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Chapter 38

It was dark, so dark. The air felt stifling and warm, almost uncomfortable – and something felt as though it was missing. He was running and he could feel the beads of sweat forming on his hairline, slowly teasingly making their way down his forehead. A reflection of how slow he knew was going, how tired he was. Dread and fear had filled him up so much there was no room for anything else. No room for him to take a breath, because if he did, he might just explode.

Then suddenly, just like that, he wasn't alone anymore. A young girl with pleading blue eyes and long auburn locks was screaming, thrashing in an evil mans arms whose face he couldn't quite make out. He was trying so hard, trying his best to reach her, to help her, to tell her it would be okay – but it wasn't good enough. The efforts turned to shock when he realized with an impending sense of trepidation that there was another small figure lingering in the background. The figure stepped into the light, and the curly blonde haired boy had him practically doubled over in pain. No, no, he couldn't take both of them.

He began sprinting, sweat was pouring down his face, his heart rate doubled, tripled – and still he wasn't moving. The children's screams were piercing, they tore through him and his heart. The man was laughing, a cold, mirthless laugh. An unfeeling one. The laughter of a killer.

Suddenly the world stopped. The laughter became a distant murmuring as another figure stepped into the light, a knife stuck into her chest, crimson coloured liquid slowly spreading across her white top. "Booth," she whispered as tears mingled with sweat and and his heart broke in two.

She was just about to hit the floor when he woke up. "Booth!" a concerned and watery eyed Bones was stood over him, her arms on his shoulders.

"Hey," he said, a lot more than a little shaken, hastily wiping the tears away, as though they were some kind of embarrassment, as though if he got rid of them, he could pretend that that nightmare hadn't just happened, that none of it had ever existed for him.

"Booth," she said again, looking at him and slipped back into bed and he realized exactly what it was that had been missing.

"Come here," he said, putting his arm round his waist and pulling her back to his chest, burying his head into her neck, breathing her in, kissing her neck softly until he found her pulse point, just to check that she was still alive.

And she let him, for a while.

"Booth," she whispered, gently forcing his arm to release her so she could turn over and face him. He could feel a lump in his throat when she placed her soft hand on his cheek, and her light blue eyes saw straight through him.

It was funny really, he had always been the one who could read people. She was getting good at this stuff, then again, maybe it was just him.

"Stay," he whispered, and he read the change in her eyes. Confusion now masked the concern. He'd always thought it funny how quickly emotions could change, but he brushed the thought quickly aside to study her reaction.

"I'm not going anywhere," she replied, one of the things he loved about her was the way the truth sometimes just shone out of her eyes. When she looked at him like that, he never had anything other than complete faith in what she had just said.

His hand slid around her neck, as he tried to work out what she was thinking in that moment. Deciding that sometimes it was better just to feel, he leaned into her and gently found her lips, kissing her tenderly, waiting for her reaction. Double checking she was still alive. He could feel her smile behind it a little, but he knew part of that smile was sad. They broke apart, lips still just millimeters from each other. "I could never leave you." She said, he almost laughed, the way she made that sound so factual, so true, it was just so her. To hear it from anyone else it wouldn't sound right, but with her… it just was. Everything was with her.

"I just dreamed you did," he said softly, letting her in on the secret he almost certainly knew she suspected.

She didn't say much, just wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into a tight hug, one hand on his back and the other running through his hair.

"Parker and Elena too," he said, his breath a little ragged with emotion.

"I know those dreams," she said as she released him, "I didn't know you had them too." She placed a hand back on his face again.

He looked at her, and thought about how much he loved all of them, of how desperately he didn't want them to ever fall apart. "I've had them forever," he admitted, breaking away from her gaze for a second, "I've had them since the Kenton kidnapped you and was going to do those things that Hollings did to those girls, since Epps, since the gravedigger."

"We have a dangerous job," she stated, and again, he almost laughed.

"You shouldn't have a dangerous job," he said, "It was me that made your job dangerous."

"If you hadn't made my job dangerous then we wouldn't be here right now," she told him, trying to mask some of the hurt she was apparently feeling. They paused for a second, "Do you regret working with me?"

Ah, then it fell into place. "Hey," he said softly, finding her hand, "I thought you knew that I'd never regret that. I just, every time something happens…"

"I think I understand," she said quietly. "But we're still here."

"All of us," he agreed.

"Six months ago none of this existed," she observed softly, "Elena, me and you,"

That was a strange thought. "I'm glad we're here now, even after everything."

"Me too," she whispered, resting her head against his chest. "Have you spoken to Dr. Wyatt?" she asked.

"Briefly yeah," he replied, "I think she likes him you know,"

"I think so too, yesterday she showed me a little butterfly charm he had brought her, I think he's quite fond of her too."

"She's an easy to love kind of kid Bones," he smiled.

"It seems to be helping, her seeing him, they've had several sessions now and she doesn't seem to be dreaming as much at the moment."

"Yeah well they get better with time, you know that," he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear affectionately. "And Gordon Gordon might be a retired psychologist, but he knows what he's doing."

"Yes well, he certainly got to you the first time you met." She reminded him, "After you shot that clown on the van,"

"In my defence it was very annoying."

"I still don't think you needed to shoot it."

"Yeah well I paid for that one didn't I," he said, remembering how annoying he'd found the psychologist at the time.

"Yes you did," she laughed softly, "He made you get rid of the tie and the socks and the belt buckle," she smiled.

"Not for long," he protested, "I got them back again quickly!"

She laughed again, "Yes you did," she looked at him in the pause, enjoying how easy things were. "A lot has changed," she whispered.

"Yes," he kissed her softly, "yes it has."

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