Chapter 1: Meeting

She felt bad.

Since several days the feeling of forgetting something important confused her.

It was draining her.

"Yako, it's time. If we are late we don't get a seat at Jonny's."

Yako turned around to the familiar voice. Kanae, her best friend, looked at her with a worried expression on her face.

She looked at her friend a few seconds not be able to remember how many times Kanae treated her to the popular family restaurant.


"Yako, we don't have much time left."


Slowly Yako stood up from her chair, picked up her schoolbag and followed Kanae up of the long empty classroom.

The sun slowly reached the horizon and drew the world in a warm orange.

The people who are heading towards their homes looked surprised after the two girls who were running through the streets.

"Damn, the others are waiting already! Just because you were taking so long! This meeting could the one which leads me to a boyfriend!" gasped Kanae.

Yako remained silent. Keep running after her friend. Her legs felt like a lead weight and she was extremely tired. The reason to it might be the loss of her unusual appetite a few days ago. Unfortunately she didn't get it back again yet.

"Shesh, I'm so tired!" moaned her friend shortly before a cry of happiness came out of her throat.

Yako looked up. She could already see the big building with the familiar red signature in it.

With a bright smile Kanae entered the restaurant. Quickly taking Yako to an edge by the wall side of the restaurant, where some plain looking were sitting, she was obviously happy. While greeting the teenagers she also introduced Yako to them, who was trying to make an cheerful expression on her face.

Sitting in a lounge Yako watched the behaviour of the young people who were chatting happily.

Although all of them seem to be good persons it disappointed her how much each of them lied. Depressed she looked outside. It was easy for her to remove the voices of the teenagers, since nobody was giving her any attention.

The stars seemed the twinkle sadly letting her more feel that something is missing.

"Yako, you're alright?" Kanae suddenly asked. "You're pale."

Yako flinched as Kanae brought her back to reality.

This is bad. I don't dare to tell her yet what's bothering me. Thinking that, she was nervously playing with her drink.

"I'm fine", she said smiling. "I just remembered to do something before my mum comes home tomorrow. I have to hurry."

Kanae looked at her like she was some kind of weird animal.

"Ah, sure. Should I come with you? It's safer!"

"You don't have to. Everything will be fine. See you tomorrow."


Yako hated herself for not being able to talk with her friend about this matter and then she also lied to her. But it was better this way. She doesn't want Kanae to worry about her. On top of that Kanae likes to meet up with this group so she should spend her time with them.

Quickly Yako left the restaurant, happy to leave this dishonest grouping. It somehow made her sick.

Deeply breathing the warm air of a summer night in she enjoyed to be alone.

This night is gorgeous. You can see the stars clearly.

She looked up to the sky slowly reaching her home.

Yako didn't noticed when she exactly reached her house. Again she started to think about what she could have forgotten, which made her forget about time and place.

Only the soft pillow of her bed made her realize where she was. Moaning she buried her face deeper in the pillow. She wasn't really sleepy, but she also couldn't stand living in this day which is full of unknowingness again anymore.

It was just too depressing. Slowly she rolled on her back, looking at the ingrain wall covering on her ceiling.

"The mystery is on the tip of my tongue."

Yako flinched. Quickly going on her feet she started to look around.

"What was that?"

Am I going crazy?

The dim light of the street lamp made her feel uncomfortable, yet she could see that nobody was in her room.

"Maybe it was just my imagination." Slowly she took out her cell phone. "Or what do you think, Akane?"

Yako flinched again finding herself looking at her cell phone requesting.

"What am I doing? I don't know anyone who is named Akane. Why the hell did I take out my cell phone?"

Now she was truly irritated.

I am really going crazy.

She put her cell phone down on her bedside cabinet before dropping herself in her bed again.

This time she fell asleep.

Shito looked down at the two persons who were lying on the floor in front of him. A pleased grin covered his face showing all the pride that was inside him. The male person firmly held the female in his arms. Both of them looked peaceful.

"I didn't know that it was so easy for me to make a powerful demon like him fall asleep. Maybe the human world made him a lot weaker than we all thought."

Hearing the soft breaths of the woman made him thoughtful.

"Why the hell does he protect that woman? I bet she's just useless."

Tipping with his shoe against her face he could only click his tongue.

"Hell I would like to know that. But never mind since this will be your end."

"Nougami Neuro!"

Yako didn't enjoy the next day either. She could hardly concentrate in lessons and she couldn't eat anything today either.

Man, this sucks.

The name Akane was going through her mind all the time yet she can't remember who this "Akane" could be. It was so confusing her that she could only listen to Kane's talk about boys half-heartedly. But soon an unknown person would catch her attention.

"Look, look, it's Akira Tomiya!"


"Over there on the screen!"

"Kya, it's really him! So cool!"

Yako surprisingly looked at the two middle scholars behind her. Nowadays it is not unusual to see young girls squealing, but this time she was somehow surprised.

"Yako look, it's Akira Tomiya. The model!" Kanae said looking like she would like to join the two girls.

"Who?" Yako looked at the screen which was on a building at the opposite site of the street. She gasped when an unknown sorrow afflicted her.

A man with kind yet mean-looking green eyes was pictured on the screen. His black bangs and yellow hair were floating in an unseen breeze. He was wearing some kind of modest shirt and jeans displaying a bit of the new summer collection the screen announced.

"You don't know him?! He's super famous."

Kanae looked fairly shocked.

"No I don't know him. Who is he?"

"He's called Akira Tomiya. As you can see he's a model and he's super mysterious. This is just a rumour, but they say his manager found him on the street and he himself did not know who he was. In the internet you also can't find any information about him before he became a model. This is also just a rumour, but some people believe that he is from another dimension."

"This is ridiculous!"

"Isn't it? But still he's really gorgeous and charming. Well, his hair is a bit strange, but that doesn't really matter. I'm sure he is a super kind person."

Kanae looked dreamily at the screen until Akira Tomiya was removed for a nail colour ad.



"He somehow looks familiar to me!"

"Yako, what's wrong?" Kanae firmly held her friends shoulders.

"Kanae, we have to talk." Yako gulped the lump in her throat away. She can't keep this matter a secret anymore.

The two of them were sitting on a swing in Yako's neighbourhood. Before Kanae broke it, a long silence was between them.

"So Yako, what's wrong?"

And Yako began to explain. Her never ending feeling to have forgotten something, the time she was home and remembered a name but not the person itself and the feeling, that she knew Akira Tomiya, even though she didn't know his name before. During the time she talked her heart started to aches making tears rolling over her face.

Kanae, looking a bit confused, just stared at her.

"So you mean that you have the feeling that you forgot something very important?"

"Yeah" Yako tried to smile. "Strange, isn't it?"

"I'm kind of… surprised. I thought it was something more serious like… I don't know. Also you think you know Akira Tomiya in person, but didn't hear of his name before. Do you think he might be the one you forgot about?"

"No, I don't think I forgot just him. I think I forgot something that might have a connection to him. Man, I don't know!"

"It's alright. Don't make yourself crazy! I'm sure that you will find the answer that you're looking for!"

Yako smiled. "Thanks!"

Silence fell between them again, but this time it was more comfortable than before. Yako was glad to have to have a friend who understands her although her situation was really strange.

"And what are you going to do now?" Kanae asked.

Yako looked thoughtful at the blue sky.

"Well all I can do is to wait. You see, I can't go to someone like a model randomly and start questioning about his past. Maybe we do have a connection, but it's just a fifty percent chance. It sure is high, but for me it's still a bit too risky. Also I don't know how to get near him. He surly doesn't walks around the town like a normal commoner."

"Yeah, that's true. Well, magazines often do a contest, but the chance to get the price is very low. Also, everyone wants to meet a famous person one in their lives, so the number of participants will surely be high. To get to win in something like that is really rare."

"That's too bad. It's really bothering me. I want, no, have to meet him." She sighed.

"Then this might be your lucky day!" a low voice responded. Yako heard Kanae gasping out of surprise. Slowly she turned her head towards the voice. In the end she ended up gasping too.

Only a few metres away from the two stood the person they saw not a long time ago in television.

He was dressed with a normal black shirt and jeans. The blonde part of his hair was tied up in a ponytail, letting his throat look slimmer than it already was.

He took off the heavy black sunglasses which should be protecting him more from the gaze of the people than the sun.

"It's the real thing. I must be dreaming!" Kanae whispered. Yako too could only stare at him.

With a smile on his face he started to speak.

"I wanted to meet you too, Yako!"


Writer's note: I hope you will enjoy this story even though it might be a bit strange. Also I apologize for my ad English it is not my mother language and I'm still training. Thank you 3