Naruto's POV

I stood up, then sat back down again, then stood up. The shock was too much to bear. I loved her, yet she had been right under my nose this whole time and I didn't recognise her. I could see it now, of course. She'd taken her make-up off, so she no longer looked like a wannabe plastic, instead she looked natural and elegant. The beauty of Hinata lay in the simple fact that she didn't realise how beautiful she was, where other girls used foundation and lip-gloss she had delicately coloured skin and subtle, soft lips...

No! I couldn't think like that! Hinata must have hidden from me for a reason, plus Gaara would kill me if he thought I'd seduced her or something to make sure she didn't give me a bad report. But I couldn't just stand there, could I? My head was spinning at this point, I hadn't thought so much about anything in my life. The room had started to sway; I knew I had to get out of there.

So I ran.

Hinata's POV

I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes and sliding down my face but I made no sound. Because I understood now, if Naruto felt even the smallest bit the same as me he must have been in agony when I ran away from him. The pain was excruciating, like being torn in half or tortured, only a million times worse because there was nothing I could do to stop it.

"Go after him Hinata"

My father's voice. Cold, emotionless and firm as always echoing around me. I didn't even have to look to know he was glaring at me disapprovingly, for being weak. I knew as well as he did that if I became Naruto's girlfriend the whole Hyuga family would benefit from the alliance... and father could finally say that he was proud of me and not lie. I felt myself smile through my tears, Naruto really could solve all my problems.

"NOW, Hinata!"

My legs automatically started moving, if my father gave an order I couldn't disobey. I guess you could call it a preconditioned response but I thought of it as a survival instinct.

Pushing my way through the curtains I saw Naruto slumped by the wall with his head in his hands and shaking slightly, it pained me to see him like this and even more to know that I was the cause, when I came in disguise I never thought that it would hurt him so much I only thought of myself. A whole new wave of guilt crashed over me as I slowly made my way over to where he sat and started my apology

"I-I'm sorry, Naruto- Kun, please forgive me...."

His head snapped up at the words and before I knew what was happening he had jumped to his feet and grabbed hold of my shoulders. Now that I could see his face his pain seemed even clearer to me. I was still talking, babbling, I'm not quite sure what I was saying but Naruto seemed to cut me off pretty quickly.

"Hinata, no! Don't be sorry! It's me who should be sorry! I-I......Hinata? Hinata!?"

I only heard his last words vaguely. Everything was going black, I could feel my limbs going limp and all I was thinking was 'Oh please no! Not now!'

And then I fainted.

Naruto's POV


I could feel her slipping away as I spoke, or rather screamed, her name. I checked her temperature, she didn't seem to be burning up, She didn't look ill other than her tear streaked face and her pulse was as strong as ever. I couldn't work it out, she was fine a minute ago and now she was lying unconscious on the floor. I knew I had to find a medic and quick.

"Hmm, she fainted again?"

There was a mix of pleasure and scorn in Sakura's voice but I didn't care about that, she was a medic and that was all I cared about. Hinata was, and is, everything to me. You can't even imagine how desperate I was unless you've been in my situation. If there was even the tiniest chance that my jealous ex-girlfriend could help, I would let her try.

"Can you help her? Nothing seems to be wrong with her but she's not waking up"

"Oh don't worry, I know what's wrong"

"Really!?" I was so glad that Sakura didn't think Hinata was in danger that I forgot to notice the poisonous sting in her voice "What's the matter then?"

"Psychological trauma"


"If the brain gets overworked or too stressed out it will automatically have a temporary blackout, kind of like when a computer shuts down because its overheated. In this case I would guess that whatever has been happening to Hinata has put so much pressure on her that her and consequentially she has collapsed" (dear reader, I have no idea if such a thing exists or not, I made it up, so don't quote it or anything, thanx )


"Never mind, but she might not wake up for a while"

"Can't you do anything?" I had started panicking again and Sakura took obvious pleasure in it

"Yes, but I won't, remember what I wrote? "I WONT FORGET THIS" well I meant it"

"Sakura..." Being honest, I couldn't remember "You and I both know that I could kick your butt any time I want, so help Hinata, or I won't forgive you" We had both moved closer now each one of us on either side of Hinata.

"Naruto, you bastard!!" Her temper had snapped and she brought up her arm to take a hit at me when....

Hinata's POV

It was curiosity that woke me up. I could smell roses, not the fresh kind but the smell you get from cheap perfume or soap and it reminded me of the room Naruto gave me. The second thing I was conscious of was a female voice, deep with malice, proclaiming "I WONT FORGET THIS" the writing on the mirror, It was the woman who slept in my room before I got here! I was sure of it and I felt excited. It's silly I know, but I was desperate to see if my predictions were right. My eyes flickered open, but my sight was blurred, all I could make out was an orange shape (which I assumed was Naruto) and a reddish pink shape towering above me. It was! It was the pink lady! I felt elated, until I blinked again and the world came back into focus

"Naruto, you bastard!!"

That's not good I thought to myself, knowing that something bad was going on above me but it didn't register in my brain, not yet, I was still waking up. Then I saw her raise a fist and aim it at Naruto, I woke up then, Naruto didn't seem to have reacted yet, he made no move to defend himself and I panicked. Not caring who Pink lady was anymore I snapped to my feet grabbed her wrist and deftly jabbed her arm to stop the chakra flow. The movement was seamless, my hands quicker than they ever had been before. If you ever ask an expert they'll tell you that a survival instinct kicked in because of the pressure I was under but I believe that I was faster, more powerful because I was protecting Naruto. It sounds really cheesy, but I believe it was the power of love!

A month later....

Gaara's POV

I sat bolt straight in my chair as Sakura walked into my office. Her presence was unexpected, but if she was here it meant news from Naruto so I stood to greet her, not showing any hint of the excitement or anticipation I felt. But before I had fully gotten up Sakura had already placed a scroll on my desk and was standing with her arms crossed in front of me, so I sat back down.

"Well, aren't you going to read it then?"

Now I smiled, something in her apparent anger seemed to please me.

"Very well"

To Gaara

I told Sakura to give this to you before she delivers Hinata-Chan's report which she also has with her. I hope you don't mind but I decided to keep Hinata-Chan with me, we're in love!! Hinata was worried that all the work wouldn't get done without her there, so we sent a replacement! (Sakura didn't go by choice so I hope you understand if she is miserable/angry/unbearable for the first year or so) She is hoping to learn more about your medical techniques so please look after her. I'll write when there's any more news

Yours Naruto

I glanced back up at Sakura who was now mumbling threats to no-one in particular; she certainly looked like she was going to be unbearable but taking her in was the least that I could do for my very first friend, after all it was me who set them up, so thought I ought to take the consequences

One year later....

Hinata's POV

I twirled round in front of the huge mirror, folds of soft, white silk flowing around me, people on the street outside the shop were staring at me but I didn't care. I must have looked silly, a grown woman spinning round a dress shop in a huge wedding dress and veil giggling to herself. Then a hand grabbed me around my slightly swollen waist and pulled me back into an embrace from behind.

"You look beautiful" he whispered in my ear

"You said that about the last five dresses Naruto!" I giggled

"And I was telling the truth the whole time! Can we leave soon? I want to get some ramen"

"No! I need to find a dress that looks right" I sighed a little and my hand moved to my stomach "I'm going to have to have my dress custom made to fit around the Bump" Naruto covered my hand with his, glowing with pride at the slightest mention of the baby.

"Our child is going to be the happiest child in the world, no, the universe!"

He was practically bursting with happiness and had been for over a month now. When my father found out about my baby (or Bump as me and Naruto had nicknamed it) He was absolutely livid and told Naruto that he didn't want his daughter anywhere near a man who would let me have a baby before we were married. So, Naruto told him that I would be married before I had a baby (this was news to me too) And so, we now had to rush around like madmen trying to arrange a wedding before the baby came. But you know what? I was perfectly happy! And so was Naruto, which, in the end was all that really mattered to me

And we lived happily ever after

The end


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