Konohamaru looked over the edge of the fence where it marked off the more advanced practice areas, smiling as he caught sight of Anko. That had been a sheer stroke of brilliance on Naruto's part when he had suggested the jounin as a perfect example of how women were more perverted than men. Certain that his face was obscured by the bushes he watched to see any perversion on her part with intent interest. Interest which grew when she took off her shirt halfway through the drills.

He was having better luck with this than he had any of his other attempts.

It seemed that his luck only got better when he saw Ebisu, champion of the closet perverts, coming in and talking to the topless nin about papers, obviously with some flirtation in his voice.

It was too perfect.

Or at least it was until he felt a hand on the back of his neck and felt himself being dragged off the platform and glared at by a rather exasperated Iruka-sensei who also was carrying a bundle of papers just as both of the other nin were coming out.


Hoping to escape his former teacher's grip, he called Double Sexy no Jitsu, hoping that the other man would let go. Yeah, Iruka was a lot more naïve than Ebisu-sensei, but according to Naruto, he still liked the original Sexy no Jitsu and not the one Konohamaru had called with when arguing with Sakura about the technique.

He realized very quickly he'd forgotten one thing. Anko was still a girl and not falling for it.

She grabbed the back of his collar. "One perverted jitsu, and you think you are the master of perverted jitsu? Idiot!"

That was a blow to his pride Konohamaru simply could not take. "Hey! These techniques are a lot better than the original Sexy no Jitsu that Naruto-onii-san does. And that doesn't make you any less perverted than us."

He tried again, this time calling the male version of the Double Sexy no Jitsu that he had called on Sakura, only this time using two of the older nin, not particularly caring which ones he called as long as they were male.

Although on second thought, if the spluttering he heard from Iruka was any indication, maybe pairing him with Kakashi in a rather provocative make out scene hadn't been the best idea after all.

Worse yet, Anko simply smirked at the sight.

"Not bad for a rookie. I bet I can shock you worse with my own special taijitsu technique."

And she walked up and kissed Ebisu-sensei squarely on the mouth.

No, not just kissed, but practically was eating him from the mouth down as she continued to feel him.

Konohamaru felt himself turning green and began trying to think of ways to avoid Ebisu until he had removed that scarring image from his mind.

The two finally had to break for breath. "Do you think we should really continue, dear. In front of one of my students and all?"

Anko smiled wickedly as she moved her hand lower. "He did say he wanted proof of my depravity."

Konohamaru was out of sight seconds later, trying not to heave as he thought about what he had just seen between his teacher and the pervert's -girlfriend?

He cursed Naruto for that harebrained idea of spying on Anko. Proving the perversion of women just wasn't worth what he had seen.

Fortunately, he still had the pictures he'd secretly taken to blackmail them with!