Gabrielle Queen of the Amazons

By the Mighty Lu Bu

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AN: In the shows history Xena dies in "Destiny" however she returns in "The Quest." In this story Xena does not return from the dead. This story covers the consequences of Xena not coming back. Gabrielle becomes queen of the Amazons and gets everything that goes with it.

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The realm of Dahak after his defeat and Hope's death:

The evil god Dahak brooded over his defeat, he could not believe that the spawn of a lesser god, Hercules, and a mere mortal Xena could have defeated him. Him, the god of gods. While brooding over his downfall, he came up with an idea, by eliminating Xena; he would in turn eliminate their victory over him. It would change some things but it would also allow him to take the world as he should have. He searched for a way to do it searching the past for anything. Then he saw the moment when Xena was most vulnerable. Xena had actually died a year before his beautiful daughter was born.

However through help of another soul she had escaped. So with this knowledge he summoned all his remaining powers for a brief entrance into the underworld of Hades at the point this had occurred.


M'lila had sensed the presence of Xena in the realm of the dead and had summoned what powers she could to help Xena get free. She moved with all her power to the point in Tartarus where Xena was at. But she sensed something wrong, she didn't know what it was but she found out quickly as a force shaped like a monster grabbed M'lila by the throat.

The dark creature said in a cold tone, "My destiny will not allow you to succeed. Xena will remain and my power will sweep all realms of existence, and you, slave will never have a chance to stop it."

M'lila struggled to break free but there was nothing she could do. His grip was unbreakable. A strange green light emanated from his body. She felt a pull, and with it her soul was trapped forever. Dahak had achieved his goal, he felt himself ceasing to exist as a result in the change in time, but he knew that though he no more in his current state the future belonged to him, Lord Dahak.


Gabrielle watched the funeral pyre burn. Xena's body would soon be gone, forever. She had left her. Why had she left? She asked herself. But for Xena's memory she would act Queen of the Amazons perform the greater good. It's what Xena would have wanted.