mär: Remixed and Retold

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Important Note: This story starts at the first chapter of mär and continues from there but with a twist. :3


"blah"- Talking

'blah'- Thinking

blah- Flashbacks/scenery changes/letters/dream

blah- Voice/emphasis/other


"GRAAAAAH!! STRIKE, THUNDER FORCE!!!" yelled Toramizu Ginta as he jumped onto his desk, gripping his ruler like a sword, and then suddenly stopped.

"Uh…" were the intelligent words that came out of his mouth as he was now conscious and the class fell silent.

"Ginta…you just…can't stop, can you?!" said Yazawa-sensei, the teacher, as his anger spiked and the piece of chalk in his hand snapped from his rising.

"GO DO 100 LAPS AROUND THE TRACK!!!" the teacher yelled.

Toramizu Ginta(14). Middle School 2nd year.

Ginta sat on the classroom floor, panting and wheezing from running.

Athleticism: 0. Vision: 0.1.(Too much gaming).

"You're pathetic, Gin!" said one of Ginta's classmates as he stood not too far from the wheezing Ginta.

He continued with, "I mean, passing out on the 6th lap! No stamina!"

He then turned to teasing, "Here's your Thunder Force. Defeat Yazawa with this!"

A random student laughed in the back round as Ginta said as his anger started to rise, "Are you …makin' fun o' me?!"

Grades: below average.

" 'Course you'll need to double you height. You should drink more milk!" the same guy said as he lifted Ginta off the ground by the back part of his school uniform's shirt.

Always at the front of the line for the morning assembly.(1)

Said classmate got smacked in the back of the head as female voice said, "I told you to stop it!"

Koyuki, the female whom just smacked her classmate in the back of the head, then asked, "Will you guys quit bullying Ginta?!"

"Yeah, you guys should act your age, not you shoe size, you bakas." another female voice calmly said as she stood right next to Koyuki.

This female that stood next to Koyuki was Akacho Kyoko, who was the tallest, smartest, most athletic, and had the best eyesight in the class, but was an ex-yankee, wore weird jewelry, has a fiery temper, an okay face, long, naturally orange hair, deep purple eyes, and had an okay body, toned and strong muscles, hidden nicely by her pale skin, and graceful hands with the nails painted black.

"C'mon…we're not bullyin' him, Koyuki, Kyoko." another classmate said.

He then added, "We're testin' him! Like…how far will his moth stretch?" he the grabbed the corners of Ginta's mouth and stretched them in opposite directions, random classmates laughing in the background.

"Quit it!!" Koyuki yelled at them.

"Seriously." Kyoko said calmly as she subtly got closer to Ginta and try and free him.

Ginta then snapped and said, "Now…you really…MADE ME MAD!!" as he angrily chased his classmates.

"Ginta's lost it!" one them yelled as ran from Ginta's rampage.

"S'ok. He'll crash after two minutes." the other said.

Both Koyuki and Kyoko sighed at the scene before them.


"So. What were you dreaming today?" Koyuki asked Ginta as they, Koyuki, Kyoko, and Ginta, walked home from school. (2)

"The usual right?" Kyoko asked as she stuck her hands into her skirt pockets. (3)

"Yep!" Ginta said as put his hands behind his head and then continued with, "The fairyland of Märchen!! A demon king invades!! He abducts the princess and I battle him!!"

He then said in a slightly dejected tone, "If I'd kept dreamin' a little longer, I've won…"

"Hey, hey! What kind of girl is the princess? Is she cuter than me?" Koyuki asked as she looked at Ginta with a curious glint in her eyes and cute smile.

Ginta blushed as he remembered that the girl in his dream an exact duplicate of Koyuki.

"She's 100 times cutter'n you! No, 1000 times!" Ginta said, lying to Koyuki.

Kyoko chuckled as she saw through Ginta's lie and the interaction between him and Koyuki.

Koyuki responded with, "That's mean!"

Ginta then said, "But you know…I've been counting. I've had that dream…exactly 102 times!"

He continued with, "I can see the mountains…the rivers…the candy houses and laughing trees. There's a bird with three heads…and dwarfs…and fairies…!"

"And do the butterflies talk?!" Koyuki asked, getting excited about the world that Ginta was talking about.

Ginta responded with, "Baka! Butterflies don't talk! It's the flowers that talk!"

"If there really is a world like the ones in my dreams…I wish I could go!! Just once!!" Ginta said, with enthusiasm.

"Heh. I'd go wit ya Gintan; sounds way cooler than this place." Kyoko said with a small grin as she called Ginta by her favorite nickname for him.(4)

Koyuki gave her friends a small smile and then said, "Don't worry! I believe you will, Ginta!"

Ginta then asked/said, "Really?! You're the only one other than Kyoko who doesn't laugh…"

Koyuki responded with, "Why should I? I believe in UFOs and ghosts, too!"

Koyuki pulled out two chocolate bars and gave one to Kyoko and one to Ginta and then said, "But before you go…You need to eat well and get stronger! Or you'll get creamed in that world too, Ginta!"

"Later Koyuki! And don't worry, if I'm goin' wit 'im, he'll have nothing to worry about!" Kyoko said as Koyuki quickly walked in the direction of her house.

Ginta looked at Kyoko with a slightly peeved face and said, "Did you have to say that?"

Kyoko chuckled and said as she put the chocolate bar into her pocket, "I'm joking Ginta, I would help you time to time, but I'd let you fight your own battles. I only said it to relieve her of worry."

"Yeah, whatever." Ginta replied they continued walking to their homes.

"Ginta…" Kyoko started to say with a smile on her face.

"What?" he asked as they continued walking.

"…I have dreams about that place too." Kyoko said with a cat-like grin.

"Really?" Ginta asked.

"Hai, same place but my dreams show a family; a mom, dad, and an orange-haired, purple-eyed girl, and they leave an island country of wizards and witches, and live in a small house and make these weird jewelry." Kyoko said as she touched her silver necklace that had an angel with her wings extended and was holding a small, shiny red stone in her cupped hands.

"That, and you don't remember anything before your 8th birthday and were adopted." Ginta added.

"Well…that too." Kyoko agreed as they both entered the apartment complex, went up the stairs and when they got to Ginta's floor, she stopped and said, "Later Ginta." and then continued walking up the stairs.

"Later Kyoko." Ginta said as he walked into the hall and went to the apartment room where he lived.

::A few minutes later::

"The land of Märchen? There's no such place." Ginta's mom said with a straight face.

"But 102 times! That's weird!!" Ginta said loudly as his mom scooped more rice into her bowl.

"Yeah, yeah. Like your brain!" said in a nonchalant way.

She continued with, "Got another call from your teacher today. "Your son is always sleeping!" Which wouldn't be so bad if you didn't also dream while you're awake!!"

"Do you enjoy crushing your son's dreams?! Aren't you a fantasy writer?!" Ginta yelled at his mom angrily.

His mother retorted with, "I'm a writer, not a slack-jawed moron!! I write to pay for your pencils and glasses!!" she yelled back just as angrily.

"Then I'll drop outta school!!!" Ginta yelled back.

"You'll have to be tougher'n this to live on the streets!!" she yelled back.

"Would both o' ya shut the hell up?!?! The whole apartment complex can hear you!!!" Kyoko yelled from her apartment room one floor above them.

Both were silent for a few seconds before Ginta's mom said, "Your friend is good at shutin' people up."

Ginta nervously laughed and said, "You don't know the half of it." as he took his dirty dinner dish and brought it into the kitchen.


The analog clock (5) read 5 minutes past midnight as Ginta continued to play video games.

Ginta started to get tired and he thought, 'When I first dreamed of…that land…I didn't even count how many times I saw it. But the dreams I had once a day in elementary school…come several times a day now.'

He continued to think, 'I've dreamt of stealing medicine from an old witch. Of turning into a bird and flying towards a castle on a cliff.'

Ginta saved and turned off the game he was playing, took off and put away his glasses, and then he thought, 'Every night I ask, "what adventures will I have tonight?" Going to bed is more exciting than playing video games!'

Ginta plopped onto his futon and then thought, '…O' course, someday I'll be an adult. I'll go to college, get a job, get married…I'll be a different me. Maybe…I'll have the dreams less and less. Until I've forgotten.'

Ginta sat up quickly and thought, I don't like that. I don't want to grow up! …Now I'm sounding like Peter Pan.'

"Could he…take me to Never Land, just like Wendy?" he asked himself as some sadness started to grow.

"…Yeah, sure." Ginta said in a slightly sarcastic tone and he then thought, 'There's no such place. I know that!'

He grabbed the chocolate bar that Koyuki had given him earlier that day and thought, 'Except…There's one person…who believes me! …Wait, scratch that, two people. Kyoko believes me too.'

"…get stronger!" "I have dreams about that place too."

Ginta smiled slightly at the memories as he looked at the chocolate bar.

Suddenly a vision of a boy with black hair with a deep blue tint, pale skin, and in clothes that were different from modern-day clothes, flashed before Ginta's eyes.

Then, Ginta was floating in pure dark, surprised and confused.

'Very soon…' a male voice said.

"Huh…?" Ginta said.

'The Connection.' Then Ginta was back in his room.

"What…just happened?" Ginta asked no one and then asked aloud, "Who…said that?!"

::Hours later, at school::

"Ginta. Need to talk with you. Now." Kyoko full out demanded as she sat in her chair backwards to face Ginta and had a dead serious look on her face.

"Yeah?" Ginta asked in a half-asleep daze.

"Did a vision of a guy with black hair, pale skin, and weird clothes flash before your eyes?" Kyoko asked loud enough for Ginta to hear, but soft enough that the rest of the class couldn't.

"…Hai." Ginta replied.

"Then started to float in pitch black darkness while hearing a voice say, 'Very soon… The Connection.' and then everything is normal?" Kyoko asked.

"Hai, why do ya ask?" Ginta asked before yawning slightly.

"…Because that happened to me too." Kyoko said in a slightly freaked out voice.

"Weird." Ginta said and it got quiet for a few seconds.

"Your 103rd dream?" Koyuki asked as she tapped Ginta's book with her hand to get his attention and crossed her arms around her back and said, "Tell me about it!"

"Yeah…I'll tell you!" Ginta said as his face and Kyoko's lightened up from the awkward silence.

"Well…" Ginta started to say before…

'Connected!!!' the voice from before said as the classroom went pitch black and a weird symbol of circle within a slightly larger circle appeared on the floor; the slightly smaller circle was a face that had two plus signs for eyes and its tongue sticking out, and the slightly larger one had markings in it.

The other students started to panic while Ginta, Koyuki, and Kyoko saw it; a giant monster-thing that floated in mid-air, plus-mark eyes, its tongue sticking out, and three metal chains attached to it.

"Tunnel Open!" it said in a singsong-y tone.

"M-m-monster!!!" one of the students yelled from inside the classroom.

"Get out of here!! Run!! It's normal outside the room!!!" one of the students yelled from outside of the classroom.

The rest of the students except for Koyuki, Kyoko, and Ginta made a mad-dash for the door.

Koyuki's legs failed her as she slumped to the floor and then Ginta picked her up bridal-style and said, "Do you see, Koyuki? It wasn't a dream!!!"

"It really wasn't a dream." Kyoko said as she stepped closer to Ginta and Koyuki.

"It's that world!! But this time…It's not a dream!!!" Ginta said and Kyoko then stood beside them.

"…You…can see?" the thing asked both Ginta and Kyoko.

"Hai, I can see it and so can Ginta." Kyoko said loud and clear.

Koyuki was quiet until she asked, "I…don't see anything. But Ginta and Kyoko can? Can they only see this world?"

The thing threw a dice and it landed on two.

It, the monster thing, said, "It say '2'! Only two can come! You can see, yes? You want to run away from your own world, yes? So tunnel opens for you! Walk in!"

"Kyoko, Ginta, get outta there!!!" one of their classmates shouted.

"Bring Koyuki!!! Hurry!!!" another classmate shouted.

Koyuki said/asked, "I…want to go too. Please?"

It replied, "It say '2'. More than two come…maybe bad thing happen if '3' went."

"Oh…" Koyuki said and Ginta then looked at Koyuki in his arms and turned to the classroom door.

It was quiet as Ginta walked towards the door and placed Koyuki outside of the door and said with determination, "I'm going."

The other students started to panic as they tried to get Ginta and Kyoko out of the room.

"Mou, You're takin' forever Gintan!" Kyoko said in an annoyed tone.

Koyuki then said in a dejected voice, "No fair…Ginta, Kyoko…promise you'll tell me all about it!

"Promise!" both Ginta and Kyoko said at the same time.

Kyoko then said to Ginta with tears of joy threatening to fall from her eyes, "Ginta, I remembered my lost memories from so long ago, and I'll tell you about in the other world."

Ginta then smiled and said, "Okay."

They stepped forward and opened the chained gate and went through it.

The giant gate disappeared and so did the monster-like thing and the classroom went back to normal.

"Ginta…Kyoko…?" a classmate asked the empty classroom.

"They're gone…" another classmate said.

Koyuki then said/asked, "Ha! Is this what they mean by 'a dream come true'?"


In a mountainous wooded area under the light of a waning crescent, a silver ring with clown and a door on it shattered from the finger of an unknown character.(6)

"The Dimension ärm's been destroyed." a small, feminine voice said.

"Superb. That means the summons worked. The other-worlder…is coming here!" said the other calm, male voice.

But, unbeknownst to those two, they got more than one other-worlder.



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(1)- i have no idea what this means, i'm just typing it. lol ^_^'

(2)- Yeah… my character, Kyoko, lives in the same apartment complex, but lives on different floor than Ginta in this story.

(3)- Skirts can have pockets!!! lol.

(4)- Gintan is basically 'Ginta-tan', with 'tan' being a cutesy way of saying 'chan' and with 'Ginta' shortened to 'Gin'. does that make any sense at all??? XD lol.

(5)- clocks that use the 'hour hand' and 'minute hand' instead the numbers on a digital clock.

(6)- at least…for now…lol.

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