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'She told me she'd come back to me.'

It's been well over two years since she left me here all alone, a fledgling in a strange new world, with no one but my old insane sex-ed teacher from high school, and she hasn't taught me much.

I can't believe she left. I mean, I know she had that whole thing with…um…whatever, but still.

I graduated from high school a year ago, full honors, everything. Yup…a great day. Until my parents kicked me out. Turned out they weren't as ok with my 'relationship' as I thought, and booted my ass to the curb as soon as that diploma touched my hand. Thankfully, her apartment was vacant, but the time I spent there was minimal. That was where she took all of the good things from me, but most importantly, my life.

I don't know why I fell for her. I don't know how I let it get that far. She was evil, she raped my friend, and me. She seemed so sincere, her tears seemed real, but after living among her kind, I know how deceitful they are, and even though I'm physically one of them, I will never be like them.

I look around the dimly lit street I'm walking down, it's deserted, save for a few stray animals. I shove my hands in my pockets and stare down at my feet.

'I can't believe I trusted her. I can't believe I fell for her.'

I clench my fists and grit my teeth. Sure, I felt something for her, how could I not?

I unclench my hands, and my fingers graze the note she left me, that damn note. I said I'd wait. The stupid words of a stupid teenage girl. I pull out the crumpled piece of paper, and stare at the words written in that elegant handwriting of hers

'Hey there, lover. I would've woken you, but you looked so peaceful. I'm going to miss you, so much, I'll think about you every day. Wait for me, Ino, wait for me. I love you more than anything in the world, and I will come back to you.

All my love, Sakura.'

I've read this note every day for the past two years, and each time it seems more and more fake. It would've been easier if she had just dumped me outright. But something inside of me has kept me true to her, on the slim chance she was telling the truth.

I did love her, and I thought she loved me, but if she did she would've come back. And damn it all, I miss her. I miss that girl who ripped me from my mortal life, and opened me to an entirely new world. Damn her.

Unfortunately I'm not watching where I'm going, and bump into someone, causing me to fall on my ass, "Hey! Watch where you're…" I stop short as I look up at who I bumped into, "Hey there, stranger."


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