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And I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad

The dreams in which I'm dying, Are the best I've ever had

I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take

When people run in circles, It's a very, very mad world mad world

-Gary Jules


Chapter One--------------- Mad World

Harrison Prince sighed, looking out at the small town as he drove his old black Bronco. It was rainy, cold and overcast. Jogging was going to be a bitch. He pulled his coat around him more solidly, turning the heat up as chills assaulted his thin form. Forks. What a backwater kind of place. Then again, that was the very reason he chose it. When Harry Potter decided to leave the Wizarding World to it's own fate, he transferred his bank accounts to muggle money, gathered all of his things and bought the first house that came up for sale in the farthest city he could get from the Wizarding World. Merlin, he'd even left the continent! He took the last name Prince after much debating. After all, who would suspect him to use the name of his enemy's ancestor? All of this with the exception of buying the house, he had accomplished overnight, while the inhabitants of Grimmauld Place were asnooze in their beds, sugar plums and everything. After all, he didn't really sleep much anymore. He pulled into the small house that he had bought, his mind turning to Severus Snape. After seeing the man's pensieve, he had developed a deep empathy for the lonely man. They were the same. He could even say that he respected Snape for all he had been through. He thought fondly back on a moment after potion's in his fifth year. Snape grabbed his arm before he could escape class and demanded to know why he was "destroying himself" and why he no longer ate at meals. Harrison had scoffed but suddenly looked at Snape like he'd never seen him before. He told the man that moment that he respected him more than anyone because he wasn't afraid to do what had to be done so he could live. His comment had stunned the man into silence and before he could question him further, he had drifted away out of the class. He pulled his ipod earbuds out of his ears before getting out of his beloved vehicle and approaching his new home. The door swung open easily and he took in the inside with an approving scan. It had been refurnished. The new carpet smell was delightful. It drove home the fact that this was HIS. He didn't have to worry about it being stolen from him or whether he would be unwillingly invaded. The carpet was a cream color. Better keep a box beside the front door to keep shoes in, he thought with a wince. Harrison liked his things to be clean and orderly. The house came fully furnished and he found to his pleasure that the couches were a soft material and a coffee colored brown. There were various throw pillows in varying shades of brown decorated on top of it. The coffee table, curtains and picture of a wooded scene were all in a sepia color and another deep brown. It came together rather nicely. He continued his walkthrough diligently, eager to move his things in. The kitchen was lovely. Done in the same browns and sepia, with black appliances. The den was where he would set up his study, and the extra bedroom downstairs he would use for his exercise room. He had learned better at Grimmauld Place. Never have the exercise room on the second floor. After one particularly grueling exercise one evening, he had gotten dizzy on the stairs and fallen. That had not been a good day at all. There was an empty guest bedroom upstairs as well as the master bedroom and a bathroom. It was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

He hurried to bring his things inside while the rain had temporarily subsided. His treadmill and various other equipment went in it's own room. His clothes to the walk in closet in the master bedroom. His photo album on the bedside table, his trunk at the foot of his bed. His books found their home on the large bookcase on the far wall of the den and his laptop went on the desk bedside it. He wouldn't have the living room fireplace connected to the Floo Network. He didn't want any way for those he knew were probably scouring the British Isles for him to find out his location. His cd player went in the kitchen and his ipod dock in the exercise room. Ok, so he admitted it. He's spoiled himself alittle when he got free. At least he could afford it. He grimaced when he realized that eh was going to have to venture out to the grocery store. His most hated activity. All those…disgusting foods. Harrison shook off the thought quickly. Better to just get it over with so he could enjoy his night. He had already registered at the local high school as a junior. A sixteen year old with no parents and not going to school would definitely attract some attention. He would blend in like a ghost. Better to be invisible than have Dumbledore or Voldemort find him. Another wince. The Dark Lord had decided that, since Harrison grew up nice and pretty and had powers only paralleled by his own, he would rather get in his pants than kill him. He was more useful as Voldemort's consort apparently. Yea right. He snorted at the thought before heading back out the door. There was torture to be had and it was named Kroger.


Why did I put myself through this? It probably wouldn't be the first time I asked myself that before the month was out. I was enrolled in high school after all. I hurried passed the cookie and snack cake isle with an air of disgust. Really. Who ate all of that junkie crap? It would take HOURS to work all of those fat grams off. I made my way to the side of the store to get my low cal, fat free wheat bread and I snagged myself a pack of orange flavored five calorie jello while I was at it. Hey! Who says you can't have dessert when your on a diet? Truth be told, I couldn't remember back to a time when I hadn't been on some sort of diet or another. You may find it strange that I, a teenage boy, dieted, but I do. In fact, its one of my favorite things to do. At least the Dursleys instilled something worthwhile in me. Dieting made me happy like nothing else had been able to. It was something I did that was just for me, no one else had any say. There was an immense freedom in that for a person who had been controlled in every aspect since infancy. I got my skim milk and bottled waters. Some fat free yogurts, mustard and a grapefruit. That would get me through the next week and a half, I think. I had lived on much less. Plus, I had been forced by Mrs. Weasley and Dumblefuck to sit down at the table with "the family" and force a whole bowl of chili down my throat the night before I came here. They had even left out any meats after my firm insistence that I was a vegetarian. I hadn't been able to escape. I was still fasting for that hideous night. How dare they force their choices on me! I would never forgive them. They had been forcing me into things since I joined the Wizarding World. No longer, I say! May they fall down the rabbit hole and drown in a sea of tears! I approached the check out desk with a bright smile at the girl there who blushed so hard she never even noticed what she was scanning. Fork was wet and gloomy but he was finally independent. It was better than he had ever imagined. Freedom!


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