Guys, guys, the update is slowly coming along. Like I said, I've been busy with school and re-reading parts of the book so I get a feel again for C. Paolini's writing form. It will be out soon, I'm still here.

Amaya; I'm a guy. Register on the website, so next time I can just send you a message, and read my profile :D

Everyone Else; I'll try to have all the people who subscribed to me in the Author's Notes. Those people being those who did the following: Added the Story to Favs., Added Story to Story Alert, Added Author to Favs., Added Author to Author Alert. I have no idea what the Community thingy is for, and I haven't gotten any alerts regarding people doing that, so I assume it's unimportant. If you want updates, feel free to e-mail me. My e-mail is on my profile.