Ask the Bleach Characters!

/audience applauds/ Me: Welcome to the first chapter of ATBC!!! Tonight we were asked 2 questions by these lovely reviewers, Eula Marie and QuincyArcherIsABadAss!!

Let's here Eula's question first…

Shunsui, do you truly love Nanao? There are a lot of fics out there that say you do, even though you tease her so much. What do you think? Oh, and why did you leave her behind when you went to Karakura town?! (angry face)

Shunsui appears:

Hello lovely reviewer, to answer your question, I do truly love Nanao-chan dearly. She fails to notice what a great guy I am, though. I only left her behind because I wuv her!!!!!!!! ( nanao comes in and slaps him) Shun: owwwwwwww………

Now for the last question of the day, QuincyArcherIsABadAss's is….

Ichigo do you like Rukia?

Ichigo appears:

Wat?!!!!! There's no way I would like an ugly, midgetty, Oompa Loompa like Rukia!!!!!!!!!

Rukia Appears: You think I'm a midget, huh? Let's see how tall you are when you don't have legs!!!!!!!!

Backstage: Screams and howls of pain go through the entire studio where the show is taped. Poor Ichigo…..

Thank you both for being the first reviewers!!!!!!! Arigato Gozaimasu!( bows)

Please review so the crack and questions can continue!!!