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Author's note: Beware of obscure cultural references. E.g. the laundry detergent that is known as "Tide" in the US is sold under the brand name "Ariel" in Germany.

Many thanks to the members of the Ranger-L mailing list who contributed to this.

What various GR characters pack (or do) when they (or someone else) go on a trip


Multi-purpose scanner (medical, geological, physical, chemical, biological, psychological), multi-purpose spray (disinfectant, detergent, cooling aid), multi-purpose cord (sewing, swinging from roof, tying up suspects), shot-gun, knife, energy bars, communicator (including compass and altimeter), first aid kit (including scalpel, injections and heavy duty drugs against Don Quixote fever);

Remind Goose that explosives are not allowed on commercial aircraft;

Remind Doc that excess luggage is expensive and he will _not_ place it in my suitcase

For leisure trips: e-book reader with the latest issues of "Psience Today" and "Archaeology Digest";

Collection of sweet and tasteful romance novels (encrypted – you never know who could see, ahm, steal, your data)


CDU; ranger survival kit; dental floss; battery-powered iron for dress uniform; book of useful Tarkonian phrases; sugar almonds (for unexpected guests or unexpected doom scenarios ); folding chair, sun shade, inflatable volley ball (for unexpected vacations); safety pins (for all other types of unexpected events)

Swiss army knife (for the rare occasion where 'doing therapy' with the software isn't enough);

Construction plans of 'Ramrod' (for the even rarer occasion where you meet fellow Saber Rider fans)


Blasters, extra ammunition, grenades, throwing stars, plastic bag to carry explosives through security and customs; comb, flying license, cash;

favorite survival knife (can be used as a spear head, short sword or tent pole; also has flint-steel, a wire-saw, fish line and hooks, and a can opener for tanks);

Music collection with favorite heavy metal, speed metal, Wagnerian opera and combat-themed guitar rock (the Supertrooper version) – no, listening to that isn't torture – at least not for me


Bribe money, list of secret contacts, phaser glove (to get the job done);

Fresh socks and fresh underwear, tooth brush, and dry soap (to stay clean);

Pocket picture frame for pictures of Eliza and the kids (to stay sane)


Ammunition and make-up, jet boots for flying and some comfortable, yet sexy nightwear

(Be prepared for everything.)


"You can't give me my luggage without a receipt? Too bad – for you. Give me my luggage or I'll shoot you! Thinking of it, give me the entire luggage or be disintegrated!!!"


"I didn't bring any baggage since I kind of had to leave in a hurry. Why don't you look at that interesting swirling of light while I peruse your goods?"


Sun glasses, special apple mint chewing gum – "I like to travel light, sue me."

(As if my ex left me with anything to sue for.)


"I'll get Whiner to give us his Platinum frequent flyer card so that we can bring extra luggage for free. The rest is on his credit card."


"I don't need much; just what fits into a small Destroyer."


"I'm sharing a suitcase with Zozo. (Pause) Why do you think that means I should get extra baggage insurance?"


"I wonder if it was a good idea to put the dried Renola berries that make a water soluble intensive red dye on top of Waldo's math books in a non-waterproof suitcase? I hope Commander Walsh got us baggage insurance."


Coffee machine, sandwich toaster, washing machine, automatic screw-driver, favorite hat, new gadgets for rangers to test, Doctor Who comics


To rangers:

"What did you pack into your suitcases last time that no baggage insurance in this galaxy will accept you?!?"

To his secretary:

"I'm going on a trip to Beta Space Station. Please pack my suitcase for me, including my swimming trunks."


Hair wax, latest fingernail gadgetry, a couple of outlaw ships, any members of my gang who aren't currently in prison

Brappo's Butler

Silver serving plate, glass cleaner, audio recording "if you say so, Sir", list of prospective new employers

Geezy the Pedulant

Big soft towel;

A nice, long face scarf (for anyone who is not supposed to see me);

Bottle of Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (for anyone who needs to forget they saw me);

Memory bird cage cleaner;

Large suitcase with secret compartment for Gherkins


Riddle book; bright and colorful clothing that does not match under any circumstances; extra soft fur brush; TV Guide for this galaxy;

Cross between electric guitar, mandolin and bagpipe;

Early-warning detector against slaver lords and galaxy rangers

The Reaper

Hood and cloak;

Assassin's Guide to the Galaxy;

Holographic necklace resembling a psycho crystal (projects image of Darth Vader when rubbed)


"What do you mean, my suitcase is talking. (Pause). Oh, that's just Larry in there."


"Rei in der Tube" hand wash detergent, plush slippers and assorted teas;

"Through the Looking Glass" (original edition);

Remind Niko to keep practicing teleportation and stay centered;

Remind Commander Walsh to relax more and give his rangers a vacation

Jackie Subtract

"Care for Cockroaches Abroad" manual, cockroach toys, jogging shoes

Audra Miles

Hair brush for Lycans, Beasty-Fenokeean whistle, colored jelly beans with sugar crust that resemble marbles (for care packages), survival manual (for galaxy rangers who come to the rescue)

Annie O

Food and water, rifle, engagement rings

(You never know whom you meet.)


Eye lash extensions, trumpet, fertilizer

Commander Negata

Dextrose tablets, spare batteries, colored LEDs to project current mood, "Sudoku Advanced Edition"

Walsh's secretary

Aspirin (for me);

Punching bag and valium (for the commander);

Hard cash (for planets where credit cards are only used as literal door openers);

Assorted candy (for galaxy rangers and alien ambassadors);

Stun gun (for everyone else);

"Secretaries for President" magazine


Copy of Mogul's spell book, magic traveler checks (always return to the owner blank)


Metal polish, backup memory; manual and spare parts for Doctor Hartford


Something to play with and breathe for humans

Senator Wheiner

"Where do you think you are going?!? Due to budget cuts, you should use Live Meeting from now on to solve crimes!!!"

Fanfic author

GR episodes, laptop, paper and pen, sweets...

"Have you seen my sanity anywhere?"