Blind Date: Death Note Addition

Ever want to date a Death Note Character?

Now is your chance.

Here is how it works:

Leave a review with your "name", character you want to date, and where you want to go. (Don't give your real name, Kira may be watching."

Example: My name is Mari, I want a date with Ryuk and I want to go out to dinner.

I will take this information and turn it into a fun story about your date.

This will be your first time meeting this character so you will be unfamiliar with the character usual behavior.

Keep it clean, nothing over the top. This is a first date after all.

No OC's it has to be characters from the Anime or Manga.

If you request for a female character I will cast you as a male character.

I must stress again that these are not "The Love Fantasies of Death Note Fans" they are comedy skit-like stories.

If you make a request your date will be funny. This is about servicing all fans not just you.

Following chapter is example of a date .This should be a lot of fun.