It was midnight and somewhere in Hogwarts, two young boys lay awake, lost in thought about each other and the day's events…

'Stupid Potter! He made my uniform dirty! Stupid Boy-Who-Lived! Who cares about his stupid life! He's just a useless 14 year old with messy brown hair and beautiful green eyes…'

I shook my head fervently. What was I thinking! I stared into the fireplace, mesmerized by the beautiful dazzling red flames gently caressing the air above it. As the fire crackled, my thoughts wandered off to that darned Potter again. In my mind's eye, my vision lingered on his enchanting emerald , almond-shaped eyes, his adorable blush. The sweet crimson colour sneaked up his cheeks as well as mine. I remembered how soft and how perfect his lips felt on mine. I remembered how he closed his eyes and how his lashes fluttered which made my heart ache. A giant hand squeezed my heart tightly. It happened whenever I thought of him now…

I bit my lower lip as the familiar sensation crawled up my cheeks and made me bang my fist on the table in frustration. Then, after I stared into the fire a little bit more, I decided to go back to sleep. Just then, footsteps pattered down the girls' dormitory staircase. It was Pansy Parkinson. Her eyes were full of worry.

" I… heard you bang on the table, Draco… Is there something… troubling you?"

" Pansy… I…"

We visit Harry's thoughts now….

'I hate that damn Malfoy! He made me scrap my knee! Stupid, stuck-up, snotty BRAT! Someone should give him a good smacking if they know what's good for him! He's just a worthless teenager with his dumb bleached blond hair and alluring grey eyes…'

I smacked myself on the head. How could I think of him like that? Ron sat beside me and looked at me with confusion and worry. Ron and I were sitting by the fire in the Gryffindor common room discussing our day and catching up on our homework for Snape. (Stupid, slimy git.) I grimaced at the thought. Ron reached over to me and shook me slightly and said, " Hey. Hey, Harry. You okay? You've been zoning out a lot. Is everything alright?"

I bit my lower lip and was silent for a while, then, I looked up at Ron. I nodded my head, I mumbled a 'It's nothing'. He got back to his work. My view strayed to fireplace with the flames rising and descending like a stealthy red genie coming out from its lamp but being sucked in again. I set down my quill and looked at the fire, hypnotized. My thoughts escaped me like the dam that had been broken and the floodwaters was gushing out profusely. I was lucky that Ron didn't know how to read minds… I could recall Malfoy's lovely grey eyes. I saw his pale cheeks flush a light red while mine felt like they were on fire. His thin, pink lips felt so perfect and so right that it had to be wrong.

My chest hurt. I gripped the clothes on the left side of my chest and chewed my lower lip. Ron shook me again.

" Ron, I…"

" Kissed someone."

Draco and Harry said, at the exact same moment , in the common rooms, talking to their friends about their first (homosexual) kiss. Ron and Pansy gasped and begged, " Please tell us it was with a girl."

DracoXHarry fluff/ yaoi/ oneshot. Rated PG.