Destiny Revisited

By the Mighty Lu Bu

I don't own Xena, and I thank you all for reading this story, now for the conclusion

This chapter incorporates Dialogue from Xena season 2 episode Destiny

Gabrielle again returned to Hades. Hades had something more to say "I don't know if you will be able to remember this when things go to the way it should have been. In the way things should have been I will eventually one day try to kill you. Then I will die. Knowing my fate in that world I know things are better that way. You and Xena need to be careful. The world needs you both.

When you do to the past you will be in Tartarus. M'lila will be going to Xena. That is where Dahak cut her off. You must prevent that. Even if it means your complete destruction you must prevent Dahak from reaching her." Gabrielle asked "How do I beat him." Hades replied "You can't. It's not your destiny, that destiny belongs to Hercules. Your destiny when it comes to Dahak is to sacrifice your self to ensure Xena can continue her mission in the world. Caesar is right. We all have a destiny. If that destiny is interrupted then the world is in danger. You have to make sure Xena fulfills hers."

Gabrielle asked "What about your destiny? Xena killing you?" Hades answered "Maybe it is better for the Gods to fall. Not just us but all of them. Hercules knew what the world needed best. Now Gabrielle ready yourself. Dahak has entered my realm because he knows my intent." Hades opened a portal to the past.

As Gabrielle prepared to enter it, she saw the form of Dahak behind her. She entered the portal, and saw him no more.


Gabrielle entered into the past world. She could have sworn that she was in the same place, the same time. She remembered her mission. She searched for Xena's soul in Tartarus. Desperately trying to stop all that had occurred.

Soon she found herself near Xena. She could feel her. Then she felt it. She was almost too late. She saw M'lila approaching Xena but still to far for her to do anything or Xena to notice. Gabrielle seen it. A monstrous being approached M'lila.

Gabrielle with all the force moved toward the being. It was Dahak. It did not look like the Dahak she saw in the future but it was him nonetheless. He seemed weaker and yet powerful at the same time. The hand of Dahak grabbed at M'lila by the throat. Gabrielle shouted "Nooo!" She then cut having reached him cut his hand. The being grabbed Gabrielle by her throat and held her up.

Dahak asked "Where are you from." Gabrielle replied "From your fantasies!" With her free hand she cut Dahak with her Chakram. She then flipped loose and kicked him with both her feet sending him backwards. M'lila starred at them. Gabrielle shouted "Free Xena! Its her destiny. The world needs her." M'lila took off in a hurry. Dahak shouted "Noooo! My power will sweep all realms!"

Dahak pursued her. Gabrielle pursued him. She landed on his back with her sword ready. A flash of memory crossed her eyes. She saw all the events that led to this. Her first kill, Kyri. Iolaus after Hercules death. Callisto leaping off the cliff to protect the world from her dark side. The death of Xenan, Kaileipus, and Solan. The end of the Amazons. Iolaus' last words. All this would never occur with one strike from the sword Callisto gave up so that it might do some good for a change.

Gabrielle stabbed Dahak's head. Dahak stopped, grabbing Gabrielle in such a manner that it shattered her spine. Gabrielle was dieing as he body went limp, but Dahak was wounded and unable to reach M'lila in time. As Gabrielle died she saw M'lila with Xena. Gabrielle succeeded. Even as life passed from her body time was erasing all that had occurred. Gabrielle smiled. Xena was free. Gabrielle ceased to exist as Dahak was no longer able to stay in this world as he had used the last of his power. It was over.


M'lila spoke to Xena saying "Now that you were evil, know evil you can fight it." Xena listened to all that was said when she heard Gabrielle's voice. It was wishing her back. Xena knew "I have to go back."


Gabrielle put the Ambrosia in Xena's mouth as she laid in the coffin. At first it did nothing. Then her body came to life. Xena was back, though she didn't know it then, she had a destiny. And now because of the actions of Hades and Gabrielle in a world that would now never exist she would face her destiny as she was meant to, as Xena the Warrior Princess.

The End


The behind the writing story of Gabrielle, Queen of the Amazons

By the Mighty Lu Bu

First off I'd like to thank all of you for reading and reviewing my story. I'm going to tell you a little bit about my life during this story and what possessed me to do this story and why I did certain things.

At the time of this story I was at the end of rope so to speak in middle of Iraq. I was in the midst of a depression as I faced punishment with in the military for a series of mistakes (nothing life threatening)

Truth was my army career was collapsing around me and all I could do was watch. So I returned to writing, After dabbling with a couple stories that will never the light of the FanFiction website I came up with an idea. I went to FanFiction and took notice that no one took a serious effort to create a story with Velasca as one of the main characters.

I also noted that the only Queen Gabrielle stories centered on either momentary battles along side Xena or post Finale. So I thought it was time to do something that accomplished both of those aims.

First off, my story was more inspired by Velasca than it was Gabrielle. I remember seeing the episodes that had Velasca in it. Velasca who was played remarkably well my Melinda Clarke. She was fascinating, she strong, she was in many ways a match for Callisto. However Melinda Clarke got a show somewhere (at least I heard that much) So Velasca never returned. So I wanted to try to give Velasca the treatment she deserved, and I happen to think I did well. So was born Gabrielle, Queen of the Amazons.

So how do I make this happen? I came up with an easy solution. Kill Xena, and since she had already died in the story in destiny I just said don't let her come back. So this would be perfect for bringing in Dahak from the future to prevent Xena from ever returning.

Far as story writing goes this is the only one that ever followed the outline I wrote for. No other of my stories have I been able to do that.

Anyway Velasca and Dahak? Now I was excited, and like that for the first time in my life I broke through the rut of writing a story and stopping before it was over.

Ephiny was second thought but once I thought of it I knew that she would become one of the main characters of the story. I started her off as being like the Ephiny we knew in loved during the quest episode. From then on I decided that Gabrielle still needs some help so I made her like over time. To call her a Xena replacement does not do her justice. I knew her best role was as the guardian and best friend of Gabrielle while making her embody the idea of Amazon, even through she had a Centaur son. She was perhaps the easiest character to write as it just came to me.

Now Callisto on the other hand was the most fun to write. I got to come up with lines and fighting moves while describing her. I just enjoyed myself writing her. (That's why she is one of main characters in Duel Nature.) But the best Callisto stuff was second return. First I made her help Gabrielle, but in reality she was betraying them to Dahak. But then came the second part. After Alti she realized that she had been wrong and felt guilty for it. On top of that I reduced her mental state to that of a child.

I'll tell you now, nothing made more nervous in this story, but it worked out pretty well. Their have been several lines of thought about Callisto. One is she is more like Xena and therefore can be turned to good. The other which was more clearly presented in the show was that unlike Xena she crazy on top of Evil, where as Xena was just Evil. With this story I went with the crazy idea.

The best part of the story other than her blatant disrespect of any warrior who wasn't Xena, was the sacrifice angle. I thought if I was like her, an immortal with lethal fighting skills and I suddenly wasn't crazy and knew what I did was wrong and suddenly realized that I was going crazy again, I would want to do something to prevent that from happening. Ergo, the lava river.

The other really good part was Gabrielle taken Callisto's sword and using but that's later.

You may have noticed a theme continually in this story, these bad things kept happening because Xena wasn't there to stop it. I'm a firm believer in destiny, even though I also believe that ultimately you choose your destiny in some ways. I believe it was destiny for Xena to stop Alit, Caesar, Callisto, and Dahak, not to mention save Hercules life in the other series.

So my idea was no matter how good Gabrielle and Ephiny was they could not stem the tide. Because this world needed Hercules and Xena. Without them, the world would actually end because they were that important. That's why even though I put forth that Gabrielle, Ephiny, Iolaus and others were true heroes but the Amazons still died and the world still ended. Because Gabrielle and the others were heroes but not the ones the world needed. The world needed Xena and Hercules.

Ares. Ares was never intended to play to large a part in the story but his character is so awesome I made a way to put him. I liked Ares with Velasca, it made good story, but in this story I'm most proud of the Ares and Gabrielle scenes that occurred prior to the battle of Greece. Truth is Ares, especially if you do him right, enhances any story.

Alti. I regret I could not use Alti to her utmost potential. I tried the first time sending Ephiny to fight Alti and it did not work. I still don't like it, that was part of the reason I brought up Velasca like I did, to improve that section of the story. Then I brought Alti up again. This time I accomplished something worthwhile by setting up the Callisto sacrifice angle but Alti deserves more than to be a plot filler. Ultimately I realized that there are some villains that only ever should go up against their arch enemy.

Superman fights Lex Luthor, but so do other members of the justice league. But Doomsday, there is only one person who can fight Doomsday. That is superman, no one else. (they attempted wonder woman which they have since said was not the real doomsday because it didn't read well) It is the same with Alti. Alti is only meant for one hero. That is Xena. Only Xena should ever fight Alti. Anyone else, even a good character should not fight Alti, it brings them down a level and that is wrong.

Iolaus, my little show stealer. He was never intended to main character but every time I used him it just seem to enhance the story, even the reviews note his roll in the chapters. Iolaus and the death of Hercules, love for gabby, and the bone damage. It just worked. Sometimes things just click. Which is why I gave him an elision fields ending when I killed him. His character deserved that respect.

Hades, I used Hades for one reason. I felt that Hades was a good man who should of got used as such. I was not a big fan of Hades turn in the season five. He just a good person who happened to lord of the underworld. So in this story I made him a hero. After all, name another God who would have done for Xena and Hercules what Hades did in the show. Ares damn sure would not have put Marcus in the Elision fields.

Now the main two. Velasca, as I said before she under utilized by the show. Part of the reason was the writers bumped them up to godhood so quickly. I've since decided to slow down such progression. First you saw Velasca. Then you saw Velasca raised from the dead. Then with Godlike strength. Then finally the dragon. I believe as with Callisto if you bump up a character to immortal god it takes away their potential. I mean, every time they had to fight Callisto they beat her by dropping rocks on her heads. Hudson's own word "It's not a scene with Callisto without rocks."

So I never pushed Velasca that far. Instead the progress I looked for was the stripping away of her humanity. As she grew more powerful she grew less human. Until she became the dragon where she literally was no longer human. Far as villains go. I have no regrets in my usage of Velasca, I encourage all you writers to use her in your own way, because she is the greatest of the under used characters in the show.

And finally. Gabrielle. I always felt that Gabrielle could be equal to Xena. As a warrior and as a planner, but most importantly as a hero. I have seen stories where Gabrielle was the Hero and she was unable to do anything good or accomplish anything, and I know my story comes off that way a little. But I've seen stories really just tear that away. Yes Xena is a great hero but look at what Gabrielle can do. So I made her the most important Hero, she beat Velasca, Callisto, Ares, and Dahak all while leading the amazons. Sure I killed them in the end. But that's not the point.

When I wrote the death of the Amazons it was not intended to be her fault. It was just an example of sometimes it don't matter what you do, bad things, terrible things happen. Churchill is considered to be one of the greatest heroes in England during world war 2. However this is the same Churchill that pushed a campaign into the ottoman empire in world war the resulted in the worst defeat in English history at the time. Bad things happen. Still it don't take away from the fact that she is a hero.

Finally with Gabrielle I intended to tell the story of a statesman through Gabrielle. First we saw Gabby disabled by grief unable to act because of the death of her friend. Then we see her snap out of that funk, (and still be just). She immediately exacted justice and when it came time for battle she fought at the front, risking death with her sisters. She stood up for her amazons. The Gabrielle I portrayed in this story in my mind is an excellent leader.

About my delay in finishing this story. In the midst of this story I was in Iraq and it was all wrote while I was in Iraq. However it was not all posted in Iraq and as a result when I got to Germany where the internet was restricted I was unable to finish posting my story until I got my own internet. That did not happen until I got home from the army.

Finally, I thank you. The reader. This story I dedicate to you, the reader and especially you, the reviewer. This story brought me out of a dark period in my life and that's because of you the reader and especially you the reviewer. Thank you. Thank you for reading my story Till next time.

The Mighty Lu Bu, Also known as David King. Author of Gabrielle Queen of the Amazons, Duel Nature, Thunder Demon, and the Reign of Evil Xena