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Chapter 17

Spencer climbed out of yet another taxi and made her way into the bar scanning the booths and tables for the Davies' sister that was still talking to her. Spencer spotted Kyla sat at the bar nursing a drink as if it were just a prop.

"Hey" Spencer said as she took a seat.

"I didn't expect you to call so must've only just landed"Kyla replied looking pleased to see Spencer.

"I didn't think I'd ever call you to be honest but I'm a sucker for punishment or just plan stupid" Spencer joked as she signalled to the bar maid for a drink.

"You're not stupid Spence...I guess you can't resist the Davies' charm....don't feel bad it happens to a lot of people" Kyla giggled trying to keep the mood light. She really liked Spencer and wanted her to be with Ashley but had no idea how to orchestrate that as she had no idea where Ashley was.

"I don't know if I feel good about that. So do you know where she is?"

"Not exactly but I've been back here less than a day"

"To be fair I'm not sure why I called you....I don't know if I want to see Ashley again...kind of feel stupid now for going out on a whim"

"Look Spence I know my sister can be the worlds biggest ass but she's pretty fucked up emotionally and she tends to run quite a bit"

"I can't keep chasing her though......this is it....this is my last attempt" Spencer sounded defeated as she confessed to Kyla. As much as she liked Ashley she knew that certain things were just better left untouched.

"It'll be worth it I swear. I know she's around LA somewhere and she can't go more than a few days without calling me no matter what is going on in our lives"Kyla sounded so over excited that it made Spencer laugh. Spencer and Kyla hung out for a while just chatting and getting to know each other which was great apart from the fact that Kyla was very similar to Ashley. They both lit up the room when they smiled, they both giggled shyly when they felt underpressure and Kyla even had the same disapproving look as her older sister. All these made Spencer pine for Ashley more and all she could do when she got home rather drunk and rather late was sit and play the voice mail from Ashley over and over until she fell asleep.


Ashley made her way up the drive way and shuddered as she felt herself regressing to her 17 year old self but equally the feeling made her smile as she remembered the times she used to climb down the drainage in order to sneak out her house. In fact this drive way had paid witness to a number of showdowns between Ashley and her mother upon her many returns from numerous underage nights out especially the nighst out that involved girls. Ashley plucked up all her courage and walked through the front door as if she had never left. She made her way through the newly decorated halls searching for her parents but instead found a maid who was kind enough to tell her that her parents were in europe for the next few months. The news didn't really bother Ashley so she headed up to her old room and was shocked to see that he mother hadn't changed it as all other than there being an old excercise bike inserted in one of the corners of the room. Ashley really felt like her old 17 year old self again now as she saw that the pictures of Emily were still on her bedside table as if the last few years hadn't changed anything. Ashley picked up the photo and dropped in the waste in without a second thought or consideration congratulating herself with a smile. Ashley dropped her things on the bed and picked up her cell to ring her sister knowing that her absense would be pissing Kyla off royally. As Ashley punched in the numbers she stopped herself and looked at the text messages she had recieved. One was a picture message from Kyla which she had sent last night but Ashley had only got this morning due to the fact that Ashley's phone had died some where between Vegas and LA. Ashley opened the picture and she couldn't help but smile when she saw it was a drunken picture of Kyla and Spencer with a text underneath the picture "Hanging at Barney's Bar...we both miss you and love you xoxo". Ashley admired Spencer's stupid blue eyes and closed her phone throwing herself back on the bed.

"Ashley Davies!!!!" Yelled a voice from Ashley's bedroom door causing Ashley to shoot up.

"I was just about to call you" Ashley moaned immediately recoginising Kyla's angry voice/face.

"Luckily for you we have very loyal staff who have been paid to tell me the second you step foot in this house"

"Mom would be proud of you"

"Drop the attitude're back so soon"

"Fed up of running from it all so I came home"

"You mean no more going off for a few years?"

"Nope I'm done with that baby sister....I just want my life back"

"Which life?"

"The life that was happening before things went wrong with Emmy....before Hawaii....before Spencer" Ashley replied signalling to her phone making it clear that she had recieved the photo message.

"Me and Spencer get on really well and we'e staying friends"

"Don't be silly two don't even know each other"

"We've been hanging out over the past few weeks since you've been M.I.A and she's fact we have a date later this evening" Kyla replied smuggly knowing the more the vague she was the more annoyed Ashley would get.

"Is Aiden going?" Ashley asked trying to not seem interested.

"No he's working tonight so it's just me and Spence"

"Oh well have fun"

"Well...I can see that you're in one piece so I'm going to head off and get ready to go out"

"Don't you want to hang out a bit more?" Ashley asked obviously offended by her sister's lack of interest.

"Of course I do Ash but I'm want to pop over to Barney's Bar to see Leighton before me and Spencer go out tonight"

"Who's Leighton?"

"She's a singer who performs at Barney's on Wednesday normally but as it's Spencer's birthday and Leighton has a crush on Spence I'm trying to get her to play tonight"

"It's her birthday?"

"Yea that's why we're going's kind of a suprise party for her. Her friends and family are going to be there"

"That sounds really...nice. I need to have a shower....maybe see you another day?"Ashley was clearly upset or something, Kyla couldn't figure out her sister's reaction. Ashley stopped in her tracks and looked at sister causing Kyla to feel a little bad for telling Ashley everything.

"Does she like this singer back?" Ashley asked looking as if asking the question psychically hurt her as the words left her mouth.

"They flirt a little bit but....I think she does actually" Kyla almost admitted that Spencer had no interest at all in Leighton but she knew that she had to appear to her sister's jealous side.

"Does she ask about me?"

"She did a few times but I guess she got used to you not being around and also I think she was still mad at you for just leaving"

"I didn't just leave I told Clay to pass on a message"

"Ashley telling Clay to tell Spencer that she is beautiful isn't exactly a confession of your undying love!!!Plus he didn't tell her until the next day as he thought it was best to tell Spencer was she was sober and she came looking as soon as she heard your stupid cryptic message but you were gone. You just left....with no good reason other than some stupid lie that you never beleived but used as an excuse" Kyla knew her words were harsh but after spending some time with Spencer over the past few weeks she could see that the girl had nothing but pure love for Ashley.

"You're right...I knew that it was lie after a while but..but I just knew that this way would be easier" Ashley was losing her voice because she was fighting back the tears.

"You're such an idiot Ash....come to the party tonight"

"No I've already ruined her holiday I'm not about to ruin her birthday"

"Aiden works at Tyler's Gym if you want to go see him" Kyla advised knowing that her sister would need her best friend right now. Kyla wanted to drag Ashley to the party knowing it was probably what both girls' wanted but she was also concerned as Spencer had started to mention Ashley less and less over the past few weeks. Kyla didn't want to get Ashley to the party and then have her see Spencer be comepletely fine.

"Yea I need to wash Vegas off me and then I'll go see him"

"Dude Vegas is so tacky"

"I know but it was the first flight to California they had and I had to leave"

"But that was weeks ago...what have you been doing since?"

"Just saw some friends and played some was nice. You go do what you need to do and I'll see you around"

"You staying here?"

"God no...I had Dad's PA sort out an apartment for me downtown so I just came to grab some stuff and my car then I'm heading over there"

"Call me later"

"Don't tell Spence I'm here....but if she asks tell her I'm fine"

Ashley gave her sister a hug and then headed off to the bathroom to get her shower that felt she needed so badly. Mostly she liked how the water made her body feel numb for a while and how she could forget everything for a short while.


Spencer was almost excited about her birthday and couldn't wait to see everybody tonight. It would be first time she had seen Maddy and Glen since they had got back from their honeymoon plus she knew that Kyla was up to something. From the short amount of time that she had spent with the girl she could already recognise her devious face but this didn't bother her. She knew that Kyla's heart was in the right place and she knew that she would have fun plus she had extra reason to celebrate as she had been given a promotion at the magazine thanks to the article she had written about her ex. In fact that article had been the biggest seller that whole year and the Don had been extremely impressed and he showed this by giving her interesting assigments that actually started challenging her as a writer.

Spencer was waiting for Kyla to pick her up so she quickly checked her appearance and headed down the stairs knowing that Kyla hated making her way to Spencer's top floor apartment when they were automatically leaving. As Spencer walked out the main door she could see Kyla waiting for her in her brand new blue VW Beetle. Spencer had never seen this car before as Kyla normally had a mini cooper.

"New car?" Spencer asked admiring the car as she climbed in.

"Nah this was a graduation gift and I as I was at my parents house I thought that I'd finally drive it" Kyla replied casually until she noticed the shocked look on Spencer's face. Kyla hadn't really ever played up to the super rich as she had only been introduced to it when she was 15 so it was all quite new but it definately had it's advantages she thought to herself. Kyla had tried to embrass it as much as possible when she thrust head first on to the Davies clan after her mother died but Ashley constantly tried to fight it by trying to make it on her own but every now and again she fell back on it just like today with just buying a new apartment.

"Ky how rich are you?"

"I'm not rich at all but my Dad and his wife are pretty well off"

"Lucky you.."

"I'd trade it all to have all parents around" Kyla replied quite glumly. Spencer mentally kicked herself for thinking that being rich would everything great for Kyla. In her defence Kyla had only just told Spencer about her mother passing away so she was still trying to lodge the information in her brain.

"So what's the plan tonight?" Spencer asked trying to change the subject.

"I thought we'd go have a few drinks at Barney's and then meet Glen a bit later" Kyla answered trying to make it sound boring and not thought about.


Kyla pulled into the car park barely being able to hide her excitement. She grabbed Spencer's hand and pulled her towards the front door hoping that everything and everybody was ready. Kyla kept hold of Spencer's hand as they walked into the bar...they were both startled by the sudden screams, the blaring music as everybody sang happy birthday to Spencer including Leighton who lead the chorus with her microphone. Kyla saw the look on Spencer's face and she looked completely overwhelmed as everybody hugged her and kissed her. Kyla stepped away so her friend could enjoy the moment.

Spencer felt genuinely happy and grateful that Kyla had organised this but she couldn't help but scan the room looking for the one person that she knew deep down wouldn't be there, ignoring the sting of disappointment Spencer continued saying her hello.

"Glen...Maddy....I'm so glad you made it. I know you've only just got back from Europe"

"Of course we're here little sister...happy birthday Spence"Glen replied swinging Spencer in a bear hug. Once Glen put her down Madison gave her a hug and kiss aswell as handing her a gift bag.

"It's a small gift from everything major city we went to"Madison explained with a proud smile on her face.

"Thank you guys and welcome back" Spencer hugeed them both again and placed her gift on the bar next to another small pile of nicely wrapped presents.

"Hey lady" Spencer said as she spun Kyla around into a hug.

"You like?"

"I love it thank you so much...this is amazing Ky"

"It's not over yet...I need to get your other present ready" Kyla said as she wondered towards the small stage at the end of the room. Climbing on stage she gentely tapped the mic to check it was on which it was.

"Good evening Spencer Carlin fans and thank you for coming despite the short notice. So...I wanted to give Spencer my gift..well one of them anyway. Spence this is from me to you...please welcome Leighton Meester and her wonderful vocal stylings" Kyla yelled as she welcomed Leighton on to the stage. Kyla exited the stage as Leighton started strumming her guitar.

"Happy Birthday Spencer" Leighton whispered into the mic before she started singing. Even though Spencer did love Leighton's music she couldn't help but think of Ashley on the night of the beach party when she played so shyly for the small crowd. Spencer beat those memories away and concentrated on the pretty girl that was there for her birthday and who was still singing for her.

After a short set Leighton exited the stage and was happily greeted by Spencer. The two girls' hugged as Spencer thanked her for performing. Leighton and Spencer headed over to the bar to get a drink.

"So how much did Kyla harrass you until you agreed to this?" Spencer joked a she sipped her drink.

"She only had to ask me once" Leighton replied without breaking eye contact with Spencer.

"Well thank you Leighton...I really love your music plus it took some of the attention off me for a while" Spencer joked trying to avoid the intensity of Leighton's bright green eyes. Spencer was definately attracted to Leighton but she still felt that she had a tie with Ashley which may be mostly because of Kyla. Spencer playfully removed a piece of Leighton's dark brown hair from her cheek as she tried to push Ashley away from her mind. Leighton responded by moving in slightly closer to Spencer who suddenly felt like she was about to kiss a girl for the very first time but a figure walking through the door of the bar caught her attention and made her pull away.

"You ok Spence?"Leighton asked as she followed Spencer's dumbfounded gaze. Spencer couldn't move as much as she wanted to at this moment in time. The girl that had given her the best and the worst holdiay ever was stood only 20 feet from her and she looked incredible. Spencer was sure that she had become even more beautiful in the passing weeks and that she herself had secretly fallen for her even more. Ashley didn't move for what seemed like hours and for a split second she looked like she was about to run away but she didn't instead she started walking over to where Spencer was grounded. Nobody in the room really noticed what was happening apart from Kyla and Aiden who were stood almost apologetically at the end of the the time that Ashley reached Spencer at the other end of the bar Ashley seemed to have drummed up some confidence. She calmly moved Spencer from where she was practically planted and took her to the other side away from Leighton and away from everybody else.

"I have a present for you" Ashley finally said after a short silence. Spencer went to snatch her hand away from Ashley's but she fought the anger she felt and remembered how she when Ashley wasn't there.

"How did you know it was my birthday?I don't remember telling you" Spencer tried her best to play it cool but Ashley looked so breathtaking that Spencer was having issues forming setences or coherent thoughts.

"Kyla told me and I told her not tell you that I was in LA so don't get mad at her for not telling you"

"Why did you do that?"

"Because I'm an idiot and I hate it when Kyla's right"

"What was she right about?"

"That would be telling...look I know you probably hate me right now and I've interrupted you and that chick" Ashley said the last part with a slight distain "but I just figured that I've fucked this up enough and plus I wanted to give your present" Ashley smiled her big white smile showing her perfect dimples.

"Ok what's my present?" Spencer was still fighting to keep a straight face. Ashley didn't reply instead she walked off leaving Spencer feeling slightly confused. Ashley grabbed Leighton's acoustic guitar and cautiously made her way on to the little stage. Spencer wacthed completely motionless other than her eyes following every movement that Ashley made. Ashley nervously tapped the mic in the same manner that Kyla had but without the comedy value. In fact nervous Ashley was rather endearing Spencer thought to herself. Spencer watched as the whole room became silent as people realised who had taken to the stage.

"Spence......just listen that's all I'm asking" Ashley begged looking Spencer directly in the eye as she were the only one there. Spencer nodded lightly letting Ashley know that she had her full attention incase the look on Spencer's face wasn't enough to make her sure of that. Ashley started plucking at the strings and then adjusted herself as the words started flowing out her mouth....

"I've been beaten down, I've been kicked around,
But she takes it all for me.
And I lost my faith, in my darkest days,
But she makes me want to believe.

They call her love, love, love, love, love.
They call her love, love, love, love, love.
She is love, and she is all I need.

She's all I need.

Well I had my ways, they were all in vain,
But she waited patiently.
It was all the same, all my pride and shame,
And she put me on my feet.

They call her love, love, love, love, love.
They call her love, love, love, love, love.
They call her love, love, love, love, love.
She is love, and she is all I need.

And when that world slows down, dear.
And when those stars burn out, here.
Oh she'll be here, yes she'll be here,
They call her love, love, love, love, love.
They call her love, love, love, love, love.
They call her love, love, love, love. love.

She is love, and she is all I need,
She is love, and she is all I need,
She is love, and she is all I need."

Spencer knew the second that Ashley strummed the last chord that she was completely gone, that this girl that had made her feel every emotion good and bad was the girl that was going to make her happy for the rest of her life. Spencer made her way over to Ashley who was still stood on the stage as if she had just asked Spencer a question and was waiting for an answer before she moved. Spencer pulled Ashley down from the small stage and pulled her closer so that she could finally kiss her again. There was no resistance who hesitation from either girl and neither Ashley or Spencer wanted to end what seemed like the greatest kiss of all time. Ashley was the first to pull away as she took Spencer's face gentley in her hands looking into her eyes searching for a vocal response.

"I'm so sorry" Ashley finally whispered.

"Do you mean it?" Spencer asked hoping that she already knew the answer.

"With every inch of me Spence....I've spent the last few years living my life at hundred miles per hour just so nobody could hurt me but I would take the hurt a thousand times if it means I get to spend a single minute with you. I promise you that I will never run away again unless I'm taking you with me of course" Ashley fnished with a kiss.

"Pretty impressive birthday present Ash.......I hope you can top it next year though otherwise I'll be really dissapointed" Spencer giggled finally matching Ashley's love struck smile causing Ashley to finally relax.


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