Hello again everyone! It's been quite some time since my last update but I'm actually working on some originals that I aim to publish. I know all of you are probably disappointed that this isn't a new chapter and for that I am very sorry. I'm taking a short break from my originals today to send out some feelers to all of you.

I had a special request of Mad World made to me today and it intrigued me. This reviewer asked if there was an English to French translation of this fic which I, regrettably, had to say, no. So here is where we are. I'm looking for someone who would be interested in undertaking a project of this size. I would like to make Mad World, and maybe a few of my other stories as well, accessible to my French readers in their native language.

However, the only French I've taken was a few classes in college during the time when I was losing my hearing so my French is questionable at best. It's a little hard to learn a language when you can't hear how it's pronounced properly. ^_^;; So if anyone is fluent in both English and French and is interested in undertaking this project with me, then send me a PM! I would be most grateful. Thank you all and I promise to have the prequel to Mad World updated soon! _

Au revoir!