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I knew this was a bad Idea from the beginning. This just sucked. Glenn and Mark had set me up. I hate those two. They had brought me to the night club and I saw Teddy and Randy in the back. That meant that Cody was here. I couldn't handle him right now. I knew he was pissed at me because he had already got the divorce papers and NOT signed them. So I was royally screwed. Not to mention that over the past two days I had been texted John.

"Guys, this was a really bad idea. I mean Cody is here." I said slowly and quietly to Mark.

"Honey, it's not a bad idea. Go to the bar. That is where you need to be at right now. Don't worry you are being protected from him. We are all over it sweetie. Now go to the bar." Mark pushed me in the direction of the bar.

"Fine," I huffed. I walked to the bar and sat at an open stool. I took out my phone and began texting John.

"Where are you at?"

"The bar? You?"

"Same, can you sit with me?"

"I'm two seats away."

I looked up and smiled. I looked over and saw John smiling back at me. I got up and walked over to sit next to him.

"Is this seat taken?"

"No, Not at all Ma'am."

"That's funny."

"So, what's wrong?" He asked curiously.

"Mark and Glenn dragged me here. I don't know why though. I told them that I wanted to stay in the room but they wouldn't let me."

"Uh, Same thing with Steph and Mike. They wouldn't let me stay in the room."

"Do you think they are up to something?"

"Maybe, but I don't have a clue."

"Me either."

"Do you want something to drink?" John asked me.

"Nah, I'm good."

I looked away from him and noticed that Glenn and Teddy were staring at us then it hit me. They were setting me up with John. I mentally hit myself in the head for not noticing it before. This was the plan from the beginning. I turned back to John with a small smile playing on my lips.

"John, I know what they were doing."

"You do. What?"

"They are trying to get us together. They all had this planned."

"Uh, that makes since now."

John reached over and grabbed my hand.

"Can I tell you something?"

"Sure." I said as I was looking down at my hand that was in his. It felt right. I was beginning to like him.

"Well, when you first showed up at the WWE with your husband,"

"You mean my Soon to be Ex-husband." I corrected him.

"Ok, soon to be Ex-Husband, I have had a crush on you. I have been secretly spying on you I have grown to fall for you."

"Wow that was some confession."

"Well, It's the truth. Everybody has known it. Well, everyone except for Cody and you. I'm glad that he didn't know. But since I am telling you this now, I'm pretty sure that him and I are going to be in matches."

"Oh, What the hell." I said more to myself than to him. I turned in my seat and kissed him.

My lips were on his lips so fast that I don't think he even knew what was going on. It took him a few minutes before he returned the kiss. We were making out in a matter of minutes. This was the best thing that had happened to me. My life was better than it had been.

-5 years later—

I was sitting at the house show with my husband when the door opened. Steph came in with two little girls in her arms and a little boy walking beside her. Yes, they were my kids. The boy was the oldest, John Franklin Hennigan, he's 4. The girls were twins, Janey Marie Hennigan and Jenna Star Hennigan, they are 2. And frankly, daddy's little girls. My world and life couldn't be better. I love my husband and my kids to death. I'm glad that I got that divorce from Cody, however, I do regret what he had to live with. He always calls and asks how the kids are, but other than seeing him at work, he doesn't come around. I love my new life.

-The End-

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