Nixxii's back again !

So as you can tell by the title, this isn't a story. IT'S A CHALLENGE !

Hehe :D my first one as well, I'm so very proud.

So I was sat in my room re-reading The Way Back by Caracol (if you haven't read that or A rite of Passage, then A) shame on you and B) Go read it now) and inspiration struck.

Except this time, since I'm in the middle of writing new chapters for 3 different stories, (please check them out :D ), I decided to issue this challenge instead.

So basic plot is -

Bella gets pregnant by someone other than Edward. Sometime during the pregnancy she meets Edward, and things become complicated.

She must choose between the baby's father or Edward. Or can they find common ground?


Bella cannot be with Edward during the conception (by this I mean she is not dating him)

Bella and Edward can be old friends with a secret love, or can only just meet after she finds out she is pregnant.

Edward must be a Cullen (adopted or biological) and be related to at least one other Cannon Cullen.

The father of the Baby cannot be violent (its not that kind of story)

Bella does not have to carry the baby to full term, this is completely up to you.

It must be AH

Can be any rating at all ( i am a bit partial to the lemons thought :D hehe wink wink nudge nudge )

It's up to you who she ends up with, but I must say I am primarily a ExB shipper, so I'll be rooting for Edward.

So that's it !

I'm really looking forward to what people think about this, and to see their take on the whole thing.

PM me (or review ?) if you are interested.

Over and Out

Ms Nixxii C

x x