"You know Dad, there's nothing wrong with being a sidekick…" Noah started nervously.

"Of course not. I had one once, saved my life too. What was his name again…?" Justin pondered.

"So…then there wouldn't be anything wrong if I happened to be a sidekick?"

"Eh, sure." Justin added some mustard to his sandwich. "Could you hand me that mayonnaise?"

As Noah handed his Dad the jar, he continued "Well that good…cause I…I am…" Noah stumbled over his own sentence.

"Am what?" Justin asked cluelessly, most likely more preoccupied with the sandwich making that was taking place.

"A sidekick."

"Who is?"


Justin's brow furrowed and he didn't turn to face Noah. Noah sighed slightly. "Dad, I'm…I'm a sidekick! I washed out at power placement!"

Justin turned to face him with a false smile which quickly faded. "WASHED OUT?" he roared. After watching his son's face for a second or two, he remarked, "Hatchet…" and slammed the table in frustration. Audrey and the rest of the study group turned towards the kitchen upon hearing the loud bang.

"Didn't make it big time so he thinks he can pass some judgment on some real heroes' kids, huh? Oh it's a power trip, Noah, Sonic Boom? Try Gym Teacher Man." Justin snatched up the cordless phone angrily and started punching in a phone number. "Dad, what are you doing?" Noah asked anxiously. "Calling the school! Tuition we paid…" In Justin's anger he smashed the phone in his hands. This didn't stop him however, he simply opened a drawer full of duplicate phones, evidently they needed a frequent solution for such an accident.

"Dad, it's not Coach Boomer, okay, it's me! I don't have any powers!" Once Noah said this, Justin's mouth hung open, and he stared at Noah in shock. "But you never said…I mean…You made it seem like…"

"Like I had super strength, like you?" Noah finished. "But, I don't…"

Just then Justin suddenly seemed to get a wave of optimism. He gripped his son's shoulders and exclaimed, "But you will! You're just a late bloomer, that's all!"

As his dad relinquished his grip on his shoulders, Noah said, "Maybe…maybe not. But I don't care, because the fact of the matter is, I'm proud to be a sidekick." He began walking back to the living room with a bottle of soda, then suddenly he turned back to face his dad. "Actually, I'm proud to be Hero Support." With that he left, his Dad upset and speechless.

As Noah walked back to his friends, he acted as if nothing had happened, even though they had heard the entire argument between Noah and Justin from the Living Room. He sat down and grabbed his homework sheet. "So I think we covered the undead…what's next?" Everyone just stared at him sympathetically. "What?" Audrey just shook her head and they all focused their attention back to their studying.

Meanwhile Justin and Courtney were down in the Secret Sanctum discussing everything. Justin was sitting down and rubbing his temples in a stressed manner while Courtney watched him, hands on her hips. "All I ever wanted for him was to save the world. To just…feel that. Once." Justin said as he looked over at Courtney. She shook her head and replied, "That's a lot to put on a fourteen-year-old's shoulders, Justin."

Justin rose up from his desk. "Oh come on, Courtney! When I was his age I could put a truck on my shoulders!" he walked over to the pool table briskly with a pool stick. He tried to shoot the ball but failed when he instead poked a whole straight through the ball.

Courtney followed him. "Oh come on Honey, I know you're disappointed. So am I? You don't think I didn't want to see my son fly?"

"Or have super strength." Justin added.

"…Or fly." Courtney repeated. "But we can't change who he is. Not unless we drop him into a vat of toxic waste." Justin pulled off his fake glasses and opened his mouth as if to say something. "Justin!" Courtney exclaimed, disgusted.

"Oh I know, where would we even find a vat of…"

"Justin!" Courtney shrieked once again.

"I'm just…I'm thinking!" Justin defended, replacing the glasses over his eyes.

"Noah's a great kid; this isn't the end of the world! So what if we aren't the Stronghold three, the greatest superhero family the world has ever seen! But we will be the Stronghold three, the greatest family the world has ever seen." Courtney tried to motivate Justin and convince him that Noah's lack of superpowers was okay.

And it worked.

Justin looked up at Courtney with growing enthusiasm. "You're right…you're right, and he can always go into real estate!"

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