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They never go on dates. It never bothers Kaoru because it isn't as if they need dates. Dates are there for couples to get to know each other better and they cannot possibly know each other anymore than they already do. Dates are useless to them. But Kaoru is surprised when Hikaru says he wants to go on a date. He tries to cover it up as a joke, but he can't fool his brother and they both know this.

"We'll have to go on a date then," he says and finds it amusing how Hikaru seriously seems stunned at his seriousness. It's hard to surprise someone who knows you so well. He takes the moments he shocks his twin as rare gifts and makes sure to remember Hikaru's wide eyes and confused frown.

"You're serious."

"Of course I am. You want a date, you'll get one. I am a little surprised, though, that you could be so sentimental, Hikaru." He grins mischievously as he gently teases.

"Oh screw you!"

But they still go on the date even if Kaoru doesn't stop finding moments to be mean. They go to some fast food restaurant that has horrible quality compared to the restaurants they're used to. They really just choose that one just so they can brag to Tamaki they went to a commoner's restaurant later.

It's a little boring because they have no idea what you're supposed to do on a date other than small talk and what's the point of small talk when you are together every day at every second almost? Hikaru decides it really was a stupid idea to want a date. Why had he even wanted one in the first place?

"Hitachiin-kun?" Kaoru croons and when Hikaru looks to him, he flutters his eyelashes. "Hitachiin-kun! I am so glad you asked me out on this date! To be honest…" Kaoru looks away this time and blushes. "I have always liked you from afar, Hitachiin-kun…"

"What the hell are you on about, Kaoru?"

Kaoru gasps and puts a hand over his mouth as his eyes turn back to Hikaru. "So…so informal, Hitachiin-kun! Calling me by my first name! You're so brash." He giggles and begins to look coy. "But I don't mind very much, Hitachiin-kun. It's what I always liked about you, you know."

It's then that Hikaru notices people have been able to hear their conversation and they've gained themselves a small audience. It excites him and he starts playing along, unable to resist the temptation of putting on a show.

"What else do you like about me, Kaoru-chan?"

"Oh, a lot of things." Kaoru's voice is now a tone lower and he leans forward, his brother across from him. "For one thing, did you know you're extremely hot, Hitachiin-kun?"

Hikaru has to stop himself from laughing out loud and he raises an eyebrow. "You really think so?" Kaoru nods and so Hikaru smirks. "Well, I think you're kind of hot too, Kaoru-chan."

"You're so forward, Hitachiin-kun…" Kaoru leans in closer, silently asking Hikaru to kiss him. Hikaru leans in and chuckles, finding no problem in what Kaoru seems to want even if they're taking a risk in being kicked out of the restaurant and possibly the entire district.

"But that's what you like about me most, Kaoru-chan."

It's only when their lips are close enough they can almost feel them that someone interrupts them. That had taken long enough. They thought someone would have come a lot earlier.

"Can you two get the hell out of here?! You're weirding out my customers, you freaks!"

They look to the owner, a short, balding man whose eyes are bulging and his face a deep purple, and then to each other and shrug, getting out of their seats.

"Food wasn't even that great anyway," they say together as they walk out hand in hand and decide that that was possibly the best date anybody could have had.

They'll have to do it again sometime.

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