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[Juan's POV]

I chew on my pencil like my life depends on it. The piece of paper in front of me is going to determine the rest of my life. At least, that's how it feels when you're taking a test in the fourth grade. That's how the teacher makes you feel, anyway. I sit in the front row, looking up and down, back and forth between my paper and the board in front of me, as though that will help. It definitely doesn't help that my worst enemy is sitting exactly five seats behind me.

Suddenly, a paper plane flew over my shoulder. I'm unsurprised when it smacks my teacher in the back of the neck. This has happened oh so many times before. She wheeled around.

"Okay, who did that? Was it you, Juan? It came from this direction."

I froze up, like I always do.

"Uh...no, Mr. Ress, it wasn't me."

"It was him, Mr. Ress."

A girl at the back of my class whose name I don't know points to the boy who I'm absolutely sure is responsible- my eternal tormentor. His puppy dog eyes don't fool me for a second, even as he speaks.

"It wasn't me, mister teacher dude. It was totally Juan."

I knew exactly what was about to happen. It happens all the time.

"Well, in that case, you can both go to the principal. Go on, get out, both of you."

I stood up, looking at the floor. I knew I couldn't talk my way out of this. I knew that he probably could, but he was unlikely to bother. He wasn't going to give up the chance to humiliate me, again. I walked to the door, hearing his footsteps behind me.

"Did you even finish the test?"

I looked up at him, my face probably betraying what I don't want to say. I didn't even start.

"Pathetic. I finished it. I probably aced it. Sucks for you, dude."

That was typical. The two of us were in an eternal competition. Nobody wants to lose to someone who thinks they're better than everyone else. The problem with this kid was, he was better than everyone else. Plus, he was absurdly good at hiding his psychopathic tendencies, which I found so very, very obvious. He was popular, he got incredibly good grades, the girls adored him.

He was also a major bully. But it seemed, only to me.

Not that I was unpopular, or a loser, or any of that. I got mostly As too. I was popular enough. But it seemed I was doomed to come in second to the irritating boy with the slicked back hair and the easy smile.

We walked to the principal's office in silence. I was nervous and my slow shuffle down the hall showed it. He didn't walk so much as he loped, his thumbs in his pockets, the collar on that ridiculous jacket he always loved sticking up obnoxiously. Obnoxious was the best word to describe him, I thought.

The principal was waiting outside. Mr. Ress, it seemed, had called him as we were walking. His face was bright red. He was always angry, or so it seemed to me. I mean, it was just a paper airplane. Did it really matter all that much?

"Hey, mister principal dude. I don't know why Mr. Ress even sent me here. It wasn't me."

He had a way of lightening the mood, that was for sure. And somehow, it always worked, even on our perpetually-angry principal. His face lightened several shades as he considered the two of us, looking back and forth. I didn't like where this was going.

"Uh, it wasn't me, either. I don't know whether it was him-" I looked at my opponent, the smug look on his face making me ill- "but I know it wasn't me."

The principal sighed. He seemed oddly drained, which was fair enough, seeing as this was happening all the time. Every single time this kid did anything wrong, he blamed me, and we both ended up in the principal's office. Admittedly, I did the same to him, but hey, turnabout's fair play.

"Well, boys...normally I'd let you both off the hook, but this has been happening so often, lately, that...I have no choice but to give you both detention."

The innocent expression on my enemy's face changed for the first time, switching to an expression of shock. I was surprised enough, myself. We didn't usually get in trouble. Certainly not both of us at the same time, anyway. His expression switched back pretty quickly, though.

"Hold on a sec. I'm gonna call my mom, OK?"

He started punching in numbers on his favorite accessory, the cell phone that he wore on his wrist. The principal was suitably surprised.

"Why are you calling-"

"I have a doctor's appointment after school, mister principal dude. She'll tell you I can't have detention today."

He held his wrist up to the principal's ear. Presumably his mother had picked up, as lots of "mhm"s and "uh-huh"s and "okay"s came forth from the principal. Sometimes I just didn't know how he did it. This time had to be luck, since he couldn't have known he was getting detention, and if his mom was talking to the principal, it had to be valid. Right?

Soon enough, the principal was off the phone, seemingly appeased.

"Okay, well then. You'll have to serve your sentence on another day-"

('Serve your sentence?' Who says that?)

"-but you, Juan, have detention today right after school. I will see you then. Now, both of you, get back to class. Go on, get."

With no real choice, I turned around. My walking had turned from a nervous shuffle to a depressed one. My rival still loped, but now the smug look on his face had returned.

"Have fun in detention, dude. I'll be with Estella."

Now he was just being cruel. Estella was the most popular girl in our school, and everyone thought those two would be perfect together. But Estella was mine. He knew that, as was evidenced by the evil grin that formed on his face as he looked at me. But then, we were at class, and the grin disappeared as though it was never there at all.

"Nice of you to join us, boys."

We took our seats. I took solace in the fact that the class was almost over. I took considerably less solace in the fact that our tests had already been collected. I turned around, and my enemy waved, grinning, his feet up on his desk like he was such a big shot. I growled under my breath.

The last five minutes of school passed without incident. As the bell rang, I stood up, quickly, before remembering that I wasn't going anywhere. I sighed, slowly piling my books back into my bag. He passed by me, his wrist to his ear again-"Yo, mom, dude, pick me up?"-and he took a moment to grin at me before hanging up and walking over to Estella and Hunter (the other most popular girl in school...basically Estella's lackey). They giggled the way girls do. I wanted so badly to run over, say hi, take Estella away from that scumbag. As it were, she looked at me almost apologetically before leaving with him.

I packed my things slowly. I didn't want to run into them in the hall. Somehow, he had gotten away, and I was stuck here with detention. This was the story of my life so far. I was going to get my revenge. Somehow, some way.

Matt Engarde....You will pay for this.

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