The only cure for heartbreak

Hinatas POV

I ran down the small track that lead to the back entrance of the hyuuga complex. My head span with the amount of thoughts whirling round inside it and i felt as if i was going to throw up. Yet i couldn't bear to look un-cool in front of him yet again, so i forced myself forward.

Left foot

Right foot

Whatever i do i won't look back, there's a corner only a few steps away, i can break down once i turn that corner

Left foot

Right foot

The delicate shoes i had so carefully chosen started to slip off my heels, please don't trip me up now!

Left foot

Right foot

I had finally reached the corner, i tuned hard on the balls of my feet in such a smooth motion that father might even have been proud of me. Unfortunately my shoes didn't agree, they slipped under the sudden pressure, shooting off my feet and sending me straight into the nearest bush

Thankfully Negi was the only person in the building and i knew he wouldn't ask any questions about my strange appearance, he probably thought I'd had another accident while i was training

I headed straight to my room.

Flashback (third person)

Naruto held little Hinata around the waist while she brought her own arms up to encircle his neck and bring him closer to her, this was not one of Naruto's normal hugs, it had a new tenderness to it that was rare in any hyperactive blond let alone him, and Hinata was acutely aware of this fact as they stood together on the corner of the street.

Maybe he really does like me as more than a friend!

They had been at a ninja council meeting all afternoon, reviewing the years events. Neither Naruto or Hinata were listening to any of it, both Sakura and Ino noticed the pair looking at each other all through the meeting. And they even walked home together, ending their time together with a hug.

When they separated they still didn't stop looking at each other, but then Naruto stepped back and gave her his signature mischievous smile before turning and walking away. Hinata wasn't quite sure what had just happened, it all felt like a dream to her as she watched him walk away from her.

Wait, what, he's walking away! What do i do?

"WAIT! Please, naruto- kun, let me walk with you a little longer?"Her own voice shocked both her and Naruto.

"Heh, sure Hinata I'm not in a hurry" And so, that's what they did...Until they walked past the clock tower.

"Oh damn!"

"Naruto-kun, w-what's the matter? Did i do something wrong?"

"Hmm? No, i just need to go soon, I'm meeting Sakura for something to eat" The look on hinata's face was unreadable, serene, as if she were expecting it yet shocked and hurt anyway. She was still smiling though.

"O-oh, w-well I-I can w-walk myself B-Back from h-here, I-I guess I'll see y-you around"

And she ran.

Naruto's POV

I couldn't quite work out what it was but there was a sharp pain in my chest as Hinata ran away, momentarily making me feel like I was being ripped in two. I wanted to call out to her and make her come back, and I would of, if I hadn't already agreed to go out with Sakura seconds before I walked home with Hinata.

And so I turned and dragged myself to go and meet the girl I had been dreaming of for most of my life, the problem was I had just realised that she wasn't the girl that I loved.

Hinata's POV

I knew what i had to do. Silently I went over to my battered old wardrobe, it was an antique hyuuga heirloom that my mother had passed onto me when she died, but that didn't mean anything to me. The clothes inside didn't matter either, nothing mattered, I felt empty. Picking out only the most practical items of my beige and blue wardrobe I threw each one on my ostentatious double bed, knowing that packing would be the first step of a new path that would alter my life. Our lives.

Downstairs the back door lock clicked open and I could hear my father's rigid footsteps on the freezing tiled floor, so i raced downstairs, hurdling over the cracked leather sofa and Negi who was sitting on it, stopping before the kitchen door to recollect myself, I walked in and...

Come on you can do this hinata!

"Father, i have decided to do as you requested, I will start tomorrow" Father turned in his usual effortless movement, stopping in an instant, but the look on his face was something completely new to me. Joy. I was about to become the daughter he wanted and a credit to the family, all it would cost me was my freedom for the next five years.

Sakura's POV

I was sat in front of my dressing table mirror, gently gliding my delicate silver comb through my gorgeous pink tresses that cascaded down the sides of my tanned face and framed jade green eyes. I knew i ought to look good for my first date since Sasuke disappeared.

I still didn't like Naruto , and I liked him even less as a boyfriend, but I had seen him with Hinata earlier. They both looked so happy that it almost became painful to watch. I can't let him be that happy, he might forget about finding sasuke. I had decided to make sure that Naruto was at least a little miserable, so he still had time to remember Sasuke and suffer along with me.

And it turned out that, thanks to Hinata, I didn't even have to work that hard.