Hey everyone! This was only meant to be a one shot, but after requests for more, I just couldn't refuse. -Hands umbrella to LuckyBlackCat- Coz' she awesome!

The Doctor ground his teeth together as the shriek of claws on wood echoed throughout the TARDIS. The cat was obviously making himself at home, the Doctor noted sourly. He winced at the claw sharpening reached an unbearable pitch.

'I've had just about enough of this cat!' Donna spat, storming into the console room. She looked, the Doctor noted, rather silly with two pillows over her ears. She noticed his amused expression, and prepared to deliver a stinging slap, but was soon preoccupied otherwise when the cat began to yowl in earnest.

Growling, Donna reached for the broom and stormed outside, leaving her pillows abandoned on the floor.

'Donna! You know what happened last time!' The Doctor warned, forced to raise his voice over the ear splitting yowl. She ignored him, opened the door and stood in the doorway, prodding the cat angrily with the end of the broom.

'Come on, you. Off.' She commanded it. With a hiss, the cat launched it's attack, claws flying. The Doctor leapt off his chair and dragged her back inside with great difficulty; she was violently waving her prized broom about, swearing that she would somehow get that cat. She shrugged him off (Eventually), and stood in silence, glaring at the TARDIS ceiling.

The smug yowl rose up again.

Donna let out a cry of immense frustration. 'Do something!' She demanded in a shriek.

'I don't know!' The Doctor roared as the yowl increased. 'The only pet I've ever had was a well behaved robot dog! And he was very well behaved! Never needed house training, walks…' He continued to count K9's attributes on his fingers in his rant as Donna snatched up his coat and began to rummage through its pockets.

The Doctor stopped abruptly when she pulled out a prized possession. Panic bells ringing, the Doctor stepped forwards carefully, pleading palm outstretched.

'Now Donna…lets not be rash…'

'I've think we've gone past that…' Donna replied smugly, holding the item back slyly.


Donna flashed him a glance of the desired item; he made a grab for it, but missed as she dodged aside.

'If you don't give it to him, I will.' She promised.

She held out the clockwork mouse.


He gave it a sad look.

'Don't make me do it.' He begged. Donna raised one eyebrow subtly.

'Fine.' The Doctor snapped, snatching it back. He cradled the small, furry toy lovingly as he moved slowly towards the doors. He threw a sulky glance at Donna before venturing outside.

'Hello…' He said tentatively to the source of all the trouble. The cat lay on the diagonal wood of the TARDIS, two front paws hanging neatly over the side, tail twitching from side to side. He eyed the Doctor smugly.

'Got a present for you…' He held up the message for the cat to inspect. The cat regarded it for a moment.

The Doctor held his breath.

The cat clawed it out of his hand and began to rip it to shreds.

'OI!' The Doctor protested, trying to rip it from the cat's claws. The cat growled and held it in his teeth, beginning a tug-of-war battle.

'Give-that-back!' The Doctor grunted, pressing his foot up against the TARDIS for maximum grip. The cat spat at him and reversed, claws digging into the wood.

After several minutes of this, the cat's paw snuck out and raked the Doctor's hand. The Doctor gave an inward hiss of pain and released the pathetic remains of the mouse, staggering backwards. The cat gave a triumphant yowl as Donna peered gingerly around the door.

'Did you give it to him?' She asked sweetly. The Doctor threw the content cat a scowl.

'He scratched me!' The Doctor informed her, holding his injured hand dramatically to his chest.

Donna eyes the cat above her, who was emitting tiny growls of content as he ploughed through the mouse's metal interior.

'Good shot.' She congratulated it quietly.


After Donna had finally managed to coax the Doctor into showing her his hand, (A banana was involved), and had whacked him around the head for being far too dramatic, she paced around the console, broom in hand, as the Doctor munched on his banana quietly. Purring rang up throughout the TARDIS, jarring her every nerve. She raised the broom to whack the TARDIS doors in agitation, when a curious rattling sound came from the outside world.

'There you are! What you doing up there? I hope you didn't damage it…'

Donna poked the doors open (Broom first) and peered outside.

'Come on you. Off. Unless you don't want your biscuits?' A girl was shaking a tin of biscuits at him.

The cat leapt off of the TARDIS roof, and pressed himself against a girl's ankles, purring intensely and eying the plastic tin of treats in her hand.

'Oi!' Donna barked. The girl looked up from fussing over the cat.


'Is he yours?!' Donna demanded, motioning towards the cat with the end of the broom.

'Yeah…' The girl tilted her head to one side. 'You were in his way, weren't you?'

Donna's mouth fell open.

The girl sent her a sympathetic look. 'Oh dear. He scratched your box, too.' She commented.

'Err, it's my box, actually.' The Doctor informed the new girl, appearing into view behind her.

'Oh, I see.' The girl said absently.

Realising she wasn't about to ask, the Doctor held up his hand for her to see. 'And he scratched me!'

She bit her lip for a moment. 'Oh… Did you try to take something off of him? He doesn't like that much.'

The Doctor and Donna stared, agape, as the girl scooped her cat up, cradling him as if he were a baby. The cat gave a pathetic meow of content. 'He's ever so sweet, really.' She promised. 'We were worried that he'd got stuck in someone's garage again.' She plonked him back down abruptly. 'Come on then, you. You leave these nice people alone.'

She looked back up at the Doctor and Donna. 'Hope we wasn't too much of a bother!'

She gave them a friendly wave, and departed, the cat dogging her heels devotedly.

Donna dropped the broom in shock.

'You,' The Doctor hissed in her ear, 'Owe me another mouse.' He stuffed a five pound note into her slack hand and stormed into the TARDIS.