Author Notes or A look into the insane mind of a writer:

First of all, many thank yous to those on and the W/X mailing list (Especially Dan, and Pal) for all the feedback, advice, and support. Also, sending a thanks to my muse for a major virtual kick in the arse to keep me going so I could finally finish this.

Also, chapter titles were lyrics from notable artists, and are as follows:

Chapter 1 - Live, a great local group from PA originally

Chapter 2 - Actually the name of a little known group that a good friend of mine got me interested in.

Chapter 3 - David Bowie, a veritable living legend.

Chapter 4,5 - The Beatles. A band that needs no intro.

Chapter 6,7 - Phil Collins, from his earlier, (and IMO, better) solo work

Chapter 8,9,10, (12?) - The Cure, a wonderful band that has long inspired me.

Chapter 11 - Blondie, another good group, and yes, they did more than just the Discoesque Heart of Glass.

Chapter 13 - The Beta Band, found out about this great band by watching High Fidelity.

Chapter 14 - Joss Whedon ;) I think most will recognize the ref.

Chapter 15 - Single Gun Theory, an amazing Aussie band which unfortunately still remains obscure in the U.S.

Chapter 16 - Fuel, a good song with some great lyrics that this title came from.

Chapter 17 - Blue Oyster Cult, a great band with some of the best songs out there, particularly the Reaper, which this title is from.

Notes: Whew! Well, like I said in the beginning, obvious influence from Dead Again. Fans of the movie will recognize where I was very faithful to the storyline, and where I skewed more into the Buffyverse. The idea was in my head for a while before finally committing it down. First of all, I needed Giles, and the whole his leaving deal just really screwed that up, so I kept him around. From the very beginning, I wanted Willow and Xander, their relationship has been one of the most stable, and the longest by far in the whole Buffyverse, and that chemistry was just too perfect. The most Mulder/Scullyish couple by far with their depending on one another, and UST. I started writing, and decided even though I got a couple of chapters hammered out quickly, keeping the postings a bit staggered like a serial novel, worked better toward the suspense of the story. Plus, kept people guessing longer with all the red herrings I threw in. I thought I was giving away too much early on with some of it, but a lot of people were still surprised. The biggest problem, was ok, got a story, but I didn't really have a murderer. At first, was thinking that Gregory, like Willow went a little too far into black magick, and summoned something really nasty. But it didn't really seem to fit well. Then, I thought of Anya, and her good ol' days as a nasty vengeance demon. Well, here's something, and it fit since she was certainly around at the time, and it was a simple matter of creating Hannah, the cast aside first wife. And she'd have legitmate reason to be upset. Divorce was very rare then, and no matter who was at fault, the wife was always blamed for having done something wrong, and stigmatized as result. Though as soon as I realized Anya was the one, I knew that it wasn't gonna be pretty. Already planned a violent and bloody ending. But now it was also a sad one, with as much tears as blood. And I knew it would have to be at Xander's hand, and resulting in tears, but with a promise of time, and the flickerings of hope. I hope you enjoyed reading this, and if you're even reading up to this point, thanks! It was an interesting time writing it, believe me, and I think Xander and I were both on hanky patrol for the last parts. Again, thanks.

Be seeing you,