Synopsis: The last Elf in Middle Earth muses on his lonliness and the passing of his kin.

A/N: Just a little poem, hope you enjoy.

Many are the long year,

The brightest summers,

And the darkest of winters

Of this world I've seen.

And many more will pass me by

Until the dark shadow of death holds sway…

I will watch o'er your house,

And guard against the shadow.

Until your fair faces fade,

And I am only memory.

My last breath shall be yours,

Until the light of life fades from my eyes.

Your passing calls to me,

As your fair voices did.

And I will sing of thee,

Alone and weeping for you.

Waiting in the night,

Until all you taught us has faded away.

Oh fairest ones, my kin,

You fade from sight.

Your laughter soon no more,

As shadows fall o'er you.

You shall call to me ever more,

Until the shadow falls over my long life.