I don't own Doctor Who…but…SURPRISE! I do own the cat in this fan fiction! Gotcha' there, didn't I?! –Snickers-

Author's note:

Something I thought up after watching my cat, Minstrel, chase off a poor, unsuspecting paper boy. He does those sort of things, you know.


The Doctor and Donna encounter their greatest enemy yet…a headstrong cat.

Feline Furiousness

'All this sunshine and still no bees!' Donna contemplated sadly. She nudged the Doctor roughly. 'Have you been listening to a word I've said?!' She demanded.

'No…' The Doctor admitted absently, wearing a frown. 'Is it just me, or does something feel wrong?'

'Can't there be a day when something isn't wrong?!' Donna sighed as she and the Doctor continued their stroll down the sunny path. She gave the back of his head an expectant look; it would have been the front, but this part of his head was preoccupied with a block of flats in the distance. She rolled her eyes and walked on grimly, questioning herself whyshe even bothered at all.


'What is it?! A dangerous daisy?!' Donna snapped sardonically.

'No…it's the tulips you've got to watch out for…but I've found what's wrong…' He motioned to something ahead of them.

Donna looked in the said direction, and found a black and white cat sitting in the path, its tail twitching, suggesting a threat in every movement. An overgrown tooth glinted in the sunlight.

And it appeared to be watching them.

'Aw! It's just a cat' Donna cooed, bending down. She started to make numerous (and ridiculous) squeaky noises.

The cat didn't seem to be impressed at all.

The Doctor frowned at it. 'What do you mean, "Get out of my way"?' He mumbled absently.

'You're not telling me it's a bloody alien.' Donna groaned, scrutinizing the cat before standing.

'Nah. Your average domestic cat.' The Doctor explained. 'It, well…he, doesn't like us here.'

'How'd ya' figure that one out?'

'Animal minds are easy to read from a distance.' The Doctor said thoughtfully. 'And we, apparently, are in his way…'

'In his way?!' Donna snapped. 'We haven't even done anything!'

'He doesn't seem to think so.' The Doctor bent down gingerly. 'Can we pass?'

There was no physical response, but the Doctor let out a short bark of laughter.

'What? What does he say?!' Donna questioned.

The Doctor stood and grinned at her. 'He says he's going to get us if we don't move.'

Donna snorted in laughter; the tail began to twitch faster.

The Doctor thrust his hands into his coat pockets and grinned madly at the cat. 'Nope.' He stated. 'Shan't.'

The cat sprang to his feet, a yowl in the back of his throat. The Doctor and Donna gave a wary jump back.

'Oooh, he didn't like that.' The Doctor hissed. They began to back away warily as the cat advanced menacingly.


'What, Doctor?!'

'You know that thing we do a lot?'

'This isn't the best time for a round of twenty questions!' Donna snapped as she began to trip over her own feet. She rolled her eyes at the Doctor's hurt look. 'I dunno'…running?!'

'Yes, that's it. RUN!'

With that, the Doctor and Donna turned on their heels and ran back up the street. The cat gave chase, giving out numerous angry hisses, like a frying pan.

The Doctor and Donna nearly smacked into the locked doors of the TARDIS.

'Quick! Get it open!' Donna urged in hysterics as the Doctor made numerous attempts to get the key in the lock. She looked back; the cat was gaining on them quickly…

The Doctor gave a triumphant cry as the door opened; they darted inside and slammed it shut after them. They leant against the door and began to catch their breath.

There was a thump on the roof.

The Doctor shot Donna an anxious glance and fled to the computer screen on the console.

'I don't believe it!' The Doctor snarled.

'What? What is it?!'

'He's on the bloody roof!' The Doctor shouted, barely believing it himself. Donna joined him at the console; the cat was sunning itself on the roof of the TARDIS, very much getting comfortable.

Oh, she knew what to do.

'I'll go get the broom.' She stated, exiting the console room.

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