When Spencer woke up it was to the gentle movements of walking. "What the..?" He looked at Derek who was, ironically, holding him bridal-style. "Put me down." He tried to make an effort to get back on his feet but Derek wasn't having it.

"You just let me carry you pretty boy." Derek kissed his forehead and held him a little tighter.

"You'll have-" Spencer yawned, "-to put me down when you get to the door." Though he had to admit he liked this. "Practice makes perfect right?" Derek looked at Spencer with a strange look and what he had said sunk in. "I mean--what I meant to say.. I-I-" Spencer's mouth snapped shut with an audible click. He buried his head the best he could at this angle and hoped Derek couldn't feel the heat coming off his face.

Once safely back on his feet Spencer wasted no time burning a trail up the stairs to the room Derek and him shared on their visits to Chicago. He fumbled several times trying to unbutton the vest; darker, less shaking hands took over, but Spencer was almost thankful to see that Derek's hands were trembling ever so slightly. "No reason to get so upset Spencer." Derek said softly, his warm breath brushing over his cheek right before Derek gave him a kiss.

"I pretty much said that-that.." Spencer wasn't even sure if he had said all that he had said. It sounded so much-- much more in his head. "I think the whole 'wedding bliss' is getting to me." He chuckled but it was heavy with discomfort.

Derek laughed, "Only you Spencer could get so flustered about eluding to commitment."

Spencer's eyebrows drew together, "We're already committed to each other." He said with a bit of confusion. "Right?"

"Yes. I meant something a little more.." Derek trailed off and Spencer had to wonder how in the world they had gotten here. But he sort of knew the answer to that; it'd been on his mind ever since he had seen Sarah smile at Jon. All those faces watching as they shared their ultimate happiness. Spencer groaned, "What?" Derek was fighting a frown.

"Nothing, nothing. I'm just.. my mind is all over the place. It's been a long day." Spencer took over when Derek started to unbutton his shirt. He needed to think clearly and he obvious wasn't going to be able to do that with Derek touching him, undressing him. "I'm just ready for bed." Spencer smiled and it was bright and shining and it put Derek at ease.

"Of course pretty boy." Derek started to take off his own suit.

"We wouldn't have to invite everyone that Sarah did, would we?" The button that Derek had been working through it's little hole tore off in his hand. "Don't ruin that, I like it." Spencer couldn't keep the grin off his face; he'd meant it as a joke but the more his tired brain thought about the idea the more he was enjoying it.

"No we wouldn't.." Derek said carefully and Spencer had to wonder how long he was going to continue this conversation. "Definitely no Aunt Heather."

"Oh but we'd have to invite Becca and Michael. I don't even want to imagine the sort of spam she would send me if we didn't." Spencer was pulling his t-shirt over his head and missed the baffled look on Derek's face.

"You exchanged e-mails with Rebecca?"

"Yeah she wanted to be able to stay in contact with us considering her mother would never actually let her call you or see you." Spencer got under the sheet and waited for Derek to join him before continuing the conversation. "Definitely have to have Bethany, Margret and Rachael come. And all those guys.. Um Paul, Kyle, Tommy, Marcus.. I don't know about your cousin Dee.. Unless of course..." Spencer trailed off finally embarrassed that he was considering this so closely.

"No way," Derek pulled Spencer to him and ran a loving hand up and down his back. "Dee started the whole rumor mill going. Leave him out in the cold." Derek put a finger under Spencer's chin and brought his face up to look him in the eye. "Pretty boy are we talking about a wedding here or are we just.. talking?"

"Considering that neither of us has actually proposed I would say this is sleep deprivation and a lingering feeling of how exciting it was to watch Sarah share with everyone her happiness." Spencer said it so seriously, with that same tone he used when sprouting facts and statistics that both of them laughed. Spencer put his head back on Derek's shoulder. "I love you Derek."

"I love you too pretty boy." They could talk more about a more permanent commitment in the morning; when Spencer couldn't blame sleep deprivation.

Morning came way too soon it felt like, the idea of a thirteen hour car drive ahead of them making it feel like they got even less sleep. Derek had to be glad though, the trip would go so much faster with Spencer with him.

"I still can't believe Gracia and your mom did all that planning behind our backs. I mean she bought me a suit and had it sent here." Spencer was busy packing away the few things he had dragged out of his go-bag.

Derek chuckled, "I can believe it. Our babygirl always has the good ideas." Spencer was spending an unneeded amount of time fiddling with his bag and Derek knew he was trying to avoid their conversation from last night; even if it hadn't been mentioned at all. "Spencer," He wrapped his arms around the younger man from behind. "You're thinking way too hard. That big brain of yours is going to short-circuit if you're not careful."

"I was just--I was just thinking about last night that was all."

"Oh," Derek kissed his neck, "I know what you were thinking about." He said softly. "I don't need anything more than what we have right now. It's more than enough for me." Derek put one of his hands over Spencer's hearts. "I know it's mine."

Spencer laughed and it sounded like he was a bit breathless. "Yeah," He turned in his arms and put that hand back over his heart and placed one of his own over Derek's. "Same here."

"Good, so lets just push it to the side. No reason to fret over it." Derek leaned in and was met half way; it was a gentle, loving kiss and held promise to it.

"Hasn't anyone told you," Spencer grinned. "I'm the king at fretting over things." Derek laughed loud and hearty.

"Hey!" There was an insistent knocking on their door. "Lovebirds," Desiree shouted through the wood. "Get your asses in gear. You've got a hell of a drive ahead of you and Mama's got lots of food down here." As Desiree walked away they could hear her mumbling, "Looks like shes going to feed a small militia."

Spencer's eyes lit up, "Let's go." He pulled on Derek's arm.

"Damn babyboy you'd think you'd never eaten my mama's cooking before." Derek laughed allowing himself to be pulled out of the room.

"If I could have your mother's cooking everyday it would not be enough." Spencer said as they entered the kitchen and it earned him that thousand watt smile that his mother reserved for her children.

"One of these days you boys will move closer and you'll have all the home cooked meals that you want." Fran said with more hope than conviction.

"Maybe Mama, maybe." Derek gave her a peck on the cheek and Spencer got a hug. "Suck up." He mumbled in his lover's ear. All he got was a knowing grin and small shrug of Spencer's shoulders that said, 'Of course.'

"Eat up," Fran put two huge plates down in front of them over flowing with food.

"Mama you're not trying to fatten us up for thanksgiving dinner or something are you?" Derek teased as they dug in.

Fran just smiled, she ran one hand lovingly over Derek's scalp and the other ruffled Spencer's still slightly bed mused hair. "Maybe I'm just hoping you'll be too full to leave right away."

"Mama," Desiree smirked. "I didn't know you were skilled in the art of manipulation and guilt-tripping."

The grin playing at Fran's lips brought a laugh from everyone. "I'm a mother of three Desi I mastered guilt-trips a long time ago."

"And don't we know it." Derek said with grin, he held up his hands in surrender when his Mother swatted him playfully.

Spencer brought it up again because Derek had been content on letting the subject drop until a later date, a date as late as Spencer needed it to be since it seemed that the idea made him uncomfortable.

They were about in hour into their trip and Spencer had been reading his latest Sci-fi novel aloud when he had snapped the book shut and said, "I've always pictured a winter wedding. You know when I've thought about it." Derek was so surprised he didn't even get a comment in before Spencer was continuing. "Not with you. Until yesterday the idea had never crossed my mind, but once in college I almost asked my girlfriend at the time if she would marry me. Thankfully I realized how bad of an idea it would be before I made a fool of myself. I was still riding the high of getting my first PhD and I would be finished my second in less than a semester and I thought it was the perfect way to round out such an accomplishing year.

"I bought a small ring, it wasn't much, this was before I was old enough to gamble.. Not that that lasted long before I was--" Spencer shook himself and Derek knew he was trying to put his thoughts back into the order that he wanted them in. "I was all ready to propose I'd even started giving thought to a date and everything. This was also before I knew that traditionally the female sets the wedding date. I always pictured a winter wedding, with white roses and some sort of deep purple or blue flower. My mother's favorite color.

"I set up the night perfectly. Romantic dinner, everything. But I got cold feet about half way through the dinner when I was going to ask her and by the end of the night I had become so awkward and stand-offish that she thought it was a break-up dinner and left me sitting there alone before I could even explain to her what happen." Spencer sighed, "I've never thought about it again." There was an underlying message there that Derek got loud and clear: "Until now." Spencer was saying.

"You know we couldn't really get married, right?" It felt like the stupid thing to say considering that of course Spencer knew they couldn't get married.

"I wouldn't want to marry in a church or anything. I know it would never be official with a license and everything but it would still be nice to have our family and friends there and make that commitment." Derek could see a light bulb go off in Spencer's head. "We could ask Gracia to perform the ceremony. Oh god she would love that." His eyes were practically twinkling with the ideas.

"We could walk down together." Spencer turned and looked at him his eyes wide with happiness that Derek seemed to be just a warmed to the idea as he was. "Since no one is really giving us away."

"We could do this.. Make that commitment." Spencer's voice was a mixture of hope and awe.

Derek grinned and took Spencer's hand, "We can do anything pretty boy." He brought their linked hands to his mouth a placed a gentle kiss on Spencer's pale knuckles.

"So," Spencer's smile looked like it could split his face wide open, "Derek Morgan will you marry me?"

Thank you to everyone for the support during this story, it was so much fun to write and it means the world to know that others have enjoyed it. There are two sequels in the workds for this right now so be expecting them to show up, when I don't know for sure. I have a problem with having too many projects at once soo.. yeah. Some time soon.