AN: This could be seen as a prequel to "Velvet Nightmare", but does not have to be read as such. It has been a long time since I have written like this, and I have missed it. I will not be stopping my longer stories, but expect to see more one-shots from me in the future.
Pairing: Sephiroth/Yazoo
Warnings: Minor yaoi
Dedicated to BMIK, who reminded me about this pairing and writes it so very well herself.

Sephiroth watched the other walk through the night, tongue flicking from his mouth to wet his lips. Yazoo responded so well to him, to his meaningless promises and words, to the idea of a reward which would never come. Of course, he had watched him from childhood, learning and calculating how to control him. There had been something about the long haired boy from his youth, and after their first meeting a month ago, he had become determined to harness it.

Yazoo had always responded well to power, or the chance to momentarily grasp it. As a young boy, Yazoo's only chance of power had been in making Loz cry, or those risky momentary hesitations before obeying the all-controlling scientist's orders. But as he had grown older, he had learnt how to use his own inherent power to seduce, to manipulate. More than that, he had learnt to use it to deceive.

Kadaj had always thought that he was in control of their 'happy flock', oblivious to what was really happening. Yazoo had been steering from behind the scenes, whispering in the ear of Mother's favourite, then standing back and watching the puppet dance to his tune. For a long time, Yazoo had been content in the background, watching from a distance the effect of his beauty and skill. Only then, Sephiroth had appeared, and everything had changed.

Sephiroth had arrived and the reins of power had left Yazoo's hands. He became the puppet, following the other's every whim, every tiny gesture. Unlike Kadaj though, Yazoo knew he was being manipulated, and to Sephiroth this just made the control more exquisite. Yazoo accepted it because, for now at least, it gave him an advantage over his two brothers. More than that, it gave him the recognition which he knew in his heart he deserved.

Yazoo walked over to Sephiroth, through the empty space between them, slid his hand down the other's chest and leant in to kiss him. Sephiroth smirked, allowing the younger man fleeting contact before moving away. A black-gloved hand ran up the other's chest to take Yazoo's chin, tilting his head up and making him look into his eyes. They stared at each other, feline eyes slit with passion reflected in their mirror.

"Yazoo." His voice when he spoke was commanding, confident, and he smirked a little to see the way the other repressed a shiver. He leant closer, breathing his words onto Yazoo's trembling lips. "You obey me. Only me." The other held back a shudder and nodded, and Sephiroth rewarded the gesture by moving him closer, running a hand down his spine. "You're my favourite. The one I want beside me when I rule the world."

Yazoo couldn't hold back his shiver at those words, didn't want to. He allowed himself to drown in that rich voice, memorizing every movement, every sensation. When he returned, Kadaj would question his absence and he would merely smile with his secret knowledge.
"I will do as you ask."

"I know." Sephiroth's words were followed by a chuckle which would have made Yazoo's blood run cold if he wasn't already too deeply lost. Yazoo fell so easily for each one of his poisoned promises. The younger man moaned, weak in the other's arms. Sephiroth kissed down his neck, making sure to leave a bruise which the other would have to struggle to conceal. Yazoo didn't protest. This was what gave him life, meaning. These snatched moments away from his brother's gaze, where he gave in to Sephiroth's total control.

"Our time is coming, you know?" Yazoo nodded. They had been through this. Had he not managed to cling to some remnants of his self control, he would have cried out in frustration, but as it was he merely writhed, seeking out every hint of warmth, every glimpse of contact. Sephiroth let out another small chuckle but obliged, dancing his fingers across the other's clothed skin. Yazoo's breath quickened.

"You must persuade your brothers that they need the head before the reunion. Make Kadaj give his body over to me. Once I have control over him, once I have his body…" Sephiroth's fingers and mouth seemed to be surrounding Yazoo, enveloping him like Sephiroth's words, nipping at his neck and ear whilst the fingers caressed him through the tight leather of his clothes. Sephiroth's eyes flickered open for a moment and he watched the other's closed eyes and half open mouth, a small smirk on his own face. "You shall gain your reward."

Sephiroth faded and Yazoo was left alone. He knew by now not to look around, merely raising a hand to the mark on his neck. It had been real. Their meeting had come to an end, and it was pointless to seek anything more tonight. But soon, soon he would gain his prize. He headed back to the camp.

"Kadaj, for the reunion, if we are to be a true family, Mother must accompany us."