A/N: I know I said that I wouldn't write any stories wiht chapters anymore,.. But I just couldn't stop myself. X_X .. It'll still be a short story thought…

Chapter 1: "break it and I'll kill you!"

"Satoosshiii!" The bluenette looks up and blinks, seeing the redhead right before falling on the ground with Daisuke laying on top of him. He gazes at Daisuke who is sitting himself up straight, grinning at him before bending forwards suddenly and kissing him fully on the lips.

Satoshi blinks and pushes the younger off him. "Dark! You're ruining Daisuke's innocent image!" Dark blinks. "How did you know it was me?" He asks pouting. The bluenette stands up and sighs deeply.

"Daisuke isn't that aggressive and I don't think he is the kind of person to immediately and without reason kiss someone." The teenager (Dark) smirks again. "he is not as innocent as you think he is… he has dreams." "well… he has you inside of him, making him a thief, and it makes sense to me that he has dreams,.. he is a teenage boy after all….."

Dark smirks. "You're a thief too, and an uke." He whispers the last part very silently. "what?" "you stole something too.." Satoshi blinks. "What?.... What have I stolen…." "a heart."

Satoshi rolls with his eyes and sighs. "a-ha… used to that… jealous are we?" now Dark was the one to roll with his eyes. "Why would I be jealous? I don't want a boy's heart… girls are enough."

Now Satoshi gasps. "boys?" Dark smirks. "Guess whose you've stolen." He says before putting his lips against Satoshi's again. The bluenette pushes him away. "I hope it's not you." He says on his typical –non-emotion-way. "of course not! EW! I do not fall for creepy boys!"

Satoshi sweatdrops, and Dark bends to the commander's ear. "you stole my tamer's heart. You stole Daisuke's." The bluenette blinks again and gazes at Dark who was walking away.

Suddenly he turns around. "break it…. And I'll kill you." He says, before turning around again and walking around the corner.

Chapter 2: Dreams tell stories about love.

Satoshi gazes at the redhead who was sitting a few places in front of him. His mind wanders off to what Dark said again. He sighs deeply. Yes… He loved the redhead too, but like his mother said, he can't keep anyone dear close to him without pissing Krad off, ..or.. in better words; making him jealous as hell. Another deep sigh. This is too troublesome.

'Satoshi-sama?' 'hmm?' 'why are you sighing so much?' Satoshi rolls his eyes and almost hits his own head. 'Because I feel troubled..' 'by dark again? I'll kill him!' A grin appeared on the blond's face. 'Krad! It's not Dark that I'm troubled by… It's you… again…'

Once again he sighs deeply, and Krad's grin disappears, making place for a confused look. 'Why am I troublesome for you? Satoshi-sama?' 'Because thanks to you .. I can't get close to the one I love.' 'WHO!?' The blond asks jealously. 'I thought you could see my dreams?' 'Yes.. But I don't want to see them.. they're gross and they piss me off… You and that Niwa-kid don't fit, I fit you better.'

Satoshi glared at his desk. 'You're getting on my nerves Krad… Leave me alone..' Kread's presence disappeared and Satoshi sighs softly again.

'he's gazing at you again…' Dark says smirking, making Daisuke turn beat-red. 'Why does he keep staring at me?' He asks nervously. 'I told him' 'what?' 'I told him that you love him' "YOU DID WHAT!?" One second too late the boy realizes he said that out loud. "Gomenasai sensei." He says softly. She nods and goes on with the problem.

Meanwhile Dark was laughing his butt off. 'Why did you do that?' Daisuke asks madly, making Dark laugh even harder. 'Because it was fun of course' 'I hate you' The redhead whins and Dark smirks again. 'believe me.. you'll be thankful to me in no time.' Daisuke sighs deeply and gazes at his desk, wondering HOW exactly Dark told the commander.