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In Kaoru's fantasies, Hikaru makes love to him. He whispers Kaoru's name in a hushed whisper with each movement and Kaoru clings, closing his eyes in bliss as he's taken. Once it's over, they fall asleep, curled around the other and repeating the process when they wake up.

In Kaoru's fantasies, they lay in the same bed, cuddling. Telling the other they'll never let go, they'll never be separated, and they'll always be together as they kiss and Kaoru strokes the tips of Hikaru's unstyled hair.

In Kaoru's fantasies, they go back to their own little world and though they don't stay there, they take breaks from the real world and relax in their world where only the two of them matter. They don't stay long because they'll be tempted to stay forever, but every time they leave, Hikaru kisses him and promises to never lose the key to the new lock they have on the gate.

In Kaoru's fantasies, they never have children. Children are tiring and too much work and they're not responsible enough, but they babysit the host club's children together and are called Uncle Hikaru and Kaoru. They don't kiss or do anything romantic because they always hated it when they saw adults do it and they understand kids almost as well as Honey does.

In Kaoru's fantasies, they're old and still in the same mansion. Still playing video games and still unmarried, but married to each other even without rings and papers. The old host club comes to visit and even though they're all old, they still have fun and he and Hikaru still woo women.

In Kaoru's fantasies--


Kaoru blinks, not realizing he's been dazed out for long enough to get Hikaru calling for him. He smiles at Hikaru and Haruhi, ignoring their joined hands.

"Sorry about that, I was--"

"What? Fantasizing? Geesh, Kaoru, you need to stop that. I hate it when you do that, it's like you're ignoring me or something." Hikaru is scowling and Kaoru smiles all the more at the scowl because that scowl means something.

"I'm sorry, Hikaru. I'm not ignoring you."

"Well, I know you're not really, but…" Hikaru looks away.

"It's okay now, right? But Kaoru, be careful, you know what they say about not getting lost in your fantasies," Haruhi, as nice and polite as ever, advises Kaoru.

They walk away, Kaoru a little behind Hikaru and Haruhi.

In Kaoru's fantasies, he doesn't have to fantasize.

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