AN: Dear readers, this is your Mistress.

For starters, I wish to humbly apologize for not updating this story for a long time. With deep regret, I have decided to scrap it and for good reason.

I messed up.

When I first started writing, like a lot of amateur writers will do, I wanted to push my own OC's in front of everyone, including the canon characters, and try to leave my mark. Sadly, I 'get it' now. After writing for some time, I understand the need to flesh out the canon characters properly and THEN introduce an OC that doesn't overwhelm the story.

I did this and I am ashamed to admit that, as much as I like writing about Shade, she just overwhelmed the story and I have a hard time looking at it without wincing.

So, without further delay, I'm going to scrap this story and make it more fitting so it can be a more 'direct' canon story that I had originally planned and keep the over all 'theme/plot' in place.

With that said, again, I want to apologize and let everyone know that it has taken me this long to realize the error of my ways and hope you find the version I have in mind more appealing. Mind you, I'm not doing this for you, dear readers, but for myself.

With that said, please feel free to comment and let me have it.

I deserve it.

Your Mistress.