in the castle because a few of the guests I trusted only as far as I could throw them (some even less). With this in mind, I sent out my three most trusted guards with the instructions to find the queen as quietly as possible. I did not want Bella to think that I was controlling, but thoughts of her falling down staircases made my nonexistent blood run cold.

After thirty minutes, two of the three had come back with no news of my bride. I anxiously awaited the third, believing he must have been delayed by escorting Bella. But when he entered with a grave face, I knew that hope was lost. He hesitantly handed me a piece of paper.

Quickly scanning it, I was struck with terror and rage. My new bride had been kidnapped and was being held for ransom by none other than James.


My head had an army of little men marching through it with lead boots. Although it was a bit better than my face which had had a nasty run in with James' fist. Whatever James had used to knock me out lasted only for an hour or so. After that, I had come up kicking and screaming to try to get away from this mad man. This earned me nothing but several blows to my face and possibly a broken arm. At least I had tried I told myself every time the throbbing in my face and arm became too much. At least I had tried.

I expected to die. It seemed inevitable. I knew that James thirsted after fresh human blood and also something even more diabolical. He wanted revenge on Edward, although I was not sure how my death would matter to Edward. I had said as much to James, but he darkly chuckled and walked away.

We were in a hut somewhere. I knew it had to be the country since I heard nothing but night sounds, but where we were was beyond me. I did not know this area well enough to know where we might have gone in so short a time period.

I hoped that James would tire of his game soon, for I hurt very badly and I admit to being frightened. The idea of death was not terrifying for I knew that the good Lord would take my soul, but I dreaded what James might do before he allowed my end. He was sadistic and twisted. There was no limit to the number of ways he knew how to hurt. He had told me quite proudly that he had studied all the forms of torture that had ever been devised. When I had told him that I didn't believe him, he had begun lecturing to me on the ways to torture a woman's breast. After ten minutes, I had finally begged him to stop.

And so I sat, frightened, freezing, and nearly frantic with pain and worry. Would Edward come? I hoped that he wouldn't. As much as I wished to be gone from James' psychotic presence, I knew that if Edward came, a fight would ensue. I had no hold on Edward, but I knew his honor would not allow me to be kept like this. So I prayed that he would be led astray.

"Good Lord, I need you now. Please, call me home and keep Edward out of this devil's clutches."

A little darker than my usual. So I have a very pressing question that I would like answered. I fully intend for Edward and Bella to eventually consummate their marriage, what I want to know is whether you all want to read about it in tiniest detail or if I should just do a cut scene. So let me know because I want to start planning out the next few chapters.