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'Even after all this time, Alan still makes badly misunderstood jokes...' Morgana couldn't help but think as she watched as Ed purposely gave Ginta and Jack very little food and Babbo none, all the while he had a feast on his side of the table in the restaurant they were eating in, which was located in a small port town known as Pelika.

Morgana sighed inwardly as the boys reacted in the way Ed wanted them to, to which she quietly ate from her plate full of food, before Snow said in a scolding manner, "Cut it out Ed! Let them eat what they want."

Snow then turned to the rest of the group as she said with a sweet smile, "And I would really like to thank you guys for rescuing me! I'm grateful for all that you did! Also, please call me Snow!"

After some proper-but-quick introductions, Ed got serious as he said, "Now then, we should start this meeting with an information briefing, to which we'll plan our next course of action..."

They all nodded before Morgana, who also was in a serious state of mind, said professionally, "Ginta and I came to MÄR-Heaven via the Gatekeeper Clown approximately ten days ago and acquired Babbo on the same day. The three of us traveled for about seven days, during which I covertly took care of any bandits and thieves along our path, before we encountered Jack and his mother, to which they gave us food and shelter for a day-and-a-half. The four of us then traveled to and spent one day in Paji Town, where I was able to get supplies and the guys did some window-shopping, before the boys ran into some bandits and said bandits took Babbo. We were able to retrieve him without much trouble and continued on our journey before I started training them and their Sixth-Sense, to which I then found Edward the dog out-cold on the ground near our base camp. When I returned with Edward, the boys were able to make slight progress in their training, to which we followed Edward to where Snow was and the rest is history."

Ed gave a contemplative look as he said, "I see," before he looked at the dark-haired princess and said, "Snow!"

"Right!" Snow said as she quickly got out a map and unrolled it in the middle of the table, to which Ed said, "This is MÄR-Heaven."

"Right now, we're here," Morgana said as she pointed to a small island in the north as she continued with, "A small island by the name of Pajilika. It has only two towns and no head-of-government, meaning the country is run by the people."

"What? We're in the boondocks?" Ginta asked, to which Jack responded with, "And what's wrong with that?"

Ed then pointed to a large country in the south and recaptured the boy's attention as he said, "Here is the country of Lestava, Snow's place of birth and the Chess Pieces' H.Q."

After discussing things, Ed and Snow joined the group before they finished up their meal and traveled to secluded wooded area. Ed then revealed that the cave that Babbo was sealed was created by him, the box couldn't be opened by someone with Magic-Energy, and that the Guardian Ärm would kill anyone the non-Magic-Energy being, making it the perfect trap. Ed then used some Magic-Energy to blast a nearby column, which revealed Dorothy, who was a familiar face to Morgana, Ginta, Jack, and Babbo. Ginta explained to Ed that he and Dorothy got Babbo together, but it seemed that a fight was about to break out between Ed and Dorothy.

But Snow quickly intervened as she put herself between the two as she said, "No fighting! She's a friend of Ginta's, right? Then she can't be a bad person!"

After that was settled, Ed gave Ginta three Enchanted-Gems to give Babbo the ability to become stronger, before the brunette male sent Dorothy, Jack, Ginta, and Snow into a training dimension via two ornate doors that opened up from under them. The doors soon closed, keeping the four in there for their allotted time as Ed was in a state of nostalgia.

Morgana smiled as she sat herself against a nearby tree as she said, "Ah, the 'Training Gate' dimension ärm, I got so much stronger through that, just as Boss did, although he came to MÄR-Heaven a few days after I was teleported to Ginta's world... I actually met Boss before he came here, he had a wife who wrote fantasy books and a blonde kid with spiky hair. And that kid's name was Toramizu Ginta, the same kid you just sent to get stronger..."

Ed grinned at the orange-haired girl, who had been and still is a little sister to him, before he chuckled lightly and said, "Like father, like son I suppose..."

He then pulled out a cigarette and started to smoke it, to which Morgana said, "Those things are so bad for your health, but I guess it's one of the few ways to stay awake..."

Morgana pulled out a cigarette-like object and placed it between her lips before Ed commented with, "And you're scolding me for smoking..."

The orange-haired girl grinned as she replied with, "It's not tobacco, it's a paikuraka cigarette, better known to everyone as a kig-stick. In Ginta's world, there's plant that's similar to the paikuraka plant known as cannabis, but it has a slightly different high, you tend to be more forgetful when one smokes it, and it can sometimes gets one too relaxed that it wouldn't work for self-defense, and they would call a cannabis cigarette a joint..."

Morgana then lit the kig-stick and took a good hit before she said, "Besides, you introduced it to me so I wouldn't tell the other members of the Cross-Guard, because it's a legal, but hard-to-find substance and they would've wanted some if I did tell them about it..."

Ed had forgotten about that detail before he asked, "Speaking of hard-to-get, how did you get some?"

Morgana, now a bit more relaxed but still clear-minded and alert, said fluidly, "I had found two healthy, adult paikuraka plants, one male and one female, a good mile-and-a-half in the wooded area north of where my house is, well was before I gave the remnants of it and my parents a proper burial..."

It was quiet for a second or so before she continued with, "Anyways, I collected about half of the buds from the plants and made sure I collected all the fertile seeds from them. And since their maximum fertility levels last about ten years and I can use my nature ärms to make them grow, I'm able to have an unlimited stock."

Ed breathed in his cigarette smoke as he clicked his tongue before he said, "All I can say is, you're one lucky kid, squirt."

Morgana chuckled lightly before she said, "No worries Ed, I'm willing to share since I have plenty of it..."

Ed nodded with a light smirk, before he looked over at a Magic-Energy signature and said, "You behind the bushes and trees, come out!"

The figure came forward and it was revealed to be Alviss with Bell sitting on his left shoulder, before he then said to Ed, "It's been awhile Alan!"

Ed's cigarette nearly fell out of his mouth as he remembered Alviss when he was younger before he said, "I remember you! You were that kid that joined the Cross Guard six years ago! You grew up and became more powerful since I last saw ya!"

Morgana then asked Ed, "You two know each other?"

It was then that Alviss noticed Morgana against the tree, but Ed was quicker as he said, "We're both members of the Cross Guard."

Ed then turned to Alviss and said, "And I know Morgana because the first of the Cross Guard, before we officially formed it, were good friends with her parents. When Morgana was introduced to us, we slowly but surely became friends and comrades with her."

"Ah, those were good times: the playful nicknames, the hard days of training, the nights of eating and laughing..." Morgana said in a pleased, nostalgic voice, before Ed interjected in a sarcastic manner, "The pranks you played on us, the crap you put us through, the days when you woke up at the crack of dawn and then proceeded to wake us up in the loudest, most obnoxious manner..."

She then pouted lightly as she said, "Most kids are mischievous at that age and you guys got your revenge by using tickle-torture on me until I was gasping for air! Besides, you were able to laugh about it later and I did those things during our first couple of days together because I wanted to see if you were good people, see if you could tolerate future comrades, and see how well you could handle unexpected situations..."

Ed and Alviss stared in disbelief before she continued with, "Besides, why do you think my parents never really punished me for my 'bad behavior'? They knew what I was doing and let me confirm what they already knew. And didn't you notice that I basically stopped doing the pranks and such when I felt you were trustworthy? And the 'scolding' they gave me the day of? They were just playing along and made the whole thing look like I just had behavior issues, but they actually raised me to be very polite and respectful. They also raised me to be cautious and wary of people's intentions..."

Ed, in retrospect, made a lot of sense, but Alviss then remembered something and said, "Oh! I wish to thank you for the ärm you gave me. I have noticed that my 'condition' is spreading at a much slower pace than it was before..."

Morgana smiled at Alviss as she said, "It's no big deal. In fact, I have some spares just in case, because it's a really strong curse and, sooner or later, it will eventually overwhelm the ärm and..."

And right as she was about to finish her sentence, the ring ärm that was holding back Alviss's curse broke and crumbled to pieces, causing the orange-haired girl to say, "Shit! Didn't think it would break that quickly, but, luckily, the spares I made are much more powerful than the previous one..."

Morgana got up, walked over to Alviss, and handed him a small pouch full of the new ring ärms, before she turned to Ed and said, "I met Alviss when Babbo was stolen and we were getting him back. He helped take care of the other bandits, informed us me and Ginta that he used the Gatekeeper Clown to bring us here, and gave us some warnings about the Chess Pieces."

She then stretched and said, "Well, I'm hungry, so I'm gonna get some food! I'll make sure to bring back some for you Ed."

With that, Morgana sprinted off into the forest to gather food, leaving Ed and Alviss alone to talk. The two talked about their current situation, their curses, and the past, before Ed informed Alviss that Ginta was Boss's son, that Boss was just as weak as Ginta before he became stronger, and that Morgana had met Boss before he came to MÄR-Heaven. Then a distress call through Ed's earring ärm that the Chess Pieces were attacking, but he didn't move an inch.

"Alan! You've got to help them!" Alviss yelled at him, but he still didn't budge.

"He wants to Alviss, but he can't," Morgana said, coming through the bushes with fruits, vegetables, and a large roasted pig, before she continued with, "Not only does Ed have the Training Gates activated, but also two guardian ärms, so even if he wanted to go and save them, he can't. I stayed with Ed to bring food and water, keep him awake, and fight off any Chess Pieces that may come our way. It's not the greatest situation, but it's what we've got right now!"

Alviss nodded in understanding before Ed said, "Go help them in my place Alviss..."

He nodded again before heading off, determined to help as many as he can.

:: Three Days Later... ::

Ed was at his limit and Morgana couldn't do much about it as she thought, 'Shit! This is not good! Hurry up Ginta!'

"Found you doggy boy and carrot-top!" A unpleasantly familiar voice said, causing Ed and Morgana to look over and see Ian and a masked pawn.

Morgana glared them down as she smirked evilly and said, "Oh, come back for another ass-whooping fuck-face? Well, I'll gladly serve you a hearty plate of it with a side of bruises and broken bones, all topped off with a drizzle of your leaking bodily fluids!"

Ian didn't even flinch as he said with a sinister grin, "I just want to know where Ginta is. I want a rematch!"

Morgana's smirk grew even bigger as she said, "Gintan ain't here right now, so tough luck! If ya wanna fight him, you'll have to go through me first!"

With that, Ian shot out a multitude of attacks from his new ärm, Weapon Ärm: Octopus, at Morgana, but his attacks were deflected by an unseen source. Her smirk grew again as she bolted forward and punched him right in the gut, knocking the breath out of him as he was sent flying back and through two trees. Ian was able to get up and the pawn tried to move closer to him, but Morgana merely glared at the pawn, freezing their movements out of fear.

"Guardian Ärm: 'Ultimate Defense' is the only guardian ärm that moves moves with the ärm-user, which I created at six years of age and still use it to this day. No one can destroy it or find away around it and since it moves with its' user, it's truly the perfect defense." Morgana said, completely calm as she waited for Ian to attack again.

And as she predicted, Ian attacked her again, but his attacks were cut to pieces by Ginta, who was finally done with his three days of training. Ginta took over for Morgana, showing Babbo's new forms, his first one being 'Hammer and Dagger', a two-in-one weapon ärm that smashes and slices, and the second being 'Bubble Launcher', a gun that shoots out Babbo-shaped bubbles that explode and double as a distraction. Morgana admired smart but creative transformations for Babbo, especially their successful use in battle, before Ginta punched Ian with Babbo's hammer form in the stomach. Ian started to cough up blood, wondering how Ginta got so strong, before Jack and Dorothy returned from their training as well, with Dorothy covering Ginta in kisses which made Snow very jealous. The pawn, Gido, told Ian to heal himself with their holy ärm as they went up against Jack, assuming that he was weak. Jack threw the pawn back with an earth blast with his newly improved Battle Shovel, before Ian offered a holy ärm, Angel of Healing, to the group in exchange for healing the pawn and leaving in peace.

"He's telling the truth..." Morgana said, having activated an ärm of hers that shows if someone is lying or not.

Ginta gladly accepted the deal, to which they found out that Gido is female as she said to Ian as she was being healed, "I apologize Ian..."

After she was healed, Ian handed Morgana the holy ärm, but before the two Chess Pieces could leave, Morgana gave Ian an intricate and ornate ärm sphere and said, "This is just a little message for not only your higher-ups, but for all of MÄR-Heaven as well. And I'll know if it's properly delivered or not, so you better not try anything sneaky..."

Ian smirked as he took the orb-ärm and the two Chess Pieces disappeared, with Ian promising Ginta for a true rematch, to which Ed gave them a warning before promptly passing out and transforming back to Edward the dog. Edward said his greetings before angrily yelling at Ginta for stealing Snow's first kiss by accident in the castle, to which chaos broke loose amongst the group.

:: Meanwhile, at the Chess Pieces' H.Q. ::

"I was given this orb-like ärm by a chick with orange-hair and purple eyes by the name of Morgana. And she not to do any funny business to it or she'll kick my ass 'till I'm six feet under, but she also said that it was a message to you guys and the rest of the world..." Ian explained to the Knight-Class Chess Pieces that he stood in front of.

The strongest of them, a man of about twenty with silver hair, a bandaged arm, and an ornate mask that only covered his eyes, held out his hand and ordered, "Give it to me, I'm familiar with this type of ärm..."

Ian then nodded as he said, "Of course, Phantom..."

Ian gave Phantom the spherical ärm, to which the silver-haired man quickly solved the puzzle-sphere ärm and activated it, before it fell to the floor and projected a pre-recorded full-sized image of Morgana standing calmly.

The image of Morgana, completely calm and stoic, then said, "Greetings. For those who don't know me, I am Morgana Alphonse, daughter of the deceased Erica and Arthur Alphonse and true heir to the Ärmsmiths Guild of Calserveilea. I wish to inform you that I am well-aware that Halloween, the killer of my parents and the one who nearly killed me, was ordered to specifically kill me and my parents by your 'Queen', to which Halloween and your Queen are the targets of my hate and anger, but with their deaths will my parent's cruel deaths be justified. And when this message is finished, another message will be broadcasted to all of MÄR-Heaven and to my remaining guild-brethren. To those who wish to interfere with my plans, friends, or comrades, I will not show mercy..."

With that, the ärm imploded on itself and released a ball of energy that zoomed towards the sky, to which it displayed a complete image of Morgana in the sky, being seen and heard by all of MÄR-Heaven, before the image said, "Greetings to all of MÄR-Heaven! I am Morgana Alphonse, daughter of the deceased Erica and Arthur Alphonse and true heir to the Ärmsmiths Guild of Calserveilea! I have returned from a far land and I'm calling out to any remaining members of our brethren! If you wish to join me, then I welcome you! If you wish not to fight, but are willing to help my cause, then I welcome you as well! If you wish not to get involved, I'm an understanding person and will not judge your choice, but if have joined the Chess Pieces, then I will show no mercy on your soul! To those who have given up and have lost all hope, I will not quit until peace has returned to MÄR-Heaven nor will my friends, who have formed a new resistance against the Chess Pieces! For as my mother once said to me, 'Darkness, whether it be in the world or in our hearts, is only caused by an obstacle of some kind blocking the light! But if one is able to face this obstacle and get rid of it, then one shall gain back their light, with lessons learnt and a stronger resolve!' So please, join us or support us in our fight to return MÄR-Heaven to its' former glory!"

When the image of Morgana was finished speaking, said image dissolved into pieces of light and spread across MÄR-Heaven, healing the injured, stopping the fires, regrowing lost vegetation, and giving some hope back to MÄR-Heaven's inhabitants.

"We will start the War-Games sooner than expected." Phantom said calmly before he continued with, "I will be in my chambers, planning our next moves, so wish not to be disturbed..."

The other Chess Pieces gave either victorious yells or blood-lust filled grins as Phantom, with no one questioning his reasons to be alone, retreated to his quarters and closed the door. He walked to his bed and laid down on it, not to sleep or nap, but to rest his immortal body as he closed his eyes and thought of his past:

"Mr. Tom! I made you something!" A young girl with shining purple eyes and orange hair that was just as short as his said as she ran up to him excitedly.

Phantom, under the name Tom, smiled genuinely at the small girl as he asked, "What is it Morgana?"

She stopped in front of him, showed him a simple non-ärm ring that had a capital 'T' that was on her index finger, and handed him a matching non-ärm ring with a capital 'M' on it, before she said, "Well, since it's your last day staying in this area and I might never see you again, I made us matching rings to represent our friendship! That way we'll always be together and never forget each other!"

Phantom examined the finely crafted ring and found that it was too small for his fingers, but Morgana then said slightly dejected, "If you don't like it, you don't have to keep it..."

He lightly shook his head while he smiled at the girl and said, "It's a very beautiful piece, it's just a little small for my fingers..."

Morgana nodded before an idea came to her, causing her to smile, and she pulled out a silver necklace-chain and said to him, "You can use this to wear it!"

He slipped the ring onto the chain and put it around his neck, finding that it looked nice on him, before he smiled at her and said, "It's lovely, thank you."

Morgana smiled widely before she hugged Phantom lightly and lightly asked, "Promise that we'll still be friends when we see eachother again?"

He grinned at her, unknowingly showing love and affection in his eyes, as he lightly kissed her forehead as he softly said, "I promise."

Phantom opened his eyes and gripped at his chest until he found what he was looking for; the necklace that held the ring he got from Morgana a little more than six years ago before he let out a small sigh of relief, got up, and walked over to a small window.

Phantom grinned genuinely, which he hasn't happened since the day she disappeared, as he thought, 'I wonder if she still has the ring she made...'

:: Meanwhile, with Ginta and friends... ::

Morgana lightly sneezed, to which she thought, 'Someone must be thinking of me...', while she wiped her nose on a handkerchief, feeling embarrassed because she had interrupted Snow's sentence.

"Sorry," Morgana said quickly, before she then said, "As you were saying, Snow?"

Snow nodded as she picked back up with, "I ran from Lestava, because I was given this prophecy before I left the castle: 'Please escape from the castle, princess! And then you shall make a new faction. Search out seven allies. These allies will prove to be the ones who will save you and MÄR-Heaven...'"

"I'll stay with you guys, even if I locate my brethren. My guild and your new faction will be allies, our goal a common one." Morgana said, earning nods from everyone since they saw the projection of her in the sky just a few moments ago and knew that she had her own group to lead when it does regroup.

"How about 'MÄR' as our team name?" Ginta inquired, earning agreements and wisecracks.

With everyone in agreement, Team MÄR set off to the mainland. Everyone, except Dorothy and Morgana, were using a Magic Carpet transportation ärm, while Dorothy used her broom and Morgana on her Dimension Ärm: Flying Nimbus, one of her four barrette ärm. After a few minutes of flying over the ocean, the group finally spotted land, but they were unaware of what was to come. Suddenly, a multitude of spears come flying at the group, mainly at the Magic Carpet, before the carpet crash-landed with Dorothy and Morgana landing softer and more smoothly than their comrades. After checking and finding that everyone was okay, the group found themselves surrounded by unknown ärm-users, with a male of eighteen years, long blonde hair that went past his waist, and green eyes that were partially covered by a red headband at the front.

The unknown blonde-male stepped towards them as he asked them as he moved his light-blue scarf away from his mouth, his tone icy, "You guys are Chess Pieces, right?"

"Then your judgement is death!" The blonde-male continued, giving the group a thumbs-down.

Ginta, with his temper rising, yelled at the odd, blonde male, "We're 'Team MÄR'! You guys are the Chess Pieces!"

Ginta continued to yell at the older male, said male thinking something over, before he realised he made a mistake and said childishly, "I messed up, didn't I?"

The blonde male then said, "We're not the Chess either! We're the thieves guild, 'Luberia'! I'm their leader, Nanashi. Sorry 'bout the mix-up."

Snow then asked Nanashi, "If you're Luberia, does that mean you're gonna steal our ärm?"

Nanashi noticed Dorothy and Snow before he blushed and said, "I don't steal from cute girls, but I love to escort them!"

The other thieves had to calm Nanashi down, but while Edward was mourning the loss of his Magic Carpet, Morgana walked over to him and said, "Don't be so glum Edward! I can easily fix it, or just make a new one for you!"

Nanashi heard Morgana's voice and turned to see her, blushing slightly when he saw her, before he asked, "You're the leader of Calserveilia, Morgana Alphonse, right?"

She made eye-contact with him as she said, "That would be me, but I have yet to make contact with any of my comrades so I can't really call myself their leader just yet..."

Nanashi nodded before he asked them, "We were just about to go back to our H.Q. and since you guys are against the Chess as well, wanna come with us?"

With everyone in agreement, Nanashi teleported everyone back to Luberia's base with his dimension ärm, Andarta. When the group was in the fortified base of Luberia, they gave Nanashi a full explanation of their circumstances, which explained a lot of things to blonde thief.

Morgana was distracted by a familiar Magic-Energy aura in the area, but still listened to the conversation before Nanashi said, "There's more I wish to show you guys. This way."

Morgana and Team MÄR were led by Nanashi to an area outside of the base, where they saw a saddening sight: a large amount of graves with crude, makeshift grave-markers spread-out over a fairly large area. Nanashi then explained that they were his fallen comrades, that it was the Chess Pieces' doing, and that this was happening in other areas across MÄR-Heaven.

Edward was about to speak, but Morgana extended her right hand as she said in a calm, level voice, "Unique Ärm: 'Respectful Burial'..."

There was a blinding light for a few seconds, but when it cleared, it left everyone in a shocked silence: The grave-sites were now leveled-out, each grave now had a proper tombstone with the names of the deceased on it, and each grave had a small but simple bouquet of flowers on them.

"Every person deserves a proper burial and a proper place for loved-ones and/or comrades to pay their respects, even if they may not deserve it or didn't get the chance to get one. My parents, also killed by the Chess Pieces, are an example of ones who didn't the chance for either a proper burial or gravesite..." Morgana said calmly, making Team MÄR and Nanashi turn to her to see tears in the corners of her eyes.

Morgana wiped them away before they could escape down her cheeks as she said, "But the ruthless killing of these innocent people needs to end, so they need not be buried and mourned!"

Due to some confusion, mainly from Ginta, Edward fully explained the War Games to everyone, the mere description of it causing everyone's blood to boil before Ginta punched the wall next to him. Enraged that the War Games were a mere blood-sport to the Chess Pieces, Ginta was now more determined than before to defeat the Chess Pieces before one of Nanashi's comrades informed him that a few of the Chess were in Vestry, an area north-west of their current location. Since Vestry was in range of Andarta, Nanashi invited Team MÄR and Morgana to go with him, to which they readily agreed and were immediately teleported to Vestry.

When they arrived, Vestry was in complete ruins; all the buildings were reduced to rubble, there were small fires here and there, and people who did survive the attack looked depressed and hopeless. After talking with some of the down-hearted people of Vestry and found that the two Chess Pieces went into the cave leading to the underground lake, the cave system supposedly haunted, the group split up into two groups; Snow, Jack, and Edward stayed in the village to heal its' people and rebuild the town, while Nanashi, Ginta, Morgana, and Dorothy went into the cave system to fight the Chess Pieces down there.

When the four came to a fork in the cave system, they played 'rock, paper, scissors' to decide who was going with who; Nanashi went with Dorothy and Morgana went with Ginta as spirits of the dead were circling around them. Morgana felt that familiar Magic-Energy aura yet again as she, Ginta, and Babbo continued down the corridor before the three sensed another person with them and called them out. A man of about twenty years of age with silver hair, purple eyes that were a few shades lighter than Morgana's, and a bandaged arm, his clothes simple and wearing a necklace with a ring looped on the chain, which had the letter 'M' on it, around his neck.

Morgana's eyes widened with recognition, while Ginta and Babbo prepared for battle, before a big smile spread across her face as she happily asked, "Tom? Is that you?"

Tom smiled as he nodded before her smile grew bigger as she said to the boys, "It's alright guys! He's not an enemy! In fact, Tom's a good friend of mine from before I came to your world Ginta!"

Ginta smiled at Tom as he said, "Nice to meet you! My name's Ginta Toramizu!"

Tom smiled lightly at the blonde male as he said, "Nice to meet you as well, Ginta."

"So what bring you here Tom?" Morgana asked, excited to see an old friend of hers after so long, before Tom said, "I've been living in Vestry for a few weeks now, and all of us are thankful for your kind and generous efforts. I'm not the strongest, but seeing you guys inspired me to help in any way I can, even if it's just guiding you three through the caves."

"Oh! Ginta, Tom is a traveler, never one to stay in one place for more than three months! I met him when he set up a temporary camp not too far from my house! I offered him to stay there, but he turned it down..." Morgana said, finishing her sentence with a slight pout.

Tom light-heartedly chuckled at her childlike expression before he said, "I always feel like I'm burdening someone when I stay with them. Besides, I'm used to being self-sufficient so it wasn't that big of a deal..."

"Whatever," Morgana said before she turned to Ginta and asked, "Hey Ginta, I'd like to talk to Tom in private, so if it's not too much to ask, could you and Babbo...?"

"Gotcha! I'll let you two catch up and all that!" Ginta said before he and Babbo walked until the two couldn't hear Morgana and Tom.

Morgana's expression became serious as she turned to Tom and said, "I know who you really are, who you're affiliated to, and why you're here..."

He froze up, not expecting this nor wanting to blow his cover, before Morgana continued with, "But I still see you as a good friend of mine, so I'm not gonna say anything to Ginta or any of my other friends. When the time comes, I'll play dumb and pretend I don't know what I know, but I just want to ask you a few things..."

Tom nodded and relaxed his body, knowing that she was completely honest, before she asked, "When we first met, were you a part of...?"

He nodded as he said, "I was for about two years before I met you... And I still am..."

Morgana, hiding her pain internally, then asked him, "Why...?"

Tom took a deep breath before he said, "Humans are vile and rotten creatures and I wish to rid the world of them..."

Morgana made eye-contact with Tom, to which he saw pain and sadness in her deep-purple orbs, as she said, "Not all humans are like that. If they were, you would have killed me without a second thought when we first saw each other..."

Tom was quiet, knowing that she had saw a flaw in his ways, she asked one last question, "Did you know that Halloween was ordered to kill me and my parents because we became friends...?"

His eyes widened, a sudden wave of guilt hitting him, before Morgana, a sad smile on her face as tears were about to fall, said with her voice trembling slightly, "Even when we're supposed to be enemies and with knowing what I know now, I still see you as one of my best friend..."

Suddenly and without warning, Tom hugged her tightly as he whispered in her ear, "I've been hurt by humans in the past and those wounds are still with me to this day, but if you can still believe in me and care about me, I... I might be able to change..."

He released the hug, feeling awkward for doing so, but was instantly mesmerized by Morgana's bright smile, remnants of her tears in the corners of her hopeful eyes, as she said, "I wouldn't give up on you or anything else, even with the world against me!"

Tom couldn't help but stare in awe, warm feelings rising in his chest that he hasn't felt for so long, before Morgana said with a smile still on her face, "C'mon Tom! Ginta can only wait for so long!"

A warm, genuine smile spread across Tom's face, having a feeling that he might actually be able to come through on his words, before he followed after Morgana to where Ginta was so they could continue onward.

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