Hey there readers. Wasn't sure about this story at first, but once I had the idea it just stuck with me, read on and see what you think.

INFO: Bella is 21, Alice is 22, Rose and Jasper are 21, Emmet is 23, Edward is 21 and other characters are 4 years older than in the book by Stephenie Meyer.


My name is Isabella Swan or Bella for short.

My life had been one crazy ride over the last few years with the sudden death of my mum, Renee, and the job as a famous photographer and artist.

I grew up in Forks, Washington, with my parents until my mum moved away with her boyfriend Phil. I had a pretty boring childhood with a dad who couldn't cook and my regular trips to the hospital…I'm very clumsy! Once a trip over a flat surface and went straight into my best friend, Jacob, knocking him into the lake! He was soaked!

Ah…Jacob. He was and still is my good friend. We played together as children when our dads came round to watch one of the games. He was kind and had a great sense of humour, often cracking jokes about by ability to trip over air. He is about 19 now and is currently studying to become a lawyer.

Still on this stupid, crowded plan and we have 2 hours to go! It was hot and noisy here, I wish I'd taken the other flight but duty calls. I'm a nature photographer, and when I get the chance I paint some of the things I find…they tend to sell quite high! When I was 18 I moved away from home to England where I continued my studies in art, I then moved to France where I became renowned for my photography skills. I decided to move back home for a while, my dad, Charlie, really needs my help. Cooking especially!

When mum died he became very depressed and blamed himself a lot. He stopped seeing Billy and his other friends. I heard he even stopped eating at one point. So I came back to Forks, also the countryside and forest are the perfect next subjects for me to use.

So, here I am on a hot, crowded plane just bout to land back on my homeland soil. The shadowy figure of Charlie standing waiting for me, he hasn't seen me in years...do you think he will recognise me?

Taddah! Well there you have it the opening chapter, what do you think?