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"Thanks for watching iCarly, and remember, keep your elderly leashed..." Carly looked at Sam

"...and your siblings locked under the stairs!" Sam finished and the two teen girls waved goodbye to their viewers.

Freddie clicked the camera off and shuffled back to his computer. "Great show guys. That flying meatloaf bit was really good. I know we're gonna get tons of feedback on for it."

Sam flopped down on one of the beanbags that littered the floor and picked up a drink that she had left there earlier. She sipped quietly before turning back to Freddie. "You know Fred-dork you're right. That was a most excellent episode. Don't you agree Carls?"

Carly grinned at Sam and deposited herself on another beanbag chair. "Probably one of our best yet. But, I was thinking, we should try to include some more viewers in our videos. I mean, I know that we show lots of clips that other kids send in but wouldn't it be fun to have some people in studio?"

Freddie crinkled his brow thoughtfully, "You know that does sound like a pretty good idea. Leave it to Carly to come up with ways to make our web show even better."

Sam rolled her eyes, "God, Fredward, try to keep your love," she made a retching sound, "under wraps. It's a good idea, but we've all come up with good ideas for iCarly."

Freddie shook his head and frowned at her, "I know, Sam," he put special emphasis on her name, "I just thought it would be nice--"

Sam cut him off, "Oh it's that just like you, Fred-weird, always trying to be," she pushed herself up from the ground and sauntered over towards him. She reached his cart and put her finger to her cheek, grinning widely, "nice." She sighed, imitating him, and poked him in the shoulder. "Whatever. Guess some dorks never change."

Freddie turned towards Sam and sighed heavily, "Look, Sam, there's nothing wrong with being nice. Lots of people prefer nice to," he threw his hands in the air, searching for the right word, "abrasive." He smiled cockily and wagged his head at her.

Sam stumbled back as if she had been smacked. "Yeah well, at least I don't sleep with a Carly doll at night." Carly giggled from her beanbag chair. She was used to her two best friends fighting like this.

Freddie groaned. "Look! I don't sleep with a Carly doll! It was a prototype and it's not my fault that it happened to fall on my bed! Okay?! Besides, I just thought some people would like to buy a Carly doll, I mean she does have a famous webshow."

Sam laughed a short "HA" before Freddie went on.

" I made one of you too you know!" He crossed his arms angrily before turning back to his computer. "Look, Sam, just go drink your Peppy Cola." Sam shrugged, remembering the carbonated treat she had deserted in her quest to make fun of Freddie, and stomped back to her beanbag. Freddie went back to typing at his computer.

"Anyway," Carly went on, "what do you think the iCarly viewers would like to see? Would having them here be a good idea?"

"Well," Freddie answered, "it's funny you should ask." He opened his laptop and brought it over to Sam and Carly. "I recently found this iCarly fansite. They have links to all of our shows, news about us—which is a little weird, actually, I mean they knew about my weekly doctors appointments!" Sam giggled and Freddie glared at her. "Oh, and forums. I haven't really looked at them but—"

Carly snatched the laptop from Freddie's hands, "Oh, well let's have a look at those." She clicked away from the front page of the website, which actually looked pretty well put together, and started to peruse the forums.

"This is so weird!" Carly squealed. "They know about your antibacterial underwear too, Freddie!" Freddie grimaced. "Oh! And they know how many times Sam has been arrested."

Sam grinned and put her hands behind her head, "What can I say, I'm a legend."

Carly laughed and scrolled down the page even more. "Wait...," her voice trailed off as she clicked a link. Freddie and Sam craned their necks, trying to see what she was looking at. "You have got to be kidding me!"

"What?" Freddie asked, unable to see what was on the screen.

"What is it?" Sam asked. "Do they know about Freddie sucking his thumb too? Oh or how about his Mom's obsession with tick baths?"

"N-no," Carly sputtered, her eyes wide as she examined the page, "it's...well...these people...they have...well.... They are fighting over...who loves who." Carly gulped.

"WHAT?!" Freddie and Sam exclaimed in unison.

"What do you mean?" Freddie questioned, his face wide with concern.

"How could they even discuss that?!" Sam screeched.

"Oh my," Carly mumbled, "oh my, oh my." She closed the laptop lid. "Actually, on second thought, I don't think we should worry about that forum anymore. Nope. No way. Let's just forget about it." Carly stood up and strode to the cart where Freddie kept his tech equipment. She placed the laptop down and shivered.

"Wait a minute," Sam narrowed her eyes and stood up too. She pointed at Carly, "what exactly did those forum people say? Huh, why are you acting all...freaked out." She poked Carly in the chest on her last words. Carly jumped.

"Well...uh...I...," Carly's eyes darted back and forth and she opened her hands towards Sam, who was stepping ever closer to her. "I...uh...I don't think you're gonna like it very much." She let her eyes drift to Freddie who was standing a little ways behind Sam, his arms crossed.

"Just tell her, Carly, I know what happens when Sam doesn't get what she wants." Freddie let a smile play across his lips and shot a glance towards Sam's head. "It ain't pretty."

"Okay, Sam," Carly grabbed Sam's shoulders to steady her and to put some space between her and what was soon to be a very livid Sam. "Well...it seems like a lot of those...forum people...have some pretty strong opinions about us and who we," she swallowed hard, "have a crush on." She bit her lip nervously. "And well...I mean of course theres some people who think I secretly like Freddie," she lifted her eyes to Freddie and smiled weakly, letting out a quick laugh, "and theres even some who think me and Lucas should get together." Carly shook her head, remember the Internet celebrity who played Fred. "But well...a lot of them...and I mean a lot seem to think that well..." her eyes shifted nervously again, "you secretly like uh..." she trailed off and whispered something so low that Sam couldn't make it out.

"What? Who do they think I like?" Sam shook herself loose from Carly's grip and instead grabbed the brunette girl. Her eyes wide in anticipation of the answer.

Carly sighed, "They think you like Freddie, okay."

Sam gasped and made a strange face. "What?!" Freddie giggled behind the two girls. Sam whipped her head around to throw a death glare at him.

"I wouldn't be laughing too much, Freddie," she stepped away from Sam now that the blonde had loosed her grip. "They think you like Sam too. In fact," she swallowed again, not sure if she should add the last bit. Finally, she decided to, "they call you two...Seddie."

Freddie let out a groan and his mouth hung open. "You have got to be kidding me."

Sam stared at Carly as if she had just said that there was no more ham left in the world. "That's it," Sam yanked the laptop off the tech cart and stomped over to her beanbag, "I've got some forum posters to set straight."

Carly frowned and looked at Freddie. He shook his head at her and threw his hands up lazily as if there was no use in trying to reason with Sam when she was this way. Carly shifted her gaze back to Sam who was now typing furiously, a look of pure anger on her face. She strode over to the beanbag and sunk down, and carefully tried to pull the laptop from Sam's clutches. "Come on now, Sam. We can't be too rude to them"

"Oh," Sam laughed and tossed a loose hair out o her face, "They haven't even seen rude yet."


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