Derek slipped his phone from his pocket and smiled when he saw Sarah flashing on the screen. He flipped the phone open, "Hey Sis."

"Derek Morgan why haven't you RSVP to my wedding yet?" Sarah's voice sounded over the connection with just the right amount of sisterly reprimand.

"I did, I talked to you." Derek knew for a fact that he had called Sarah the day he got the invitation. "Maybe I talked to Mom, she wouldn't forget though. I know I sent back that thing about the food and stuff."

"Mmhm," She huffed over the phone. "You did, but it would seem that you forgot someone."

Derek tried to keep in his groan. The 'and guest' of his invitation had knotted his stomach when he had read it. "I'll be coming alone."

"Derek," With one word, with his name alone he was nine again and had accidentally broken Mama's favorite vase. "I'd really like Spencer to be there. He's apart of your life and I want both of you there."

"Sarah." Derek couldn't explain it to her. There were going to be family members there from all over and when they saw Spencer and him together they would see and know. It was just a little too much for Derek to handle in one go.

"Derek this isn't a negotiation. I want Spencer there just as much as I want you there."

"Okay, I'll talk to him." Derek finally agreed, he knew it was pointless to argue with her. She was going to win this round no matter what he said.

Derek could hear the grin on her face, "Okay Der talk you later." He told her good-bye and hung up the phone.

Derek knew he couldn't get around it, Sarah would call Spencer herself if she thought for one moment he'd chicken out from asking him. Now he just needed to find a way to keep Spencer from coming.

Spencer kept telling himself that he understood why Derek hadn't told him about Sarah's wedding; that Derek still had reservations about their relationship. That coming out to his family had been tough enough on Derek, but to come out to his entire family? That wasn't how Derek would want to do it, if he ever wanted to do that. He couldn't even confront Derek about it because Spencer felt guilty about how he had found out. No matter how many times Spencer told himself that it had been an accident; that he hadn't been snooping in Derek's office, but that was what it felt like. The invitation had been right there on the desk and all Spencer had been doing was getting another legal pad.

The guilt though was slowly being replaced with anger because Spencer didn't think he was something to be ashamed of. He had three PhD and two BA and was working on a third, and even though Spencer would tell you otherwise he knew he was a good looking man. With the right ensemble he'd be arm candy. Why wouldn't Derek want to show him off?

Spencer heard a key in the lock. He took a deep, settling breath because as pissed off as he was at the moment he did understand that Derek must have had his reasons for keeping the news from him. He didn't want to blow up at his lover just because he'd worked himself into a fit. Maybe Derek had been waiting to tell him, the wedding wasn't for a few more months anyways.

"Hey Pretty Boy." Derek came into the apartment and came straight to Spencer to drop a kiss on his head.

"How was the class?" He unfolded his long legs and stood up following Derek to the kitchen.

Derek rolled his shoulders, "They don't go easy on me that's for sure. Ever since I flipped that one guy it's been open season." Derek lifted the cover off the crock pot. "Damn that smells good." They had put the chili together before they had left for work that morning.

"Mmhm," Spencer pulled Derek into his chest. "I think you smell good." He kissed Derek's neck softly, his lips tickled when Derek laughed.

"I guess I shouldn't tell you I didn't shower." He laughed in earnest when all Spencer did was bury his nose in the crook of Derek's neck.

"Must be why you smell so good."

"You're strange Baby Boy." He covered the chili and turned in Spencer's arms. Spencer might have been angry when Derek got home but now he was just relaxed and happy to have him there in his arms. Maybe it didn't matter if Derek wanted him to be his 'and guest.' "I have news." Derek smiled and wrapped his own arms around Spencer's narrow hips.

"What's up?" He kissed Derek's jaw enjoying the little sigh it caused Derek to let out.

"You trying to distract me Spencer because it's working." Derek yanked him a little closer and his laugh vibrated against Spencer's own chest.

Spencer smiled, "No." He dislodged himself with a playful push to Derek's chest when it seemed that the older man wasn't going to let him go easily.

"I--" Derek faltered a moment and Spencer busied himself with putting the corn bread in the oven. "Sarah's getting married, it's in June and she really wants you to be there." Derek said quickly his eyes watching Spencer watch the oven. No matter how hard Spencer tried he couldn't help profile Derek. Because maybe Sarah wanted Spencer there but Derek did not.

"That's great." Spencer smiled. "I'll have to call and congratulate her." If Derek could tell that Spencer had to force the cheerful sound of his voice, he didn't give it away.

Derek was starting to feel like an ass. It'd been a month since he'd told Spencer about Sarah's wedding and even though neither one of them had really said it it was the elephant in the room. Derek wasn't fooled that Spencer had seen right through his weak-ass attempt to invite him. They both respected the 'no profiling' but it was hard not to when Derek knew he had made it so damn obvious.

They were still them. They still alternated between Derek's townhouse and Spencer's apartment. They still made breakfast together, ate lunch together, and made dinner together. They still only drove one vehicle to work. But where Derek had already put his time off in, even though the wedding was on a weekend, Spencer had yet to do it. Derek would have thought Spencer had forgotten if it were possible.

"Hey," He fell down next to Spencer on the couch. Both Clooney and Spencer were jostled a bit but neither of them looked to mind much. Spencer's entire theory of the Reid Effect had been blown out of the water when Clooney and himself met. Other than giving the genius a sloppy kiss the first time they met, something that Derek hadn't heard the end of yet, Clooney loved Spencer. "What are we watching?"

"Hmm," Spencer looked up from the book that he was reading. He loved to watch Spencer read at home, it was the only time the young man's eyes didn't flick over the page faster than Derek could keep up. "I haven't been paying attention. I'm pretty sure Clooney has been changing the channels." He put his book aside.

"He does hog the controller." Derek pulled Spencer until they were resting with his back against the armrest and Spencer resting against his chest. "You haven't put you time-off in for the wedding yet." He said once they were settled.

Spencer shifted so he could look at Derek when he said, "I--uh actually I'm not going to make it. Rossi asked me to do another seminar with him and I agreed before I heard the date."

They weren't fooling each other. "That sucks, sure you can't get Prentiss to do it? There's still a month until the wedding." Derek knew that he had to make it seem like he was upset, but that wouldn't be a problem. Suddenly he really was upset that Spencer wasn't going to be there.

"Maybe, I'll see." Spencer leaned back so Derek couldn't see his face anymore. "I'll try, but I already called Sarah---so, yeah."

"Oh," The disappointment in his voice was geniune.

"Yeah," Was Spencer's weak response.

It was Friday and Derek was getting ready to leave early so he could get a start on driving. Spencer still wasn't sure why he had decided to drive instead of fly to Chicago.

"Hey Reid." Derek leaned over his chair and to the rest of the bullpen it may have looked like Derek was just reading something over his shoulder. Prentiss had a bit of a smirk on her face as she walked pass towards the break room but he chose to ignore that. "I'm going to get out of here. Love you." Derek squeezed his shoulder and straighten back up.

Spencer didn't want to say the words encase some one over heard so he just gave Derek a smile that he hoped said it for him. "See you on Monday Morgan." It wouldn't be Monday, it would be Sunday and hopefully they could put the last two awkward months behind them.

"Yeah," Derek looked like he had something else to say but instead just swung his overnight over his shoulder and walked towards the elevators.

"You are such an idiot." Spencer's head whipped to where Gracia was standing only a few feet away. "That boy wants nothing more than to have you on his arm at that wedding."

"No he doesn't and keep your voice down." Gracia wasn't talking that loud Spencer really just didn't want to have this conversation with her or anyone. It hadn't gone unnoticed by Spencer that Derek had seemed to change his mind but if they had one thing strongly in common they were both stubborn. Spencer was using that to his advantage by then concluding if Derek really wanted him to go then he would have said something and they would have talked through their problems in the first place.

"Yes he does Sugarbaby." Gracia grabbed Prentiss's chair and pulled it up to Spencer's desk so she could speak more privately to him. "He came into my office two days ago going off the deep end about how much of a jerk he had been and that he was now going to a wedding by himself when he could have easily been going with you. Showing his family that he wasn't thirty-three years old and still hadn't found someone special."

Spencer stared at Gracia for a long time trying to decide if she was telling the truth when it hit him that she had no reason to lie. "Then why didn't he just say something to me?"

"Why did you lie to him and say you were going to a seminar that you know Emily had already agreed to go to?" Gracia shot back quickly, one eyebrow rose to her hair line. "Hmm?"

"I---uh." Spencer could feel his face heating up. "Did Derek know that?" He asked quickly, terrified to hear the answer.

"No, Emily almost blew up your spot but a well placed elbow quieted her quickly." Gracia nudged him with her toe. "So? Are you going to get out of here or what? Because Hotch is about to come down here and ask why you didn't leave with my Hotstuff."

Spencer's face broke into a smile, "Thank you Penelope." He kissed her cheek and stood quickly put his messenger bag over his shoulder and made it for the elevator. "Oh," He turned and gave her a devilish smile. "That's my Hotstuff." Gracia squealed and waved him good bye.

When Derek got to his mother's that evening he was tired, sore and just wanted to get some much needed rest before the wedding tomorrow. When he let himself into the townhouse he wasn't expecting Mama to still be awake much less laughing merrily with someone in the kitchen.

"Mom?" He called making his way down the hall. The first thing he saw was his mother's smiling face and then the familiar wavy brown hair of his lover. "Spencer?"

"Look who showed up this evening out of the blue." Mama stood up from the table and Spencer politely followed, turning to face Derek with a shy smile. There was a hint of smugness to his mother's voice that said it wasn't a surprise that Spencer had shown up at her house. His mom gave him a bone crushing hug before turning to Spencer. "You," She swatted his arm affectionately. "Have kept me up long pass my bed time." She kissed his cheek and then kissed Derek's. "Goodnight boys." She made her way towards the stairs mumbling something that sounded suspiciously like, "Stubborn men." Then a little louder, "Don't stay up too much later. Early morning tomorrow."

They responded at the same time, "No ma'am," and shared a small smile.

"What are you doing here?" Derek wrapped his arms around Spencer and buried his face in his hair, so unfathomably happy to his lover.

"Penelope, your mother." He said simply. "Those two together are a dangerous combination."

"Why didn't you call? We could have driven out here together." It had been the longest nine hour trip ever.

"By the time I got home and packed a bag you were already an hour into the trip. It would have been pointless." Derek didn't even bother to tell him that it would not have been pointless to him.

"I'm so glad you're here." Derek kissed him softly.

Spencer sighed, "Yeah we should talk about that." He said quietly. "Why didn't you want me to come in the first place?"

"Could we drop it if I said it was my own unwarranted fears. It wont happen again because the idea of losing you because of my insecurities is a whole lot scarier than facing my family with my boyfriend." Derek didn't even mind that Spencer actually thought about it because honestly if the tables were turned Derek wasn't sure he would drop it until in he got an explantion.

"Just answer me one question. It's not because---well because you're embarrassed of me is it?" Spencer looked away and a blush was starting to blossom on his cheeks.

"No!" Derek said quickly. "I'm not embarrassed of you... I just--" He was cut off by a finger being pressed to his lips.

Spencer looked at him with soft eyes, "We don't ever have to talk about it. I don't mind." He leaned down a fraction to capture Derek's lips with his.

"C'mon Pretty Boy." He tugged at Spencer's vest a little. "Get me upstairs for some loving."

Spencer turned an unbelievable shade of red. "Not in your mother's house." He hissed, the blush spreading down his neck.

"Fine," Derek mock-pouted. "A little cuddling then." Spencer smiled at that and shook his head in agreement.

"I think that can be arranged." Spencer wrapped his arms around Derek and pulled him closer. Derek couldn't stop the toothy grin that erupted on his face, Spencer's answering one caused Derek to let out a throaty chuckle.

"I've missed you Pretty Boy."

"Didn't go any where," Spencer sighed against his lips.

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