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Sakuno was looking at the tennis fields, watching Ryoma play with Momoshiro. She had tried copied his form but her form turned out to be a little rough and needed more practice. It looks pretty simple but is actually more complicated than it looks.

Sakuno sighed and walked away towards the girls' tennis courts because today was the day where you get examined to join and maybe even become a regular.

She already had her pink racket on her hand and was headed towards the courts 'I wonder if I'll ever become great like Ryoma-kun…' she thought to herself.

Sakuno went to a secluded area where she could be alone for a while. She served her tennis ball at the wall and kept hitting it to the same spot over and over again. 'I need more power…' Sakuno hit the tennis ball harder.

"You're really good. Would you like to be a regular in the girls' tennis team?" An upperclassman asked Sakuno.

Sakuno then turned around and saw a very beautiful upperclassman in front of her. The girl was averaged sized, strangely light blue wavy hair, and had a noble presence yet she was emotionless, you could see it in her violet colored eyes.

"A-Ano, I don't think I'm that good" Sakuno said, playing with her suddenly interesting hem of her skirt.

"What's your name? Mine is Kumiko Usio but you can call me Kumiko-san or Kumiko-sempai if you prefer." She said, showing a small yet emotionless smile.

"R-Ryuzaki Sakuno," Sakuno managed to say.

Usio only nodded and took her wrist then headed towards the courts. She then had a talk with the captain. The captain smiled and walked over to Sakuno with a warm and welcoming smile. The captain was pretty tall and simply beautiful. She was like a goddess. She had long, smooth black hair and wonderful light blue eyes that sparkled.

"Hi my name is Momoko Katou. Usio-chan told me that you are pretty good in tennis. So I decided to test you out. Do 3 matches with our top non regulars and you can fill in the last regular spot…if you win all 3." Katou smiled at her.

"B-But, I don't think I'm that good." Sakuno slightly blushed.

"You can only tell when you had a match. Now come on." Katou then motioned her hand as a sign to come along.

~After the matches~

1st match: Ryuzaki 6 games to love

2nd match: Ryuzaki 6 games to love

3rd match: Ryuzaki 6 games to 1

Sakuno couldn't believe she just beat 3 of the top non-regulars so easily but she didn't get her hopes up because they weren't regulars.

All of the other regulars started to hug Sakuno and welcome her into the team.

"Hello, Sakuno-chan, I am the vice captain, Fujimoto Emi." She said with a smile. Emi was too tall to be average but too short to be tall. She had medium length lemon colored hair and very pretty hazel eyes. She seems to smile somewhat more than others and kind of reminded Sakuno of Fuji's creepy yet constant smiling.

"I'm Miharu Amane and I'm a regular as well. It's nice to meet you." She said shyly. This one had a pretty big bust but she was very pretty. She had straight silky hair with bangs that covered her forehead and had really dark colored eyes.

"Pleasure to meet you, I am Miharu Sakamoto. Thank you for the interesting…data." She said with a business smile while writing something in her purple notebook. This girl was tall and slim. She had straight short black hair that would resemble a well groomed guy and her eye color would be a very dark blue color. She resembled Amane. And she resembled Inui in some ways like writing in her notebook but Sakamoto looked like a rich girl.

"Hey, I'm Yamada Natsume." She waved weakly at Sakuno. This girl had slanted, dangerous yet pretty looking eyes that were golden colored like a cat's. She was pretty tall and had wild red colored hair that sadly reached only to her shoulders.

"Hi Sakuno-chan, I'm Nankashima Yumi and this is my sister Airi!" She said very loudly. This girl was like an angel. Her height was shorter than average and she looked childish. She had brown hair with light brown eyes that shined in the sun.

"Um…hello" Airi said. This girl looked more mature compared to her sister and even was a bit taller. She had the same colored hair but her eyes were dark green.

"You already met me and the captain." Usio said smoothly.

"Um, please take care of me!" Sakuno said rather quickly as she bowed.

"Your very spunky…I like it." Katou said happily with a smile and patted Sakuno's head.

"Hmm…more data" Sakamoto mumbled as she once again wrote in her purple notebook (wonder what she's up too…)

"I LOVE IT TOO!" Yumi said (or yelled).

"Well, practice is over and I think everyone should go home." Amane suggested.

"Wait, I promised Kunimitsu that we would play against his team." Katou said.

"WHAT!?" The team complained.

"Well let's move on to the men's courts and here is who you are going to face." Katou said as she handed a piece of paper randomly to each regular.

Ryuzaki Sakuno vs. Echizen Ryoma

Momoko Katou vs. Tezuka Kunimitsu

Fujimoto Emi vs. Fuji Shusuke

Yamada Natsume vs. Kawamura Takashi

Miharu Sakamoto vs. Inui Sadaharu

Amane/Yumi vs. Oshi/Eiji

Airi/Usio vs. Momo/Kaido

They all started to head towards the men's tennis courts to go play their matches before they go home. Sakuno really didn't want to play Ryoma because she thought that he would think that she was copying his style and possibly get mad at her. But they still had to play regardless of whether they wanted to or not since the captain's word is absolute.

'But at least I get to play against Ryoma-kun' Sakuno smiled at the innocent thought.


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